The Story of Devas and a Yaksha from Kena Upanishad ✨🙏😇

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 2.13.26 pmOnce upon a time, the Devas began to feel that the whole world was theirs, so a Yaksha went to challenge them. The Devas sent Agni, the energy of the fire element to the challenge and to see who this Yaksha was. Agni said, “I can burn anything, I can transform anything.” So the Yaksha threw a blade of grass in front of Agniand challenged Agni to burn it, to transform it. However, Agni could not do anything. Agni affirmed again, “I am Agni, I am Chatur Veda, I am somebody.” That particular divine energy limited itself to be somebody, some particular energy. So what happened? Its power got diminished. It did not identify itself with Brahman, with the cosmic energy, but considered itself as a particular type of energy, a particular individual. It limited its power and capacity.

The lesson here is practical: Do not underestimate anybody. Do not think that you are the only intelligent one, and do not underestimate any challenge even if it comes from ‘beneath’ you.

Agni went back to the other Devas, defeated. So they sent Vayu, the atmosphere, but even the wind was not able to lift the blade of grass. Then Indra, the lord of mind, the lord of all the Devas was sent. A Yaksha could not be seen through the eyes, nor felt through the skin or touch. The previous two Devas could not find out who this Yaksha was, but Indra, the lord of the mind, went close to the Yaksha who transformed himself into the beautiful divine mother. The Indra consciousness came to the kundalini spirit, the Mother Divine energy. The Devi, the mother divine energy, is a symbol of compassion, of submission, of sensitivity, of beauty. The lord of the mind surrendered to the mother divine, she reminded him that the victory of Brahman is the victory of everything. Only then did the lord of the mind, when enamoured by the divine, discovered who the Yaksha was, and what Truth is. READ MORE WISDOM!

With the help of the mother divine, all the Devas could understand that all this is Brahman. The experience of the Devas comes as a flash. In one moment they come to you, then disappear. This is called daivi loka, the world of the Devas. You may experience a few moments of that energy, before it disappears. You are in Brahman all the time, but the Devas, the Devi energy, the higher levels of consciousness can be perceived like a flash, like lightning. In the blink of an eye, experience comes and disappears. It is just a glimpse, it comes and it disappears.

This is the world of gods and goddesses, but that is not it. The spiritual world is a step further, where the mind simply dissolves. It is a gift to you. This very knowledge is a gift to you. This very awareness is a gift to you. The very awareness that you are part of the whole, or that the whole is part of you, is a gift. The very fact that you are able to even hear that this is Brahman and the universe is made up of only one, is a gift.

The Vedas say charaiveti, charaiveti, “Keep moving”. When you do yoga and meditation, when you do charity, when you do good work, when you do have a good heart, miracles will keep happening in abundance. You have the ability to bless others. Do not think that this is your victory, like that Devas. Or else you will not be able to lift even a blade of grass.The infinite consciousness is using you as an instrument, making all these things happen in the universe. See that one in all. That is your victory. That is the victory of Brahman, that is acceptance of Brahman, and that is Brahman accepting you. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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5 Skills you must develop to Succeed in life and business ✋👍👇

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 12.58.38 pmEveryone wants to be successful in life, but not many are aware of what success really is.

Success is an attitude, not just a phenomenon.

Tough situations arise in every business, every organization, and you need skills to handle them. These skills come from our inner space, which I call the Spiritual Space.

There are five ingredients for success:

1. Function as a Team:

Peace and prosperity are interlinked. Prosperity cannot flourish in a disturbed atmosphere. While working with others, you need to function as a team. Have a sense of respect for your team members, and do not indulge in blame games. As a team leader, you need to create an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, a sense of belonging, and celebration. Nothing can last if the focus is only on productivity and net result.

2. Manage your Mind:

The whole essence of the Bhagavad Gita is to act without being attached to the fruit of the action. If you can manage your mind in a war-like scenario, then you can manage any situation. This skill in action is called yoga. It is this wisdom of yoga that transforms one’s attitude from arrogance to self-confidence; from meekness to humility; from the burden of dependence to the realization of interdependence; from a limited ownership to oneness with the whole. When performing action, if the attention is only on the end result, then you can’t perform. Just give yourself fully to the task with 100 percent sincerity and commitment.   READ MORE WISDOM!

3. Be courageous like a lion:

There is a saying in Sanskrit that says, “Great wealth comes to one who has the courage of a lion and who puts in all his efforts.” Passion and dispassion are complementary like the in-breath and out-breath. You breathe in but you cannot hold the breath too long; you have to breathe out. Similarly, you need to have passion to make things work but also the dispassion to let go. When you don’t crave for abundance, it comes to you.

4. Develop your Intuition:

If all that is needed for prosperity is one’s own effort, then why are so many people who put effort not prosperous? This unknown factor or luck is enhanced by spirituality. The whole material world is run by a world of vibrations which is subtler than all that we see. Spirituality enhances intelligence and intuition. Intuition comes to you when you balance your passion with dispassion; profit with service; aggressiveness to get things with compassion to give back to the society. Intuition is the right thought at the right time, and is an important component for success in business.

5. Meditate:

The greater responsibilities and ambitions you have, greater is the need for you to meditate. In ancient times, meditation was used as a way to find the Self, for enlightenment and to overcome misery and problems. 

Meditation is all the more essential in today’s hectic lifestyle full of stress and tension.

Stress is too much to do, too little time, and no energy. It can be difficult to reduce your workload, or increase the time that you have, but you can increase your energy level.

Meditation not only relieves you of stress and strain, it also enhances your abilities, strengthens your nervous system and mind and releases toxins from the body. We are made up of both matter and spirit. The body has some material needs and our spirit is nourished by spirituality. Meditation also helps us get in touch with our inner space – the source of joy, peace, and love.

The sign of success is overwhelming joy, confidence, compassion, generosity, and a smile that none can snatch away. Whatever happens in life, if you can keep these, then you have really found success.  FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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How to overcome boredom? 😪😫😪

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.02.33 amWhat is boredom?
A repetition without interest or love causes a monotonous state of mind; that is boredom. It overshadows the Self.

When you have a passion or a commitment in life for a bigger cause, boredom will vanish. Boredom comes because you are only focused on your own pleasure.
If you are only thinking about yourself, about how much more joy or pleasure you can get for yourself, you will get bored, because you will not get it anywhere. However, when your heart beats for others, for something higher, something finer and something more meaningful, then there is no boredom.


The commitment level in our life indicates our enthusiasm or our boredom. If our commitment is low, boredom is bound to set in. If our commitment is higher, then boredom will never be anywhere around the corner. Boredom will never be anywhere near you.

A practice or abhyasa is again a repetition whose purpose is to destroy the boredom and reunite with the Self. In this process the practice itself creates boredom and as you continue, it penetrates the boredom and destroys it once and for all. Whether the practice gives you joy or boredom, it must be continued. Only the practice or abhyasa can annihilate the Mind.

 Self is Love and Love is always repetitive. That is why love letters are simply repetitive and there is no boredom there. If you are bored with yourself then how much more boring you would be for others.

Root out the boredom in you through deep and continued meditation.
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Can the souls of people who are dead disturb us? 👼👼

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.31.28 amPeople who are dead and gone, don’t think they have simply disappeared. They are still there. They are present. The Being is present. The soul. The body has dropped. The body has separated from the mind and the soul. But the soul is present all over, but without any activity. They can’t act without a body.So be fearless! The souls of the people who are dead will not come and disturb you. They cannot disturb you. They have no interest to disturb you.It’s like, in a match, in a game, a person becomes ‘out,’ and they go out of the playground. And they become just spectators. Like baseball. They leave the field, but they are very much there. They sit there and enjoy, watch. Sometimes they say, “Oh, I should have done better.” They don’t come in and do anything to you. The players who have gone outside the playground will not come and help you to make a goal or will not come and obstruct you in your goals, in your play. They’ll simply be there as a spectator. In the same way, all those people who have passed away from this world, they remain outside as spectators. They have no action. So be fearless. None of them can do any harm to you. READ MORE WISDOM!They can’t do any good nor any harm to you. They have no interest in it, because it’s all a game. They simply sit and watch. Sometimes they feel compassionate towards you or think how nice it would be if somebody had told you about it being a game. It’s not a war field here. You could take it a little lighter.

A baseball game happens and you will find millions of people commenting how much better they could have done, what they should have done, and have some sympathy towards them. But none of those comments really in any way matter to those who are playing. In the same way, all the people who have left the body, and we’ll also do the same thing. We are here with the body and talking and gossiping and worrying and crying and laughing and all this. One day we’ll just drop this body, but we will all lift up and be somewhere else. We’ll be outside the playground and watch. “Okay, let them play. We’ll see what they are doing.” 

But when they see that somebody has made a goal, they yell and cry and laugh and clap, just like young kids. A person who makes the goal is not yelling or crying or shouting, encouraging, but you’ll find all that shouting and joy and encouragement from outside the playground. This is what exactly happens, when you rejoice in love. All these ancestors are full of joy and enthusiasm. 

The ancestors rejoice when a person blossoms fully on this planet in Divine love.  Every drop of gratitude in you brings great joy to your ancestors.  It says the seven generations in the past and the seven generations in the future get liberated, if you get liberated, if you become free. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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6 ways to deal with uncertainty in life😰😰

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.03.11 pm

  1. Learn from Past ExperiencesTurn back and look at your own life. How many times have you felt like that? How much time have have you spent worrying? Even though you worried so much, things still happened in the right manner, isn’t it?  There was no need to worry! So look back at your own experience and you will realize that it is futile to worry. Looking back at your own moments and experiences gives you strength. This is where looking back helps.
  2. ConfidenceSecond is, you should have confidence in your own ability, and in your own fortune. You should know that only the best thing will happen to you.
  3. Valor or Courage – If the above two things don’t work, then there is a third option. Invoke the valour in you. Tell yourself “Come what may I will face it, I will handle it. I have the power to handle it”. Know that, You are never given a problem that you cannot handle. When you invoke this energy, this challenge in you, fear vanishes.  READ MORE WISDOM!
  4. Physical Exercises – Go for a walk in the morning, and then make the “Ha” and “Ho” sound. You will feel an increase in your energy levels, you will start bubbling with enthusiasm.
  5. Sadhana(Spiritual Practices) Pranayama(Breathing techniques), and Meditation can help you overcome difficult situations in life.
  6. Surrender & Prayer –  know that there is a higher power that loves you dearly, and it will never let you down. This faith will pull you through any tough situations. When you feel you are at a stage where you do not feel like doing anything and you feel totally hopeless,  that’s when you pray! Pray and surrender your whole being to the divine. An intense cry to the divine will make all the difference. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!
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Do you have all the three? – If so, you are very fortunate! 🙏😇

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.11.29 pmAfter 8.4 million bodies, you get the human body.

Just imagine, from bacteria, birds, animals, etc., 8.4 million lives later a human life comes. In this human life, few get to know the real spiritual path. And among those, very few walk on the path and they are the lucky ones.

Adi Shankara has also said, that the human birth is very difficult to get.

After having gotten human birth, the desire of wanting to walk on the spiritual path, is also very difficult to get. Few people get this. And even after getting this desire to walk on the spiritual path, only few get the opportunity to do it; they get the right path.

So many people, who want to walk on the spiritual path get caught up in all these wrong notions that one day the world is going to collapse, or doom’s day is going to come. And so these people pray out of fear. They get into paths where they are indented with fear and guilt.

Fear and guilt are two things which will never allow you to go deep into yourself. READ MORE WISDOM!


 And this is what some of the so called (religious) paths do.

Some of the religious paths create this fear of hell and heaven that puts people into such a turmoil of guilt and fear that the mind can never calm down. Meditation can never happen. This is very unfortunate. So even though these people are aspirants, they are not getting the path. 

These people don’t get access to the knowledge: ‘Come on, the mind is like a river, what are you holding on to? Don’t hold on to it. All the events are gone, drop it and move on. Live in the present moment‘.

This knowledge is not available to many people (who aspire to walk the spiritual path). They go on repenting about the past, feeling guilty, and the mind becomes a mess.
Of course they do pray. Their prayers do help, and they get some blessings. Blessings come to everyone, no doubt, but the knowledge, the right path and liberation remains a distant dream for them. Peace does not happen in their life. They sit with the hope that one day they will go to heaven. And so these souls get trapped with desires and fear.

They get a human life to be free from all this. So they will have to come back again to work out all these things. Again they will get into meditation.

So, a human birth, desire for a path, and the path being available to them (Maha Purusha Sannidho: getting a Spiritual Master), these three things are rare and difficult to get. If you have all three, you are lucky. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Why do we seek attention and how to overcome it? 👀 ✨ 👀

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.18.50 pmAfter food and sleep, what kids are really looking for is attention. They will be playing at home, but the moment some guest comes, and the parents start talking to the guests the children will start their tactics to draw the attention of the parents. Because the attention of the parents was somewhere else and children were unable to tolerate that, they want to draw the attention towards themselves.

So this hunger for attention is there in every child.

And wherever you already got attention the mind doesn’t stay there, it looks at places where you are not getting attention. Sometimes when people give you too much attention also you are unable to take it, digest it, handle it. This is also an issue. Many marriages break because of this, not because of some dispute. But because they feel stifled. Husband loves the wife so much, or wife loves the husband so much that they start policing each other. Then at time you feel it’s so suffocating and it breaks up.

Similarly, with parents, if mother or father give too much attention to children. I have seen many kids coming here, saying: “I just want to get out of my parents home. I love them, they are too good, but I can’t stay with them” Why? They are unable to take the attention and digest it. It feels overwhelming.

And when in old age, people become even more miserable because they feel that they are not getting attention. They think, “Now that I have become old, nobody takes care of me, nobody asks for me, nobody talks to me.” READ MORE WISDOM!

This hunger for seeking attention remains until death. Liberation means getting rid of this hunger. If we are contented, then we become liberated or free. As long as we continue to seek the attention of others, this hunger will not get satisfied. Until the hunger is gone, there is no contentment. If there is no contentment, there is no freedom. If there is no freedom, then there is no happiness. How can one be happy when a person is stuck in bondage? How can one be blissful? There is no chance at all. That’s why, we should first of all identify if whatever we are doing, are we doing it to seek the attention of others or not? We have to ask ourselves this question.
We should see that there is an energy (shakti) which is looking at us every day with 1000s of eyes. That is why this shakti is called Virupaksha. One of the names of Lord Shiva is Virupaksh, which means the one who has eyes but no form, just like our mind. Mind is seeing, listening, but does the mind have any form? There is no form. Whatever the eyes see, it is only the mind that perceives it. If the mind is elsewhere, then even if the eyes are open you don’t perceive anything. When this realization – that there is somebody who is giving us attention and taking care of us all 24 hours, whether we like it or not and that they are our very own – dawns on us, then we see no meaning in seeking attention from others. There is no desire in seeking attention from others. This habit of seeking attention from others will appear very foolish and it disappears.

The maturity in life is when you don’t crave for attention from anybody.

When you don’t crave for attention from others, then you are so fulfilled, then you are so centered and then you start becoming a giver. Till then we are beggars and want attention from people. But when we are centered and settled, then we say , ” I am here to give. Come on, take what you want to take. ”

We should not think that others are not loving us, if they are not loving us, then it is their stupidity. In this world, if someone is not loving other then it’s his/her stupidity.

Just like the air outside you is connected to the air inside of you, the mind inside you is connected to the mind in the cosmos. The cosmos has a mind of its own. Just recognize – this little mind of mine is part of the one mind – gives enormous strength. It gives you such confidence. It gives you such satisfaction that nothing whatsoever can give. It gives you such immense dignity, strength. Words fails to describe what it is.

You don’t have to do anything, you only have to recognize. 


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Desire makes you weak & powerless 😰😰

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.34.29 pmJust turn back and look at last year, how many days did you spend worrying about some thing insignificant? How many days did you spend thinking about something which is obsolete now? Our energy is getting dissipated in the form of fears and desires. And it is the desire which makes you weak.

There is a story King Akbar. He was doing a mass prayer on the open grounds. And there was a fakir(saint) who passed by. The king asked God, “Give me more wealth,  Give me more prosperity,” etc. And as he was about to finish, the fakir(saint) who was moving around, passed that way, he just stood and watched him for a couple of minutes and he moved away. And Akbar got up and said, “Oh, wait, wait, what is it that you want? Because I will give you whatever you want. You ask me.” You know, this used to be the tradition in those days. Kings allowed people to ask them whatever desire they had.


So this fakir said “I don’t take anything from a beggar. You yourself were begging, five minutes ago to God to give you more wealth and prosperity! You are still a beggar being an emperor. I don’t need to take anything from you. I’ll take it from whomever you are asking.” 

It put Akbar into shame. He realized something very beautiful and said to himself,  “I have been a beggar all my life.”

A desire weakens you. It shakes you. Your root is shaken.


Whatever thing you desire, in front of those people, you become meek, weak, powerless. Love is not that. Love is dedication, is offering, not asking for. Love cannot be experienced in the process of asking, “Give me more. What can you give me?  What joy can you give me?” In this run of asking, snatching, there can’t be Divine love. There can’t be fulfillment. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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What is the significance of Gayatri Mantra? Can women chant it ? Why do we chant 108 times? 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 7.39.15 amWhat is the significance of Gayatri Mantra? Can women chant it ? Why do we chant 108 times?Ga-ya-tri – there are three types of misery. We have three bodies, the gross body, the subtle and the causal body. And in all the three levels there is misery. The human life has to cross-over all the three, and that is what Gayatri means. One who sings it, sails over the ocean of misery to go to bliss.

The Gayatri mantra is one of the greatest prayers mankind has.

What does it say? Let me soak in the Divine, and let the Divine destroy all my sins.
The Divine light that burns all sin, let me adore and soak in that Divine light. And let the Divinity inspire my intellect.

See, all our actions happen through our intellect, right? Thoughts come and then you act.
So you pray to the Divine to bring good thoughts into your mind. You pray to the Divine, ‘Take over my intellect. Inspire my intellect’; dhiyo yonah prachodayat. 

Dhi means intellect. May my intellect be guided by, kindled by, and inspired by you (Divinity). READ MORE WISDOM!

When right thoughts come, your action will always be right. When intuitive thoughts come, your actions will be fruitful. So praying for the best thought. Let my mind, my whole life energy be soaked in Divinity. That is the significance of Gayatri Mantra. 

Why 108 times?

Because there are nine planets and twelve constellations. When nine planets revolve around the twelve constellations, it brings 108 kinds of changes. If there is anything wrong in these changes, it can be rectified with the positive energy of the mantras.

Can women chant The Gayatri Mantra?

Yes. Nowhere it is said that women cannot chant.

It is unfortunate that somewhere in the middle ages, these rights of women were taken away. We have reinstated this in the Ashram. Many women are learning.

See it was a male dominated society. The men thought that if ladies do Gayatri Mantra, it will bring them a lot of power; healing power and sankalpa Shakti. Whatever they wish for those things will start happening. So the men said, ‘No our wives are already powerful, we don’t want to make them more powerful. So we won’t let them chant the mantra’. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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The transformative story of Angulimala(Buddha’s Disciple) 😮✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 3.16.00 pmPeace generates from deep within. It generates from the Being to the mind and from the mind to the environment.  It was said that wherever Buddha was teaching for upto 20 miles all around that place, there never used to be violence and things used to be very calm and very peaceful.  There is a story of Buddha’s time.

There was a man who was a dacoit and he was called Angulimala.

People who know Buddha know Angulimala also.  He was compared to Hitler in those days. He had killed 999 people and cut their fingers and made a garland out of those fingers. He was a terror. People were scared of him. He would just butcher people and cut their fingers since he wanted to have a garland!  999 people!  And he was looking for a  1000th finger! 

And it so happened, that Buddha was passing by. Angulimala lived on top of a hill. He saw a beautiful man and a good-looking person. He said, ‘Ok, here is my 1000th. I can have his finger as a pendant.’ So he came down the hill, laughing loud and making noise – ‘I am Angulimala coming.’ And Buddha was unshaken. He just stood there smiling. Angulimala tried to chase him, ‘Are you not afraid? You know I am Angulimala.’ People were terrified, just by hearing his name. They had nightmares. People would run away. And here he sees a man just standing there, embodiment of peace, just smiling. With so much compassion and grace looking at him! Angulimala came infront of Buddha and looked at him and he was stunned! A few minutes and then he melted..  he didn’t know what was happening to him. Angulimala fell at the feet of Buddha. Buddha said, ‘Yeah, go ahead! You want my finger?’ But Angulimala could not! The amount of light and love just shook Angulimala. He fell at the feet of Buddha. And then he became a Bhikshu(disciple). Buddha taught him meditation. He also changed his name. Everything in him changed. And people could not believe that. Angulimala was doing very strict austerities staying with Buddha. And Buddha taught him how to see the tension and irritation, frustration and ignorance in him that propelled him to do such work and when they all fell apart, he was such a wonderful person. READ MORE WISDOM!

After few years, 10 years or so he was being near Buddha. Buddha told him ‘You have now attained a very good state, now go and teach.’ Now this man goes out to those villages where he had collected the fingers, to teach people there. When he goes, even after 10 years, people would not forgive him. They had all the vengeance against him, they were throwing stones at him.  He had bruises all over his body. When someone saw him and asked, ‘What has happened?’ But he was still so peaceful and he had a smile on his face. People said, ‘Here is someone who has come to help somebody, and then he was hit with stones and has been hurt. But he was never hurt from inside, he was still smiling.’ And when someone asked him, ‘How come you are smiling?’ He said, ‘See, these people are showing how much anguish and tension they have gone through in their life. But for this supreme Knowledge, I would have remained like this and I would have made them more angry. I have created this anguish in them. And now that is being exhibited.’ 

He persisted and when people saw that there is no reaction from Angulimala and that he is still smiling, still calm, still so peaceful. That’s when they started coming back to him. When you don’t react, people get more interested. Because everyone feels normal when the reaction comes – they feel peaceful and happy. But when the other person does not react, it pinches them somewhere. It pushes them to come back. So they all came back to him, they learned meditation from him. And they became happy in their lives. That’s when Anguliamala saw that the peace is coming from one person. When one person is peaceful he creates so much peace all around him. 

When the mind is disturbed – give it a little time and it will settle down.

It is effortless. Having peace in mind, is not a strenuous job. It is an effortless process. Meditation is like that, it is an effortless process. When there is peace inside, the peace permeates outside also. It comes around you. It spreads in the environment. People start feeling the peace and grace around. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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A technique from Shiv Sutras to overcome worries! 😰😫😰

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 1.42.55 pm“Jnandahisthanam matrka” – Shiv Sutra

Translation – Go to the root of knowledge, silence.

Carefully observe and distinguish the different ideas, thoughts or worries that arise in your mind. Then observe one thought, then one sentence and then one word. Then separate that one word into letters and look at each letter carefully. When you do this, your worries will disappear.

Practice this for one week and you will understand that when we hold onto the silence that is in between words, then worries vanish. 

Where there is no sound or words, there are no worries because words are the root cause of worry. READ MORE WISDOM!


To transcend them is to reach silence.

Move from knowledge to the highest knowledge.

A mantra, a sacred sound, is defined as “manahtrayate iti mantrah” – a mantra is that which, when repeated constantly, clears your mind from worries and protects you. Knowledge is bondage, and it is impossible to gain knowledge without words. We need the help of language to understand what we are worrying or not worrying about. When we separate the words, we will be free from worry. One gets worried by holding onto sentences. Suppose your mind is worried that “My son is unemployed.” Now sit down and break up each of the words in the sentence, like this: M-y s-o-n i-s u-n-e-m-p-l-o-y-e-d. The intensity of the worry becomes less, and if you reduce its intensity, then the mind, which is entangled in a sentence, drops the worry and becomes contemplative. If you meditate and attempt to drive away the worry, it may not work. So take hold of the worry and go for its root by taking apart its words and meaning. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!


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Can we stop or prevent the effects planets and stars have on our life? 😲🌗✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.55.51 pmEvery particle in this Creation is related to us and our life. 
It is said that the whole Creation, right from the smallest atom to the subtlest Mahat Tattva (a fundamental principle of existence said to be far subtler than the Ego) are all connected and strung together by a single thread.
Scientists today say, that when a butterfly in South America flutters its wings, it affects the clouds hovering over China (implying a deep level of inter-connectedness). So, in this way, the whole world is one.

Our ancestors and Rishis (wise sages) also used to say that when you perform a Yagna (sacred fire ritual) here, the vibrations and effects will reach everywhere. When you pray, your prayers have the power to move the whole world.


This is true. But do not misunderstand this and take a fatalist view of everything around you, thinking that everything is already pre-destined and you have no choice but to endure your fate. Do not think that you have no freedom. Life is a combination of destiny and free will. There are some things we can change through our actions, and there are some things that we just cannot change and we have to accept them the way they are.
For example, after the age of 17-20 years, your height cannot increase any further. If you are five feet tall at that age, then that is what your height is going to be. But your weight can increase or decrease. So if you have gained 100 kilos in weight, you cannot say, “Oh, this is my destiny. What can I do?” Of course you can reduce your weight. But you cannot change your height. The same with life also.

There are many things we can change, and many things that we cannot change. The planets and stars definitely do have their effects on our life, but we can stop or even prevent that. This is why the unique number of 108 has been prescribed when it comes to chanting.
There are nine planets and twelve zodiac constellations. When these nine planets move through the twelve zodiac signs, they can create 108 different kinds of effects in our lives. In order to save ourselves from any ill effects of those vibrations, we chant Om Namaha Shivaya.

When we chant Om Namaha Shivaya, a protective shield is formed around us which saves us from these effects. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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The Power Of Devotion 🙏🏻✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.04.12 pmWhen Sri Rama was building the bridge to Sri Lanka, a lot of monkeys were helping him build it. So the monkeys were picking up stones, writing  Sri Rama on the back of the stones and putting it in the water. When they put the stones in the water, they would float.
Again, this has a spiritual significance. When the name of the Lord is with you, you will float through the ocean of misery; you won’t sink in the world of misery.

All the monkeys were writing Sri Rama, and all their stones were floating. When Sri Rama saw this, he was so surprised. He thought, ‘What? These stones are floating!’ He wanted to try it himself. So he took a stone, wrote Sri Rama and put it in the water. The stone sank! Sri Rama was surprised.

One monkey was sitting somewhere and watching. Sri Rama went where he thought nobody was watching (whenever we think nobody is watching, there is somebody who is watching). So, one monkey who was watching, he started laughing. Sri Rama was a little embarrassed. The laughing monkey said to Sri Rama, ‘Those who you throw away from your hands, how they will float? They will only sink!’


This is to say that the devotees are so much more powerful than the Lord himself; devotees can do so much more than the Lord himself. This is the lesson from the story.

While this was happening, a little squirrel was also moving around. It was taking little pebbles, and putting them in the water. Some laughed at the little squirrel, saying, ‘How can a squirrel be a contributor?’

The squirrel said, ‘I am contributing for my own joy. I am also a part of this huge thing that Sri Rama is doing, and I am so proud of it.’

Even today in India, we call it the ‘Squirrel’s Contribution’; it is a sign of humility. Even when we do a little bit, it doesn’t make a big significance; but being part of something big, saying, ‘I have also done something’, gives that inner satisfaction.

So, the squirrel also started contributing by throwing little stones in the water.

The lesson from this story is that devotees are more powerful than Rama himself.  

When your heart is filled with love, and compassion, you are so powerful.
 Never underestimate yourself. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!
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Contradictions in the Bhagavad Gita ✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.04.30 pmTruth is contradictory; if it is not contradictory, then it is not truth! The Bhagavad Gita is full of contradictions. You can understand it only if you see it in totality.

At one point, Krishna tells Arjuna that action is the most important thing. But after that, He tells him that action is all right but knowledge is better! Then Krishna says, ‘‘You must become a yogi and drop everything around you.’’

Krishna tells Arjuna in Chapter Six that since he is confused, there is no use talking. He asks him to meditate. Finally, He says, ‘‘He is the greatest amongst yogis who keeps Me in his heart whether he meditates or not. He is the real yogi, because I am with him in whatever he is doing.’’

At one juncture, Krishna says, ‘‘Arjuna, there is nobody dear to me, nobody whom I love.’’ And then gives a whole list of qualifications for those He really loves!

In another instance, Krishna tells Arjuna to act without looking for the fruit of action. Later, He asks Arjuna to act properly, according to natural law. Then He tells him that he ought to fight if he wants to win the war. So, at this point He is bringing Arjuna’s attention to the fruit of action, but then He also tells him not to worry about the fruit of action. READ MORE WISDOM!

Krishna was like a dear friend to Arjuna. In the Bhagavatam, except for Vidura and Udhava, nobody even thought he was enlightened; they all thought that he was just very smart. The Pandavas and the gopis knew who Krishna was and how complete He was from all angles. But many of them, including Arjuna, did not see him that way. Krishna, however, shows him that He is infinite.

Krishna tells Arjuna, ‘‘I will give you a special eye of knowledge, which I haven’t given anybody in ages. I am giving it to you now because it is time.’’ With that, He gives him a vision. For that one moment the universe appears as a manifestation of Krishna to Arjuna.

Arjuna sees all of creation, everything – the mountains and the rivers, the past, the present and the future – dissolving in Krishna. For an instant, the whole of life, the universe, all memories play out like a movie and it frightens Arjuna. Then Arjuna pleads, ‘‘Oh! Please show me your simple,  natural and friendly face. I like your simple smile and I want to see my friend. I don’t want to see anything beyond. It is too much for me.’’

This is called Vishva Roopa Darshana – the vision of the universal. Thereafter, Krishna tells Arjuna about the yagyas, principles and laws of the universe. Then He talks about sanyasa and how to be centred. Arjuna tells Krishna that what he says is not easy to follow. Krishna says, ‘‘I agree… It is difficult but not impossible. With practice, dispassion and by getting to the centre again, you will succeed.’’  Krishna tried everything. Finally, it was the display of the universal vision that worked on Arjuna. When Arjuna says, ‘‘I give up,’’ Krishna says, ‘‘Think and do whatever is best for you after pondering over what I have said.” And then Arjuna says his mind is clear now. Krishna had to speak through 18 chapters to get him to that point. He could have done it at the very first chapter. But the way this knowledge flows is really beautiful. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!!

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The anger of the enlightened is a blessing✨🙏🏻

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 2.52.59 pmOnce upon a time, there was a master who was traveling in a central Indian province. He had his disciple following him a few yards behind.

They came across some boys who were being rude and abusive. These boys began to throw stones and tease the disciple, calling him names. This went on for some time as the boys followed the master and the disciple. They came to a river. The master and the disciple got into a boat in order to cross over.

The boys got into another boat and continued to bully. As they reached the middle of the river the boat began to capsize. The master slapped the disciple across the face. The disciple was taken aback by this gesture of his Master.  He had not said a word to the boys in response to their taunts. He thought he had been a good disciple and yet the master had slapped him!

The master said, “It is your fault. You are responsible for their boat sinking. You did not respond to their abuse, which would have taken their karma away. Nature has now punished them in a worse way because you did not have enough compassion to quell their insults.”

With that slap the master took away the karma of this event so that it would not be carried into the boys’ future. It also served to take away any little bit of joy the disciple may have felt at seeing the boys’ boat sink. Thus, it also took away the karma of the event for the disciple. So the anger of the enlightened is a blessing.

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What happens at the time of death? 😱😱

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 1.18.39 pmA child can come into this planet in different ways: by natural birth or by cesarean birth. Caesarean births were called as Naabhi janya (born through navel). This has been known since olden days; it is not new.

At the time of death, if you keep your attention between your eyebrows and assimilate your prana(life force energy) over there, and if the
soul leaves through that door, then the soul attains a higher state.

Often at the time of death, body wastes are excreted from the anus. If the prana (life force energy) leaves through the first chakra, they go to the lower realms. Those who leave with a lot of pain or desires, their life force leaves through the base of the spine. In our country, since olden days there is a process called Kapaal Kriya, in which they break the skull to let the prana out from the head. That is of no use. They do this process after a person has died. While life is still in the body, when you practice taking the prana higher, then Bramharandra opens (the place in the crown of the head where the soul is said to escape at the time
of death).

When Brahmarandhra opens while a person is still alive, that life is liberated.


A devotee and a yogi, his prana will not go from the base of the spine. It will go from the higher realms. READ MORE WISDOM!

The more you purify your energy channels in the body through the strength of yoga, the more you can attain higher realms. If the mind is stable, focused at one point, at the time when the prana is leaving the body, then the soul gets strength to attain the highest realm. And a devotee always has a firm mind. Where there is no devotion, there is greed. Wherever there is greed, there is no devotion. A devotee is ready to sacrifice. He does not have a mindset of I, I. A devotee’s mindset is to give. A mind which is always in the ‘I’ is unstable, and one who can say ‘I am there for you’ that mind is stable. See a mother’s mind which is focused on her children. It is stable because she always thinks about her children. A yogi or a devotee, in whose heart love has appeared or those who has progressed on the path of yoga, they become one with the vast Purusha by remembering the divine at the time of death. This is a process. They become one with the God.

How to become one with God even after leaving the body?

At the time of death, if the attention is between the eyebrows, their eyeballs go up. That indicates that the prana is going out from the
higher channels.

Did you know?

In chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna requests Lord Krishna to reveal His universal form – Vishwaroop. Though Lord Krishna had spoken to Arjuna about the various manifestations of the Divine energy in different chapters of the Gita, yet, Krishna in his compassion shows His universal form to Arjuna.

What is this universal form ? What did Lord Krishna tell Arjuna ? What did he realize by seeing this ? FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Buddha & Enlightenment 🔆 ✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 2.59.03 pmWhen Lord Buddha got enlightened, he was silent for seven days; he didn’t say a word. All the Gods and the angels got worried that he is not saying anything. They pleaded him to say something, because what he says will benefit people for ages to come.Lord Buddha came 2,500 years after Lord Krishna, and if he doesn’t say anything, what will happen? One of the Gods, Lord Brahma went to Buddha and said, “Please say something.”Lord Buddha then said, “Those who know it, you don’t need to tell them. For those who do not know, there is no point in telling them because they are ignorant. Any amount of telling them will not be of any use. They are in the small mind.”
Then the angels told Buddha that there are some who are in the middle; they know a little bit and yet, they don’t know a lot. When they hear you, they can move towards the higher truth. Thus, they convinced Lord Buddha, and then he started speaking. He travelled all over India and spoke for 32 years. In those days, there were no airplanes, otherwise he would have come to Japan also. His only intention was to bring compassion and inner peace to the people of the world.

Each one of us have a ‘Buddha’ inside of us.  READ MORE WISDOM!

Enlightenment is getting in touch with the buddha inside us.

If you ask me, “Is it possible? Isn’t it too difficult?” The answer is – yes, it is possible and no, it is not too difficult.

The formula is:
1. Having clarity in mind, purity in heart, and sincerity in action.
2. Keeping a smile and doing meditation.
3. Seeing life from a bigger perspective.

We have been on this planet many times; life is much bigger than just a few incidents. We should not let our mind get stuck in events, incidences and people. We have to sail through them all, and then our smile will be stronger. Otherwise, you get one phone call, and all your joy goes away. You cannot afford to be like that. When you expand your mind and shift the context for your life, you become so strong, stable, solid and yet, so soft. Then there is nothing that can shake you. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Could Indian Spirituality Have Helped Mother Teresa?🙏🏻✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.43.19 amMother Teresa has done unparalleled service to India. Could she also have benefited from the unparalleled spiritual wealth of India? Yes, definitely!Although Mother Teresa lived in this ancient land of rich spiritual heritage, she stayed away from Indian spirituality and remained an island unto herself. It is not uncommon for spiritual seekers to lose sight of what is happening inside them when they get involved in serving others.

Whether many so-called religious people are really on the spiritual path itself is questionable. They neither acknowledge nor recognise the conflicts and agony that one faces on the spiritual path. Mother Teresa has been so sincere and honest to herself that she expressed what she was experiencing.

On the spiritual path, what is most important is to be honest with yourself and recognise what is…

Serving others uplifts one’s energy, but it does not alleviate one from the inner torment. For that, one has to understand the mechanics of consciousness and their relation with pleasure or pain. This knowledge is found in many Indian scriptures such as the Upanishads, Yoga Vashistha, Ashtavakra Geeta and Tripura Rahasya.

The knowledge of Vedanta could have helped Mother Teresa get over her doubts and quench her intense…


All the states described in her letters are mentioned in the nine obstacles of yoga enunciated by Maharshi Patanjali. READ MORE WISDOM!

Mother Teresa would have benefited immensely from Maharshi’s enunciations on how to face the obstacles of Vyadhi (ill-health), Styana (procrastination), Samshaya (doubt), Pramada (carelessness), Aalasya (laziness), Avirati (craving), Bhranti-darshana (confusion), Alabdha Bhumikatva (lack of any spiritual attainment) and Anavasthitva (emptiness or agonising state of mind).

Mother Teresa seemed to have gone through the agony of these states of consciousness without the knowledge of spiritual science. This is akin to a person suffering from malaria, not knowing what medicines to take.

What Mother Teresa experienced is not different from what many saints from different religions, including Sri Ram, went through. Sri Ram found his guidance from Maharshi Vashishtha in the form of Yoga Vashishta. In the scriptures it is said that

only one who is well versed in some practice of samadhi can help one to overcome spiritual torment…


When orthodox beliefs limit us from looking beyond, it becomes an impediment on our spiritual journey.

One on the spiritual path should have an open mind and, at the same time, honour orthodoxy. Spirituality beyond the boundaries of a religion can help one to cope with loneliness, isolation and emptiness. It need not be seen as a betrayal of one’s own religion or philosophy.

Spiritual practices like yoga and meditation do not in any way conflict with one’s religious beliefs. Take the example of Father Bede Griffith who came to India and studied yoga and Vedanta philosophy in Trichy. These teachings helped him to overcome obstacles on the spiritual path while remaining true to his faith as a devout Christian monk.

Being orthodox, Mother Teresa perhaps thought she would be betraying Jesus if she searched for answers to her dilemma in Indian spirituality. A seeker has to keep the goal in front and if there is a block on the path, he or she has to find an alternative route to the goal. READ MORE WISDOM!

When we see God as an object of perception, that is when we are totally lost and misery follows. From the scene to the seer, from the object of perception to the perceiver… that shift of consciousness makes all the difference on the spiritual journey. This is how the real joy, which is the nature of consciousness, gets kindled. And all the barriers, mental blocks and intellectual inhibitions that our understanding imposes can be transcended by experiencing the precepts of Vedanta.

It is unfortunate that people are not open in their thinking. I am sure that just a few sessions of pranayama and meditation would have helped Mother Teresa to overcome those days of darkness and inner torment. Thousands of seekers on the spiritual path experience this state, but they overcome it once they practise dhyana.

The Indian philosophy talks of three types of misery – physical, mental and spiritual. Spiritual torment is the worst. The agony and torment that one experiences is at the level of the mind and to go beyond the mind, go beyond thoughts, is the very purpose of samadhi.

Mind is the cause of both bondage and liberation.

Unless one knows how to quieten the mind, it is impossible to achieve inner peace.

The mind can be transcended through yoga sadhana. Yoga is not asanas alone; pranayama and meditation are an integral part of it. Patanjali Yoga Darshan, Adi Shankara’s Drig Drishya Viveka, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism, Thirumandiram of Saint Thirumula all offer different techniques that help one overcome spiritual torment and misery.

Ayurveda, yoga and Vedanta respectively are the three remedies to eliminate mala (impurities in the body) vikshepa (disturbances in mind) and avarna (veil that covers the light within). While ayurveda helps people to calm their thoughts, pranayama and meditation help one become happy from the core of their Being.

Happiness is only a sign of connection with the divinity deep within. Through these Vedantic practices, you can experience the scintillating consciousness that you are. It is a simple recognition of what is and has always been in us, and with us, as our self. READ MORE WISDOM!

The basic principle of Vedanta is that what you are seeking is already there, like the air around you. You don’t have to go somewhere searching; you only need to become aware. In the same way divinity, or the consciousness, bliss, love, is already present in you; it is only a matter of recognising it.

Scientific temper and Vedantic knowledge together make one whole and bring inner stillness. And that is the essence of Indian spirituality. Critics often ask what use is spirituality if the underprivileged are not taken care of. What they fail to see is that wherever there is genuine spirituality, a component of seva or service has always been attached to it.

In the realm of consciousness, as you sow so shall you reap. If you think suffering is an important tool for uniting with God, then you are bound to attract it. If you sow a seed of suffering, that multiplies. The lack of experience of dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (equanimity) can keep a seeker morose and dull. To overcome this, one needs a shift in understanding about heaven and hell, and about the consciousness that is all pervading. Spirituality alone can bring that shift.

In the Eastern philosophy, experience comes first and then faith follows. In the occidental way of thinking, belief comes first and then experience. Mother Teresa had faith but was struggling for an experience. And it was experience which turned atheist Vivekananda into a swami. Ironically, Kolkata witnessed both in the same century! FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Women Are Born Leaders 💆👏

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 3.16.02 pmWomen have both gentleness and strength.

Indian scriptures place tremendous amount of power in women. In fact, the primordial energy known as Shakti which is the life force behind the whole creation is feminine. That is why our scriptures honour women as the highest aspect of divinity- the Aadhya Shakti.

Women bring together the finest aspects of society.

The ability to create and the transformational ability to make a difference in the society. Women bring us to the planet and teach us how to live. A mother is our first Guru, our first teacher. Women teach us our first behaviour, our first step in life. And then women also have a great role to play in the society. She can be a strong peacemaker; at home, in the community, in society and in the world. Women can glue differences and bring people of diverse nature together – she does it in her home all the time!

In this fast pace of life, we need to balance our inner peace, beauty and ethical values with the external challenges we face, and women have it in them to do it. These qualities are inherent in a woman.

A woman has the capacity to be an excellent peacemaker

Because it is quite natural for her to relate from the level of the heart. The biggest strength that a woman has is; her emotions, feelings, motivation and inspiration. Men can inspire to fight but women inspire to unite. There are more wars in the world today because there is a lack of feminine leadership to unite people, overcome differences and bring home to us the purpose we are all born for! In today’s war-torn world, we need women to come to the forefront and take more responsibility, without getting stressed. When women are determined, they can do wonders. 

A woman by nature is multi-talented and multi-faceted. READ MORE WISDOM!


Usually people think women are emotional but the fact is, women are also great intellectual geniuses and excel in planning and execution. You see any department headed by a woman; chances are that department is much ahead of others.

Women are the backbone of any society. The role of women in the development of a society is of utmost importance. In fact, it is the only criterion that determines whether a society is strong and harmonious or not. Also, a corruption-free society can only emerge where women are given due regard, respect and importance. In building character and integrity, women can do a better job.

Do not wait to be given power. Just assume it. Unfortunately most of the feminine movements today are demanding rights. What are you demanding? From whom are you demanding? You are asking from an empty bowl! You have equal rights. Just own it! You simply have to assert your rights! You don’t have to go and ask somebody, it is all there for you!

You are a born leader. You have the potential with you to bring prosperity, happiness and joy to this world! Just make this happen!


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Music & Chakras ✨🎵

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 3.40.23 pmThe first chakra is at the base of the spine, at beginning of the anus and is called Muladhara. Just above that is the next chakra called Svadhishthana. The third chakra is just above the navel called Manipura. Above that is the Anahata chakra which is in the center of the chest. Then is the throat chakra called Visuddhia. Above that is the chakra in-between the eyebrows calledAjna. The last chakra is on top of the head called Sahasrara.

The drums affect the Mooladhara (the base chakra or the first chakra). The big and small drums, their effect is from the Mooladhara to Swadishtana(second chakra). The big wind instruments like trumpets affect the second to third chakra (Swadhisthana to the Manipura). Metallic sounds affect the Manipura to Anahata(the fourth chakra). When you hear a metallic screech, something happens in your belly. How many people have noticed this? The string instrument has its affects from the naval to the heart. Veena and Sitar – stringed instruments affects the Anahata (the heart chakra). READ MORE WISDOM!

Flute music, wind instruments and sometimes the piano sounds affect the Anahata toVishudhi (the throat chakra). Bells, sounds of water, bird songs, very soft and subtle sounds have its effects from throat to the Agna Chakra (in between the eyebrows). Then finally the Sahasrara the (top of the head) is affected by meditation and all other instruments put together at once.

If you watch any Indian rituals, you will understand that they knew this. In the temples, they placed the drums on the periphery, then there are the big wind instruments, and on the very inside of the sanctum sanctorum are bells and conch. So, sound vibes are balanced from the drums to the wind instruments, then stringed instruments, then again wind instruments and then bells and finally, it all ends in silence. The purpose of sound is silence. Did you all know this? Sound originates from silence and its goal is silence. Silence simply means total harmony. When there is total harmony deep within you, then even sound seems like an object, it seems heavy. But the way is through sound, through music. Music is that which connects the individual to the universal. The limited mind expands through music and realizes it is already part of the big consciousness or the big mind.


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Everything manifests when you meditate! 🙏🏻🌙

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 3.55.42 pmDivine and worldly dispensation are one and the same, they are not discrete. God is inseparable from this world. He is all permeating. Sarvam khalvidam Brahma – All of this is Brahman.

If you stick your hand in a fire, you get burnt instantly. However, if you sow a mango seed or  a coconut seed, in the ground, it takes 4-6 years to bear fruit. Similarly, there are some actions whose consequences are immediate and there are some actions with a delayed outcome. If your grandfather/forefather toils for 20 years to set up a factory, who will enjoy the fruits of his labour – you will! Applying the same logic, karma and its consequences are eternal and beyond comprehension. Some karma can be resolved only by dealing with the consequences, whereas the outcome of some karma can be modified / modulated.

For example, while preparing a meal, the proportion of ingredients can be adjusted with respect to one another. However, once cooked it cannot be reverted back to its uncooked state. Similarly, what your height is today is praarabdha karma(karma that cannot be changed), but your current body-weight can be changed (reduced/increased). That is why doing dhyaan (meditation), japa(chanting), havan(sacrificial fire), daan (charity) helps in changing your karma. READ MORE WISDOM!

Having an attitude of gratefulness for all that we have received in life also resolves karma. Do not criticize or condemn anyone. However, on the path of Self-knowledge forget about your sins and merits, and just relax and be happy. The more relaxed we are, the more spontaneously (naturally) things get done.

Our consciousness itself is Shaastra, so if we listen to our consciousness, our intuition, we will function in accord with nature.

Suppose you have no knowledge of electronics, but you need to tackle an electronics issue, you intuitively play around with the wires, and eventually the problem gets resolved. Many people have experienced this. Once I was going from London to Birmingham where I was scheduled to give a talk. This happened more than twenty years ago. Birmingham is a big city. One gentleman realized an hour after we had left London that he had forgotten to obtain the address or the directions to the venue in Birmingham. There were no cell phones then. So I decided to intuitively guide him, telling him to take this turn here and that turn there, until we reached the street in Birmingham on which the venue was located! 

Shaastra is not a book, you yourself are the Shaastras. If you study your consciousness, your mind, that is what is in the Shaastra. This is how the knowledge of Vaastu Shaastra, Ayurveda, etc came into being. Dance, music, art, science, have all emerged from the consciousness of the spirit, through meditation. So meditation is supreme. 

Everything manifests when you meditate. 

In english it is known as intuition. Intuition means that which is ‘right’. This power is within everyone. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM! 

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Secret of 7 Chakras Demystified ✨🙏🏻

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 3.50.14 pmChakras are the nerve centers seen in our body. There are 1,72,000 Nadis(channels of metaphysical energy or life-force) in our body, and there are various nerve centers for these 1,72,000 Nadis. The human body actually has 109 nerve centers, but among those, nine centers are important, and even in those nine, seven centers (Chakras) are of primary importance. And when energy (kundalini) or consciousness flows through these nerve centers, there are different emotions, feelings or sensations that one experiences.

Muladhara Chakra: The base of spine or the sacrum is the location of the first chakra called the Muladhara Chakra. When the Muladhara Chakra is activated, One experiences enthusiasm in life. When it is dormant, then one experiences dullness and inertia. One does not feel interested in anything. This is the first Chakra. The base of the spine is associated with the Earth element.

Swadishthana Chakra: The same energy moves upwards to the second Chakra which is located behind the genitals and it manifests as procreation or creation – meaning in the form of any creative activity or as sex drive.
When you are obsessed with sex, then you do not do anything creative. You forget about creativity entirely. When you are engaged in any creative activity, then lust does not trouble you. So here the energy could manifest as a creative or procreative tendency. You need not label the energy as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. That is just how it is. The second Chakra is associated with the Water element. READ MORE WISDOM!

See, it is the same energy (Kundalini) that is moving through the nerve centers. Kunda means ‘pot’ in Sanskrit. The body is like a pot, and the energy in this body is called the Kundalini.

Manipur Chakra: The same energy moves upwards to the navel region and manifests in four forms or feelings.  They are jealousy, generosity, joy, and greed. When people feel jealous they feel some sensation in the stomach region. The third Chakra is associated with the Fire element. The manipur chakra is represented as a four-petal flower.

Anahata Chakra: From the navel region, the energy moves upwards to the heart region. Here, from a four-petal flower, the energy is represented by a three-petal flower. What do the three petals signify? They represent fear, love and hatred.
When people feel hatred or fear or love, the sensation is felt in the heart region. When someone’s heart is broken, it means that the love has become sour and turned into hatred. Love, fear and hatred are all the same.
When there is love, there is no fear. When there is fear, there is no love. At any point of time, only one of the three emotions takes the front position while the other two go in the background. It is not that they disappear entirely. People who feel fear also have love. When love is predominant, then there is no fear or hatred. When hatred takes the front seat, then love and fear are gone to the back. This is what happens to people. When they are so full of hatred, they have no fear at all and they have no love at all.

Vishuddhi Chakra: When the same energy moves to the throat Chakra, what is the sensation you experience? You feel gratefulness, and you have a sensation in the throat region when you experience grief. When you are grieving, your throat chokes. And when you feel very grateful, then also your throat chokes.

Ajna Chakra: When the consciousness moves to the centre of the forehead, it manifests as anger, awareness or alertness. Knowledge and awareness are depicted by the sixth Chakra. The same point is also the seat of anger, and is also said to be the region of the mystical Third Eye. You must have read or heard the story of how Lord Shiva opened His Third Eye’ and burnt Lord Kamadeva into ashes.
This Third Eye is the seat of anger as well as the seat of knowledge and awakened wisdom.

Sahasrara Chakra: When the Consciousness moves to the top of the head, then one experiences only bliss. There is nothing else. You no longer feel any duality, any sense of conflict or separation. You feel totally connected and one with everything. You feel so blissful.

See this flow the other way around. When there is no joy in our life, then we come a step below and experience anger. From anger springs hatred and aversion. This further leads to a sense of fear. Fear as it grows gives rise to jealousy and envy, which in turn gives rise to lust, feverishness and obsession. And lust and obsession bring us into the trap of inertia and negativity. This is the downward flow of the same consciousness or Kundalini energy. It is called Adhogati(retrogression or degeneration). The opposite of this is Urdhvagati (upward rise or progression). What is the pattern of Urdhvagati? You experience enthusiasm, then creativity blossoms, there is generosity and contentment, which in turn give rise to love. Love takes you to gratitude, which helps to bring awareness and wisdom (Prajna) and ultimately leading you to Bliss.
This upward or downward flow of energy keeps on happening very naturally and spontaneously in life all the time. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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A proven trick to deal with a disturbed mind 😱😱

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.55.25 amWhat do we do when the mind is disturbed? You should not get caught up in thinking that it is disturbed. There may have been something disturbing in the environment; something that may have happened. So you should meditate or chant more instead of yelling, screaming, shouting or blaming other people. You should love more people around you. This is samādhyā vyavahāraha, ie. bringing the evenness in vyavahāra, behaviour.

That is what service is. Be aware that you’re doing service. Asking people what service you can do will benefit them. Asking someone what you can do for them, when you are feeling wonderful will benefit the other person but it won’t have that much benefit for you. But the day you feel hopeless and horrible, and that very day you go and ask somebody, ‘What can I do for you?’ Is service and it will bring a revolution in you. It’s very important.

Don’t think you should do service only when you feel good.

 The day when you feel bad is the day you should go out and ask what you can do for others.

This body is there for service. READ MORE WISDOM!

Let it burn like incense. The incense stick itself burns and spreads fragrance all around.

A wick burns itself and spreads light.

A tree absorbs all the heat from the sun and gives you shade.

A cow eats grass and other waste, and gives you the most nutritious milk. It just eats grass! It eats straw (which has no nutrition in it) and gives you nutritious milk!

Are we human beings much lower in the stage of evolution than them? Are we not even capable of this? This must be the constant reminder to ourselves. You should have a yearning to be useful; to let your every breath be useful to everybody; to let it spread fragrance around you. Each and every one of you is Divine, and God is ever present in every one of us. Evamevāhamāsthitaha. Knowing this, repose in your Self.  FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!


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10 Things to know to improve your Relationships instantly ❤️

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 5.08.27 amDon’t ask for proof, take it for granted that the other person loves you. If you feel that your partner or spouse does not love you as much as before or their attention has reduced, you should ask them, ‘Why do you love me so much?’ Demand destroys love. Even if the love has dried up inside them, it will be rekindled. They will see your magnanimity, your understanding and will start loving you more. 

You can win over everyone and every situation with love. There is nothing in this world and in your life that you cannot win or overcome with love.

Whenever someone close to you tells you a lie, it is just because love wins over truth. If truth wins, it is afraid of losing love. So the reason why a person tells a lie is because they do not want to lose the love of the other person.

When someone says something hurtful or mistreat you, they do it out of stress and ignorance. They are hurt somewhere within and that is why they behave like that.

The key to a happy relationship is based on how we handle our own mind. This is why we all must regularly practice our service. We must learn how to calm our mind and relax, for a few moments every day. If each one of us can manage to broaden our vision just a little bit, I tell you, we can all bring such a great transformation in our lives. We will become happy and also bring happiness to the lives of others around us.

When love turns into bitterness, Just wait, don’t react, the bitterness will turn back into love again.
You often see that the people for whom you have done so much, they turn bitter! And you expect everyone to be in an enlightened state, that is not possible in the world. 
Everyone is not just going to be smiling and accepting you as you are, and unconditionally being in a giving and loving space. That is not possible. You will have to face reactions, and you should face it, that is all. READ MORE WISDOM!

Give the person whom you love their freedom; their space. When you love somebody, you almost want to strangle them. You want to police them from morning till night. It may sound very difficult to not do this, but that is the wisest thing to do. Don’t police the person you love a lot.

If you express your love too much, the person who is receiving it doesn’t know how to respond. Just imagine yourself in that place, if someone gives you too much love, you will feel like running away. You don’t know how to respond, unless and until you are so centered and you have one pointed love towards the Divinity.

Often you like to be pleased, appeased and cajoled. So you put up a tough, upset face and act difficult to please. If a person has to appease and please people all the time, it will be so tiring. People who keep a long face and expect others to cajole and appease them make others run away. Lovers often do this. They expend a lot of energy in cajoling and this brings down the joy and celebration of the moment.

Intense longing is the sign of love. If there is love, there is bound to be longing. And if there is longing, know that there is love. These are two sides of the same coin. They cannot be separated. It is very fortunate to have such longing, very necessary. But what do we do? We are in a hurry. When a little longing arises, we want to finish it off. But that longing is beautiful, very good. FOLLOW FOR WISDOM!

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What is the difference between Love and Lust? How to overcome Lust? ❤️🔥


How to overcome Lust? READ MORE WISDOM!

First off, don’t make a big deal out of it. To get over it, there are four things that really help a lot

1. Do some creative stuff, lust will simply not bother you when you have a hobby.

2. Physical exercise: go jogging, swimming; to the gym, do Sun salutations. Sweat it out! It is good for your body and mind, and definitely great to get over any obsession.

3. DancingDance to some devotional music, even some soft pop or rock is fine. Move your body. With eyes closed surrender to the music.

4. And finally Cold water shower. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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You don’t have to be very rich to feel the abundance 💵❌

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 4.09.26 amWhat are you struggling for?

Is it Money? You are struggling for money, then don’t sit and day dream, do hard work. If one business does not work, choose another business and do it. 

Don’t sit and day dream and only think about miracles to happen. READ MORE WISDOM!

Miracles do happen, but if you crave for miracles then they will take a back seat. Nature wants you to be dynamic. First of all, decide what it is that you want from life. You know money is something that you will always find people short of. Always!
You can see for example, the richest country, the only super power on this planet is USA and it is under heavy debt; trillions of dollars of debt. You take big companies; many of them are in debt. The richer a person gets, the more expenses he has. At the same time, there are poor people who are contributing towards charity, poor people who take time to do service, which is amazing. They feel so much abundance.

In fact many rich people don’t feel abundance at all, they feel lack. They are not generous. But poor people are very generous. Don’t imagine a situation where you will become super rich one day and then you will start doing some seva(service), no, nothing like that. You can feel abundance at any point of time.

And the moment you start feeling abundance, you will see things will get better!

You don’t have to be very rich to feel the abundance. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!


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The human body is designed for a vegetarian diet 🍏🍉

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.07.43 amThe debate on ‘why is it good to be a vegetarian’ has been settled long back.

The internet is full of information on why eating meat is not good for both one’s own health or the environment. For example, according to US Department of Agriculture, 70 per cent of food poisoning is caused by meat, including exposure to arsenic. Another research says production of one kilogram of beef is responsible for as much carbon dioxide emission as by driving 250 km in a car.

There is plenty of disturbing footage also available on what treatment animals are subject to in slaughterhouses, like the documentary ‘Meet your Meat’. They are injected with hormones so that they grow faster and add more bulk. All these chemicals then end up in the bodies of people who eat this meat. But their system cannot take these chemicals and they eventually turn into cancers and other immune system disorders. The milk from these animals is also toxic and is rejected by the consumers’ biology. In fact, large number of cases of lactose intolerance and diseases among meat eaters was what gave birth to the vegan movement. READ MORE WISDOM!

Our teeth are not pointed and our intestines are much longer than our bodies, very much like herbivores. Carnivores have short intestines through which meat passes easily. It passes through our intestines much more slowly and is very heavy to digest, sometimes taking up to 72 hours. In this time, it rots and ferments in our bodies. Vegetarian food, on the other hand, is digested within a few hours. 

Ethically, environmentally and health-wise, it is a wise choice to be a vegetarian.


It is even better to eat organic fruits and vegetables, which have no chemicals and fertilizers.

The only reason that people still continue to eat meat is that they are driven by cultural habit or craving for taste.

The way to overcome this craving is to make small time-bound commitments in the beginning and then gradually increasing it, like deciding not to have meat for a week, then two weeks and so on. People have also found ways to use tofu and other forms of soya to cook ‘mock meat’ which tastes identical to real meat. We have also observed that with the practice of meditation and pranayama, one’s taste changes on its own and the body begins to ask for food that is conducive to keep it light and moves away from foods that make it otherwise. Many people have become vegetarian on their own after doing our workshops.

However, today with a massive global consumer base, producing meat is a highly profitable business. So, there is a big lobby that does not want people to be educated on the harmful effects of meat and become vegetarian. In India, the issue of vegetarianism also assumes religious connotations and therefore, becomes political.

Food being an essential part of any lifestyle, people would like to have the right to exercise their freedom in making a choice; arguing or forcing anyone will not work. The right way is to make people aware and then let them choose for themselves. It may take some time but everybody realizes sooner or later that short term gratification is not worth the long term troubles it brings. Quality of life is enhanced when we make choices that are life supporting.

Being vegetarian does not just help one’s own life flourish but also that of other beings. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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How to overcome restlessness? 😓😓

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.54.10 amThere are five types of restlessness.

The first type of restlessness is due to the place you are in.

When you move away from that place, the street or the house, you immediately feel better. Chanting, singing, and laughing can change this atmospheric restlessness. If you chant and sing, the vibration in the place changes.

The second type of restlessness is physical restlessness.

Eating the wrong food or vata-aggravating food, eating at odd times, not exercising, and overworking can all cause a physical restlessness. The remedy for this is exercise, moderation in work habits and going on a vegetable or juice diet for one or two days.

The third type of restlessness is mental restlessness. READ MORE WISDOM!

It is caused by ambition, strong thoughts, likes or dislikes. Knowledge alone can cure this restlessness: seeing life from a broader perspective, knowing the Self and realizing the impermanence of everything. Knowledge of your death or life, confidence in the Self, in the Divine, can all calm down this mental restlessness.

The fourth type of restlessness is is emotional restlessness.

Any amount of knowledge does not help here. Only meditation or spiritual practices can help. All the emotional restlessness vanishes after practicing meditation. The presence of your guru, a wise person, or a saint will also help to calm your emotional restlessness.

The fifth type of restlessness is rare. It is the restlessness of the soul.

When everything feels empty and meaningless, know you are very fortunate. That longing and restlessness is the restlessness of the soul. Do not try to get rid of it. Embrace it! Welcome it! Usually to get rid of it people do all sorts of things— change places, jobs or partners, do this, do that. It seems to help for some time, but it does not last. The restlessness of the soul alone can bring authentic prayer in you. It brings perfection. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Everything is Connected! ☆⚡️🌙☀️

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 12.42.41 pmThe Sun affects the planet Earth, so does the Moon. Though the moon only reflects the light of the sun, its energy affects the water, and the mind. This is scientifically proven, which is why when someone goes crazy, they are called lunatics. (The word lunatic is derived from the word ‘lunar’ because the mind is connected to the moon.)

Similarly, there are various energies at play; it is the connection of the macrocosm and the microcosm. Don’t think of it as a connection with the physical planets only, but the cosmic energy is somewhere and somehow related to this planetary position. That is what is discussed in Jyotish Shastra.

The macrocosm and microcosm are inter-linked. For instance, certain vibrations – like the bio-dynamic energy – are related to birds, planets, grains and parts of our body. For example, Saturn energy is connected with the crow. The vibration of the crow, the planet Saturn, the sesame seed and teeth in the human body are all linked, connected. There must have been tremendous amount of research done on this in the past, and it invites people of the future to find out more. READ MORE WISDOM!

Similarly, goat, the planet Mars, chick peas and the liver are connected. We know for sure that the liver and chick peas are connected. And we know that for hair, nails and teeth, sesame seeds definitely help. For instance, as per Ayurveda, if you take some gingily (sesame seed) oil and gargle, it helps mouth ulcers, pyorrhoea and other dental issues.

The ancient people have written these things. There seems to be some deep study conducted in the past or it has come from intuitive awareness. This throws a challenge for scientists to conduct studies, and prove or disprove it. If you think it is wrong, you have to disprove it, and if you think it is right, then you need to prove it! Isn’t it interesting how all these are connected – you hair, nail, teeth? Of course, everything is connected to everything else, but some are more direct.

Specific herbs have an effect on specific parts of the body. This Ayurveda Materia Medica was sung in the form of poetry thousands of years ago in the Vedas. It is the only Materia Medica in the world that is in the form of poetry. Hence, practitioners, i.e., Vaidyas, Ayurvedic doctors, found it easy to memorise and learn all about the organs and their impact. It is wonderful listening to these poems, and it is amazing how all of it was in a poetic form. These poems come from deep inside, from an unknown corner of our consciousness, which is why a lot of this knowledge is based on intuition. And something which comes out of intuition is always correct.


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The Story of Eklavya and Dronacharya ✨

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 12.43.13 pmSince ages, the story of Eklavya( a character from the Indian epic- Mahabharata) has come to define exemplary discipleship. But there is an unheard and unseen side to the famous story.

Eklavya was the son of a poor hunter. He wanted to learn archery to save the deer in the forest that were being hunted by the leopards. So he went to Dronacharya (a master of advanced military arts) and requested him to teach him archery. Dronacharya was the teacher of the Royal family.

In those days, as a rule, a teacher to the members of Royal family was not allowed to teach the state art to anybody else. It was forbidden to make anyone as powerful as the princes for the safety of the region.

But Eklavya deeply desired to study under Dronacharya. Dronacharya, bound by the state law, could not accept him as his student.

Eklavya in his heart had already accepted Dronacharya as his Guru. He went home and made a statue of his Guru. Over the following years, with sincerity and practice, he learnt archery and became better than the state princes at the art. He became so good at it that, he would hear the sound of the animal, shoot an arrow at it and claim the animal.

One day, Arjuna, the prince found out about this talented archer. Making matters worse, he saw that Eklavya was far better than him. He went to Eklavya and asked him, ‘Who taught you archery?’

Dronacharya,’ said Eklavya. READ MORE WISDOM!

Hearing this, Arjuna was furious. He went up to Dronacharya and said angrily, ‘What is this? You have cheated us. What you have done is a crime. You were supposed to teach me exclusively, but you taught this man and made him more skillful than me.’

Dronacharya was baffled and confused at Arjuna’s allegations. He wondered who this student of his was, who had learned the art from him but whose name and identity he did not know! He thought hard but could not come up with an answer for Arjuna. He could not believe, this student was better than even Arjuna.

Both, Dronacharya and Arjuna decided to meet the boy.

Eklavya welcomed his master with great honor and love. He led both of them to the statue he had made of Dronacharya. Eklavya had practiced archery over all the years, considering and believing the statue to be his Guru.

In ancient times, a common practice in learning was- Guru Dakshina, where a student would give a token of gift or fee for the knowledge gained by the student.

Dronacharya said, ‘Eklavya, you must give me some Guru Dakshina. You must give me the thumb of your right hand.’ Eklavya knew that without the thumb, archery could not be practiced.

Eklavya without a second thought gave the thumb of his right hand to his Guru.

In this story Dronacharya is commonly viewed as being cruel and self-centered. The perceived understanding is, this boy who has learned the skill on his own and is good at it, is made to give it up for the vested interest of Dronacharya. But when one looks at it from the point of view of the wise, one finds, if it were not for this incident, nobody would have ever known Eklavya.

Though on the outside, it seemed as if Dronacharya had done injustice to Eklavya, actually Dronacharya uplifted Eklavya from just being a student to becoming an epitome of discipleship.

Dronacharya blessed Eklavya with immortality by asking him for his thumb. So when people think of devotion, they think of Eklavya, and not Arjuna.

See the greatness of Dronacharya, he took the blame on him and uplifted his student. That is why, even if the Guru is wrong, if your devotion is there you can never go wrong. But the Guru is not wrong, it appears he was partial but he uplifted Eklavya and preserved his Dharma (duty) also. His duty was to maintain the law of the land: You cannot have anyone much better than the prince.” FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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What lesson did Buddha teach this disciple whose mind was full of turmoil? 😰😰

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 1.49.58 pmThere is a story about Lord Buddha.

One disciple came to Buddha and said, ‘My mind is full of turmoil. I feel so guilty, I feel so bad, I feel so this and that’, and he just said a lot of things. And Buddha just told him to go and get some water from a pond.
So he went there and saw the pond was so muddy. He said, ‘Lord the water is so muddy, I can’t get it.’
Buddha smiled and said why don’t you try again . So this man went on and on. A little while later Buddha told him again to go get some water. The disciple said, ‘but it was all muddy’.
Buddha said, ‘no, go and get the water.’

So when Buddha insisted he had no other choice but to just go.

When he went there, by that time the water had already settled and it was clear. He brought the glass of water and gave Buddha. Buddha looked at the disciple and smiled and the disciple got the answer.So when your mind is muddled, Just give it some time and it will settle, it will become clear. READ MORE WISDOM!

Unfortunately we have so many books written, so many concepts on how to love yourself and make the guilt go away and blah, blah, blah.
I don’t think it will help in the long run, even if it has for a short time.

Trying to repair the emotions, correct the emotions, this is all a useless phenomenon and it only makes it worse.
There is a saying in Sanskrit; suppose you have a wound and you go on scratching the wound, it’s not going to get better. Every time you scratch it you make it worse.
This is exactly what you are doing, you try to get rid of this thing or that thing or feel better about yourself, love yourself or not love yourself. All this is useless. What you are doing here is the best, do yoga, meditate, become hollow and empty and everything else gets taken care of. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Significance of OM ✨

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.43.58 pmOm is called the sound of one hand clapping. Om is the eternal sound; Om is the sound which is there in the universe all the time.

All the saints in the past, when they went deep into meditation, they just heard Om. So,Om means many things. It means love, eternity, purity, peace. Om is made up of several dhatus: ‘Ah’ ‘Oo’ ‘Ma’. Just ‘Ah’ has 19 meanings.

You can derive some several thousand meanings from Om. All those meanings are attributed to Om, so Om is the seed of the whole creation; Om is the sound of creation.

In Bible too, it is said, ‘In the beginning there was a word and the word was with God and the word was God’. That is Om.

There they don’t say which word; the word is Om. READ MORE WISDOM!

It is in all the religions in some or the other form. That is the true name, ‘Ek Omkar Sat Naam’. Om means truth. It is the name of the infinity or the Divinity. It means love. It is the origin of the universe.

There is a beautiful verse in the Guru Granth Sahib, which begins with ‘Ek Omkar Sat Naam, Karta Purakh’ – From Om everything has come, in Om everything dwells, and into Om everything will dissolve; both matter and consciousness.

The best thing is that it is a complete vibration. ‘Ah’ affects the lower part of the body, ‘Oo’ affects the middle part, ‘Ma’ affects the upper part. The total prana is represented by one syllable Om. Before birth, we were part of that sound and after death we will merge with that sound; the sound of the spirit. So, you can say many things about Om. There is a whole Upanishad, the Mandukya Upanishad, which is all about Om.

Now, why don’t we take only Om as a mantra? Why do we need any other mantra to chant during meditation? Before meditation, you chant Om and create the vibration, but for meditation you need different mantras. Just Om is not used; Hari Om or Om Namah Shivaya, or something else is used along with Om.

Only recluses, those who want to do nothing with the world, or are very old are allowed to do chant Om. Even then, it is not advisable. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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If you are willing to look beyond what is already known…..✨🔎

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.34.58 pmThe mature intellect brings forth devotion that is always in awe of creation. When something is unfathomable, the intellect is in awe. When the mind takes rest in the vastness of consciousness, only then can it know the Truth. This can only happen through Shraddha. Shraddha is not just faith, it is to love something that is beyond the purview of knowing. And if one is willing to look beyond what is already known, then the vast wealth of knowledge embraces them.

The mind keeps wandering from one sense to another in search of satisfaction. It is only when you realize that this joy is caused by something greater, you can be centered. There is a saying that when one appreciates a flower, the flower feels sad as the creator of the flower is not being appreciated. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna declares himself as the cause of all the joy of the senses. The intellect keeps getting stuck in the senses but when the mind, intellect and Chitta get fixed on the Divine, the highest can be attained. READ MORE WISDOM!

If one is unable to be completely fixated on the Divine, then one can establish devotion through sadhana or spiritual practices. However, any practice has to be done continuously without exception and with respect. Mental tiredness gives rise to the inability to do any practice. Many people do either only Sadhana or only service, and Lord Krishna does not spare either. He says, ‘If you work for Me then you will not be tired, this is for sure!’

Lord Krishna treats Arjuna as a friend and gives him options saying, ‘If you cant even maintain your practice, then at least be part of Me. Feel total oneness with Me.’ The body, mind and emotions are a result of karma. Good and bad things will happen, but be detached. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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What is the importance of chanting mantras? 🔮✨

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.48.51 pm

What is the importance of chanting mantras?

When someone abuses you verbally, how do you feel?
If someone says that you are a donkey, how do you feel? What does it do to you?
What does it create? Anger! It shakes you. It creates some negative vibrations; you feel angry. You feel some sensations in the stomach, in the head. If a bad word can create so much physiological reactions in you, do you think a very sweet name, a chant, which includes a lot of energy of the cosmos does not do anything to your body?

It is unscientific and stupid to think that a mantra does not do anything to your body. That is not the case! It does.
Mantras bring out all the positive energy within you

That is why it is called mantra kavach(armor); a mantra creates the sense of an armor around your body.

Sometimes you meet some people and you feel like talking to them. You get good vibes from them. Sometimes you meet people and you want to avoid them. Do you know why? The negative vibes around a person make them repulsive. Mantras turn around these negative, repulsive vibrations, into more positive and attractive vibrations. This is the advantage of mantra chanting.

Today, if you go to New York, you will find hundreds of places where they learn chanting. People go for one hour in the evenings to chanting classes. They chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’,’ Om Namo Narayana’, ‘Sri Rama Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’. Of course, they have a different pronunciation.

In China, they say, ‘Ladhe Ladhe’ instead of ‘Radhe Radhe’.

In Taiwan, 7,000 people to 8,000 people sing ‘Ladhe Govind’ instead of ‘Radhe Govind’.

People have seen that there is an effect. And there really is!


Now when should you do it? If you do chanting after pranayama and meditation, then it has a better result. If you do it at a superficial level, then it is not so effective. 




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The Story of Krishna and Sudama ✨

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.46.09 am

Sudama was one of the friends who studied with Krishna.

Krishna became a king, and Sudama was a very poor man, He did not have anything at all. And once Sudama’s wife told him, “See, Krishna is your very close friend, dear friend. Why don’t you go and ask him for some help?” Sudama was a little shy, “How can I ask a friend for something? I don’t feel like doing it.” But when there was no other way to go, he decided to meet Krishna. There is a custom in India that when you go to meet somebody, you don’t go empty-handed. So what could he take? He had nothing. His clothes were torn. He was so poor! And then at home, he had few rice crisps, So he packed them in a piece of cloth and took them to Krishna.

He entered the palace, it was gorgeous and beautifully decorated. Krishna was sitting on his throne, and there were so many servants around. And the moment he saw Sudama, he rushed down, and washed his feet and offered him his own seat. He put him on the throne. And then Krishna asked Sudama, “What have you brought for me? Come on!” Krishna is always mischievous, he would make fun all the time. So he said, “What have you brought?” He knew that he was so shy, that he was trying to hide his rice krispies. “How I can offer these rice krispies?” asked Sudama, But then Krishna grabbed hold of it and caught on, and then he went on stuffing it in his mouth. The joy of meeting his old friend was so much that Sudama even forgot to ask anything and forgo why he had come to meet his friend and Krishna forgot to give him anything! They both forgot!

When two souls meet in such deep friendship, they forget everything.

Sudama thanked Krishna and left the palace. And it is said, when Sudama went back to his home, he found his whole house was transformed, and he had all the riches in his house. His wife was very happy. Somebody had come with a lot of gifts. Without asking and without giving. READ MORE WISDOM!

So it’s said, from any angle you see there is a totality, there is a uniqueness in Krishna’s personality.

And that is to indicate that you are like that. Your innermost Self has all the qualities in it, like a ray of sun has all the colors in it. Through a prism, all the colors get manifested. But the same ray of light through a black or blue or red glass reflects only that particular color. But through a prism, the rainbow comes out. And Krishna was such a prism, so clear, so full of joy. It’s wrong to say Krishna was. Krishna is, because it is the eternal presence that is never lost.

Krishna says “Though I am in the body, I am not this body. Though I am working through the mind, I am not the mind. I am not what you see me as. I am much more than what you perceive me as. I am present in your heart as you. And anytime you need me, you call me, I’ll be right there with you, to take you out of your troubles and difficulties. You can always count on me.” FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Anxious about your future? Read this story! 📕👓

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.41.45 pm      


Once two villagers were sitting under a tree and watching the sunset.

They were very close friends. After sitting quietly for some time, one asked the other, “What are you thinking? I am planning to buy five acres of land, a garden.” The other friend immediately said, “Don´t buy the garden!”

The first one was surprised. He asked “why”? The second one replied, “I am planning to buy a buffalo. Then, my buffalo will enter your garden and we will fight, have misunderstandings and lose our friendship. I do not want to lose our friendship.”

The first one said, “Then, you cancel your plan of buying a buffalo. I am going to buy my garden.” The second one said, “No, no, no. I have already decided to buy a buffalo.” The first one said, “How will your buffalo enter my garden? I will fence it thoroughly.”

The second one said, “No, you see, it can just enter; a buffalo is a buffalo. Who can stop it? It can do anything.”

Then the fight went to such an extent that they broke their limbs!

Neither has bought buffalo nor any land. Nothing has happened. Just the mind´s race and both of them broke their limbs over it! Our fears are also like that. The future has not yet come. But you just sit there and think, “Oh! What will happen?” So much anxiety about the future! In this run, the mind gets into such a mess. It is unable to see the present moment as it unfolds! READ MORE WISDOM! 

The mind totally forgets the divine. “Me, mine, what about tomorrow, the day after and the day after that, next year, ten years later?” You people plan in this way even up to the next birth! When people are newly married they say,”We will be husband and wife for many life-times to come! This one birth is not enough. We will be man and wife for the next seven births!” In reality, they may be fed up of each other in this birth itself, but they talk of the next seven births!

We should experience the divine´s presence, the divine´s light around us.

You should have a desire in your mind to experience this. Have we ever desired the divine light? Has such a desire ever risen in you, that you want the highest peace? Has it arisen from deep inside you? The divine light is something by which the whole world is running. Have you ever really wanted it? When you sing or pray there should be total involvement. You don´t involve yourself totally. If the mind is preoccupied elsewhere then that is no prayer at all. There should be total involvement. When there is pain there is more involvement.

If you consider yourself as bonded, you will remain bound. Become free right now. Sit down and become contented.

You are afraid of opening your fists. What is there with you that you have to hold your fists? You have nothing with you. Open your fists. The whole sky will be in your hands.

Be natural. Be with love. Do service. Celebrate life. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Are you trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts? – Try this simple technique to free your mind 👇👇


Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.13.46 pmWhen a thought arises in the mind, it is not easy to get rid of it. The thought keeps coming back over and over again, and if you decide to do something else, you will feel uneasy until you finish with that thought. It becomes irritating like a grain of sand in the eye. 

Similarly, if you are unhappy about something, that sadness does not easily leave you, whatever you do to get rid of it. Even by listening to inspiring discourses that sadness does not go away. Many times you tell your mind that something is trivial and not to worry about it. But the mind or intellect does not pay any attention. So we can chant a mantra. Our mind takes the form of the mantra that we repeat.

“Manah trayate iti mantrah” – means a mantra is that which is brought to mind again and again. And to practice this mind and the mantra should not be separate. The mind should become the mantra. If the mind thinks of something else while chanting the mantra, the mantra will not be effective. The mind should be filled with the mantra. The moment that happens, the mind is free from worry. READ MORE WISDOM!

A worry is something that is not in place. It is neither here nor there. A mantra is necessary to drive out worries. A mantra has strength and spirit. When these are present, the mind becomes the power of the mantra. The power of the mind and the power of a mantra are the same.

“Chittam mantrah” – Mind should become the mantra. The power of every mantra can be felt in the form of vibrations. When an atom explodes, its impact spreads not only for many kilometers, but the effects remain for many years – all this from the explosion of an atom! The mind is a thousand times subtler than an atom. Imagine the power of the mind when it becomes quiet. When the mind becomes quiet again and again, this is called mantra. Mantra is the cure for the mind.

Whether the mantra is “Om namah shivaya” or “Rama, Rama,” the effect of the mantra depends on how it is pronounced and invoked. 

You can control the mind by using a mantra. With the help of a mantra, the mind loses its smallness and becomes vast; the mind that is dissatisfied becomes content; and the mind that is constantly disturbed by desires is released from them and finds fulfillment.

Although a mantra may be the same, its value is different when given by a Guru. Then you feel the power of the mantra.

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The 4 kinds of attitude you can develop to handle your own mind 👍👍

1) Friendliness: Be friendly with people who are happy. If you are not friendly with happy people, you will be jealous. This is because you think that your enemy is happy, and you cannot tolerate your enemy being happy. So, shake hands with happy people. Such an attitude does a lot of good to your mind.

2) Compassion: Do not be friendly with people who are miserable, instead, have compassion for them. If you are friendly with unhappy people you will become unhappy. And if you become unhappy, you can never help them to come out of their misery.

Many people have gotten into trouble by being friendly with unhappy people; both become miserable. It is like a doctor going to a patient who is sick, and the doctor also becomes sick. If the doctor also thinks, ‘How can I alone be healthy? Let me also share the patient’s misery’, then who will help the patient then?

So, what should be the attitude with people who are miserable? Compassion, not pity.

3) Happiness: For people who are doing good work or who are successful in the world, you should feel happy as though you are doing it.

For example, someone is a good singer, singing and bringing joy to everybody, seeing him you should think, ‘I feel so happy that this person is singing so well, and making everyone happy.’

If someone is a good entertainer and he entertains everybody you should feel happy about it. If someone is a great architect and builds beautiful buildings you should feel happy about it. Whenever someone does a good job, share that happiness with them; we need to have this attitude.

4) Indifference: For people who are doing horrible things in the society, destroying themselves, we usually get angry at them. When you are angry, your mind suffers a huge loss. You lose so much energy, you lose your mood, and your enthusiasm. When energy and enthusiasm goes away from you, you become angry and are no better than the other person. You do not know what you are doing. So, what should you do in such a situation? Have a sort of indifference in your mind.

For example, there are thieves in the world, they are there, what can you do about them? First accept, be indifferent. However, this does not mean you do not take any action. Your mind is indifferent (unaffected), but you act on it.

These are the four attitudes that will help us to save our mind. This is what we need to do, save our mind at all costs.

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