How do I overcome the fear of failure which sometimes prevents me from taking initiative⁉️ 😱✨

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How do I know if I am in a right relationship or the person is right for me⁉️💑⁉️

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Benefits of Yoga & What is Yoga⁉️✨🙏

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Significance of lord kartikeya 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 4.28.00 pm.pngWhen the five elements governed by Lord Shiva (Panch Mahabhoota – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) united with Shakti (Pure Consciousness), Lord Kartikeya was born.
Shiva is called Panchaanana Lord with five heads. These five heads represent the five elements in Nature. When these five elements united with the sixth: Chaitanya Shakti(Pure Consciousness), they gave birth to the Shadaanana (six headed), also called Lord Kartikeya. You can understand this in terms of the Kundalini Shakti (the primordial, dormant yet potent energy said to be present in a coiled form at the base of the spine).

We have seven chakras (energy centers) within us. When the energy surges through the six chakras and stabilizes at the sixth chakra – the Ajna chakra (present in the middle of the eyebrows), it blossoms as Lord Kartikeya(symbolism of the Guru Tattva -Principle). The Ajna chakra is the place of the Guru Tattva. It is where the Guru Tattva blossoms and manifests itself. And that Guru Tattva itself is Kartikeya Tattva.

Lord Shiva is the un-manifest Divinity, while Lord Kartikeya is the manifest.  So you can think of Lord Kartikeya as symbolic of the Kundalini Shakti.

There is a story about Lord Kartikeya from the Puranas.

When Kartikeya was a young child, His father, Lord Shiva asked him to go and study and receive education from Lord Brahma.  So Kartikeya went to Lord Brahma and asked him, ‘Please tell me the meaning of Om.’ Lord Brahma said, ‘First learn the alphabets! You are directly asking for the meaning of Om.’  Kartikeya said, ‘No, I want to know the highest knowledge first – Om.’

Now Lord Brahma knew all about the alphabets, but he did not know the meaning of Om (the primordial sound). So Kartikeya said to Lord Brahma, ‘You do not know the meaning of Om, how will you teach me? I will not study under you.’ And Kartikeya went back to his father, Lord Shiva.

Lord Brahma told Lord Shiva, ‘You alone can handle your son. I can’t handle him. If I say this, he says that. Whatever I say, he says the exact opposite of that. I won’t be able to teach him. So you decide what is best and handle him.’  Hearing this, Lord Shiva asked Kartikeya, ‘What happened son? Lord Brahma is the Creator of the entire universe. You must learn from him.’

To this Kartikeya replied, ‘Then you tell me, what is the meaning of Om?’

Hearing this, Lord Shiva smiled and said, ‘Even I don’t know.’

Kartikeya then said, ‘Then I will tell you because I know the meaning of Om.’

‘Then tell me the meaning since you know it’, said Lord Shiva.

‘I can’t tell you like this. You have to give me the place of the Guru. Only if you put me on the pedestal of the Guru can I tell you’, said Kartikeya.

Guru means he has to be on a higher position or platform. The teacher has to sit on a higher place and the student has to sit down and listen to him.

How can Lord Shiva find a seat higher than Him, for He is the highest and greatest of Gods? So then Lord Shiva lifted the young Kartikeya on to His shoulders. And then in the ear of Lord Shiva, Lord Kartikeya explained the meaning of the Pranava Mantra(Om).
Kartikeya explained that the entire Creation is contained in Om.

The Trinity – Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are contained in Om.


Om means that everything is loveunbroken and unshakeable love is Om. This is the essence and also the secret of Om that Lord Kartikeya narrated to Lord Shiva.

Upon hearing this, Goddess Parvati (Mother of Lord Kartikeya, and an incarnation of the Mother Divine) was elated and overcome with joy.  She said, ‘You have become a Guru (Swami) to my Lord (Natha)!’  Saying this she addressed her son as Swaminatha, and ever since Lord Kartikeya also came to be known as Swaminatha.

So in this way, Lord Kartikeya assumed the position of the Guru and explained the meaning of Om to Lord Shiva by sitting on his shoulder. So the essence of the story is this –

The Guru Tattva is placed even higher than Lord Shiva Himself!

To explain this truth, this story was written in the Skanda Purana.


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Why did God create good-looking and bad-looking people? Is it a result of their past karma⁉️😇✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 7.10.57 pm.pngBeauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
You think somebody is bad-looking? Ask their mother or their grandmother.  They never think their children are bad.
And, what do you mean by good-looking and bad-looking? How long can it stay?  The most good-looking,  after sometime don’t look so nice.
 It is not in the outer appearance, it is the spirit, the inner soul. Look at the spirit inside, there is inner beauty. That beauty of the spirit is undying.
It increases day by day. It increases with age also. Wisdom and maturity bring so much beauty.
Beauty is not just some appearance. Similarly, ugliness is not out of appearance. Somebody may look very good with good makeup,
but if their heart is very ugly and the mind is all twisted and full of negativity,
however nice they may appear, their vibrations will tell you that they are not beautiful.
It is the mind that makes one beautiful.
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When gratitude in you stays, that very gratitude flows out of you as grace ✨😇🙏

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 1.09.46 am.pngA drop of water on a hot plate takes little time to disappear. It makes some noise and it evaporates.Gratitude in our life seems to disappear even faster. We seem to forget how much we have grown, how much we have received. The mind seeks more and more. And in every wanting of more and more, it forgets the past very easily.So gratitude arises in everybody, but disappears very soon. Today we cannot say that no one is grateful. Everyone is grateful, but for the moment and then it is finished.

Grace is that gratitude which can remain all the time.

It is like the snow in the Himalayas that stays throughout the year. It doesn’t just fall and disappear. Whatever falls on the highest peak stays.

When there is gratitude, complaints disappear.

 When complaints arise, gratitude disappears, gratefulness disappears. When there is a complaint in the mind, there is discontent, frustration, dejections, depression. All that follows. If you are not grateful, then you will start complaining. You will find fault. Even if there is none, you will try to see it. You will find it. Your mind will do it for you. You won’t even need to try hard. Your mind can easily pick it up. This is the lower journey. Gratitude is the plateau, the middle. And as you rise above that, there is grace.

When gratitude in you stays, that very gratitude flows out of you as grace.

Wherever you see divine grace flowing, there you will find gratitude.


Just relax and be confident at all times. But at the same time, also be wise and practical. You should not think, “Oh! I have abundance of Grace in my life”, and then put your hand in a burning fire. If you do so then naturally your hands will get burnt. Being confident (of Grace) does not in any way mean losing awareness and being impractical. Also, feeling secure and confident should not make you passive and lethargic in life that you end up doing nothing. You should not become irresponsible. Do your job sincerely and attend to all your duties and responsibilities wholeheartedly. Leave the rest to God with faith.



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Does the planet Saturn affect people’s lives⁉️ 😱😇

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 6.20.26 pmYes, Saturn affects people’s lives.

If you are undergoing a particular Saturn period, the period is going to affect you and your mind. However, does Saturn always affect us in a bad way? No! Don’t think that the Saturn period is always bad.

Saturn is a very spiritual planet.

If you are on the spiritual path, he (Saturn) can be good for you, he will elevate your life. If you have dispassion, he will help you more. If you are not on the spiritual path, he will create a problem so that you get on the spiritual path.

If you are caught up in the worldly life, he will trouble you so you get out of there and find the bigger wealth inside you.

If you are too attached to something, Saturn will try to remove that attachment and push you. This is what happens to most people: they lose their job, relationship, reputation, they lose everything. Then they start searching, trying to figure out where to go? And then they come to the spiritual path!
So, Saturn will either give you inner wealth or outer wealth. If you are stuck to the outer wealth, he will push towards inner wealth. If you have inner wealth, he will give you outer wealth. He will give you more things outside.

Saturn takes 30 years to take one circle around the Sun, so it stays for around 2.5 years in each constellation or zodiac sign. The period can extend up to 5 years or 7.5 years. This is why people feel so desperate; they have a problem with their relationship, money, job, all sorts of problems for 2.5 years to 7.5 years.

A Saturn period comes only twice in a lifetime, not more; maximum twice. It comes once in 30 years, so two times for 7 years. When it comes the second time, it is not that severe. One finds it very severe the first time, you feel so bad and the mind goes down, nothing feels right. This is when Jyotishi (astrology) comes to help.

If you know that you are going through a particular period, then you wait for time to pass. You turn spiritual, you do more meditation, and all the practices that uplift you, elevate you, pull you through that tough period.
Again, it need not be bad for everybody. If you are already well established in the path, then it can give you lot of success also. It is fascinating to know about all the different planets, their nature, their effect, and their impact.


The planetary positions give indications; again, you cannot say that it will happen 100%. They only give an indication because there is always a grace element that can change anything, anywhere, anytime. This is the reason for spirituality or sadhana being a step higher than this knowledge.
Astrology is knowledge, it is a necessary knowing. However, there is something more remedial. Sadhna(spiritual practices), Satsang, Devotion, are all remedial measures that help.


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Significance of Vaikuntha Ekadashi 😇🙏


Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 3.11.23 pm.pngYou should first understand what ‘Vaikunth‘ (in Indian mythology, referring to the abode of Lord Vishnu) means. Vaikunth is a place where there is no lack, or shortage; there is only abundance.
It is written in the Srimad Bhagawatam, that everyone in Vaikunth is Lord Narayana Himself (meaning that in such a divine abode, every soul is elevated to Divinity and appears as Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Consciousness that permeates all of Creation). You cannot distinguish who is the Lord (Narayan) and who is the devoted sevak (servant or devotee).
The word kuntha in Hindi means shortage. And a place where there is no lack, or shortage of anything, that is what Vaikuntha is. It is said that everyone in Vaikunth(Paradise) is in the form of Lord Narayana Himself.

Ekadashi (Sanskrit: एकादशी, ekādaśī, “Eleven”, “Eka” – one, “dashi” – ten) is the eleventh lunar day (Tithi) between the New Moon and Full Moon.

Today is Vaikunth Ekadashi, so you can fast and remain hungry, even though there is no scarcity. If there is shortage and you have to be hungry, then that is poverty. When there is no shortage of anything and everything is in abundance, and you are fasting, that is Vaikunth Ekadashi.

Did you know that the Moon affects the ocean? On Full Moon Day the waves are higher. Nearly 60% of our body is made up of water, and it has saline content, like the ocean. So the Moon has an influence on the body and anything that influences the body influences the mind as well.
And that is why our ancestors have said to fast on Ekadashi.  Because when the stomach is kept empty the toxins in the body get cleared.

Fasting has a purifying effect on the body. So if you fast three days before Full Moon then on Full Moon day you will not have any problems – this is the belief.


It is not necessary that you must fast on every Ekadashi but it is good if you fast for at least two to three days in a year.

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Dealing with Blame 😄👍😇

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 4.18.02 am.pngIf someone constantly keeps blaming you, then do not care about it.

It happens so often, when mothers constantly blaming their children, the children stop caring about what their mother is saying.

This is because they know she is going to continue the same behaviour every day, right?

The trouble happens when someone who never complains suddenly complains. When someone who is never rude suddenly becomes rude, that bothers you more, isn’t it so?

Either you are eternalizing the problem, or you lack the skill to deal with what is happening. These are the only two aspects to it.

So skilfully handle these situations and do not eternalize them.

Everybody has a right to be a little imperfect. You should accept others’ imperfections and your own imperfections as well.

When you do not accept peoples’ imperfections, you get angry. And when you do not accept your own imperfections you feel guilty and then you become angry at yourself. Both situations are not healthy and congenial for you.


So, you need to keep a little space in life for imperfections, and just move on. Do not get stuck in the past.


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I’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award! 😇😄❤️

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 5.38.24 pm.png

I’m delighted to be nominated for the ”Versatile Blogger Award’’ by Didi! My friend Didi is a brilliant writer and you can find his work HERE 

Meaning of Versatile Blogger Awards:

Bloggers nominate other bloggers who they believe deserve recognition for their high quality standard of writing, uniqueness of content, passion and love displayed throughout the site and to top it off, amazing photos!


Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link.
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Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.
Seven random facts about myself:

1. i am a certified scuba diver !! yes, i have seen sharks but they don’t do anything of course

2 By the age of 4, I was able to recite verses from the Bhagavad Gita without even being taught the text.

3 My birthday falls on a Friday

4 I am a good cook

5 Meryl streep is my fav actress


7 I call myself the ambassador of LSD – (Laugh, Sing and Dance) :’)))


My Nominees are:

Cristina Russo

Tayyab Zia

Dolly N.


Prof. Mitch





10 Joseph elon lillie


Congratulations, dear chosen bloggers! ✨🙏👌

The participation of this award-game and presentation is for fun but also honours you all for your personal work in wordpress. So there is no problem at all if you, for any reason, would not like to participate in the nomination of the “Versatile Blogger Award” – its a voluntary thing. So just feel free to participate or not 🙂

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Longing increases the love in you ❤️➕

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 4.32.48 pm.jpgMullah Nasrudin got married to some other woman whom he had not loved. And people asked him, “Mullah, what is this? I know that you were in love with somebody else. Why didn’t you marry the girl whom you loved?”

He said, “Then how will I spend my evenings? All my longing will be gone. Then she becomes a nag in my head. She keeps nagging me all the time, pain in the neck. I would never make that mistake.”

However beautiful a woman one has married, a partner, however beautiful they are, their eyes go elsewhere, what is not with them, because the longing has disappeared.

When longing disappears, love disappears.

When you’re husband, wife and you spend all twenty-four hours together, morning till night, you get tired of the person. It’s quite but natural. Love dies very soon, within six months, one year. Then, just out of courtesy, each one says, “Oh, I love you very much.”  There is no garden happening inside.

A fountain is not arising. But outside, just not to hurt the other person, says, “Oh, you are beautiful.

I love you very much, dear.” One doesn’t want to look into that. One doesn’t want to say it, because there is no longing. It has all disappeared.


In ancient Vedic times, there was a tradition. One month during the rainy season, the wives would be sent to their parent’s home.  

So in that one month, every husband would write letters. Poetry came out of the husbands and wives. That gap, that gap creates love. Longing creates love. Longing, that pain of separation, increases the love in you. That increases the prayerfulness in you.


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How to achieve perfection⁉️ A great secret revealed by Ashtavakra to Janaka✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.20.49 pm.pngTānyupekshya yathāprāptavartī siddhimavāpnuyāt.

Contentment, perfection and siddhī dawns in that person who is happy and contented with whatever has come;

who does not hanker for something more. It is so strange, and yet very true! Be contented with what you have and you will see perfection or siddhī dawning in you. If you hanker for siddhī, you will not attain it.

You may think you will be fulfilled and satisfied when you have siddhī. But it’s the other way around. When you are satisfied, you will get siddhī. You may think that achievements follow siddhī(perfection), i.e. when you get fulfilled then you will achieve. Or when you achieve something, then you will be fulfilled.

But Ashtāvakra says, ‘Be satisfied now’. Achievements will dawn in you. Siddhī(perfection) will dawn in you. He was revealing a big secret to Janaka.

Be satisfied and perfection will dawn. You will become a siddha. You cannot ever achieve siddhī by your hankering, your restlessness. Be happy with what you have. Your hankering is always for what you don’t have.

And there will always be something you will not have. So your hankering has a continuum and, thus, there is a postponement of your perfection. Ashtāvakra says that by dropping the hankering and being fulfilled and satisfied, perfection will come rushing to you!


Krishna said the same, that when you are fulfilled then all the desires and their fulfillment, and their achievements will flow towards you, just as all the rivers flow into the ocean. And this is our practical experience! Just look at your life.

Take one step back and look at your life. Has this not happened?


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How to deal with blame⁉️ 😇👍

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 6.16.24 pm.pngWhen someone blames you, what do you usually do? Blame them back or you put up resistance in yourself.

When someone blames you, they actually take away some negative karma from you. If you understand this and don’t put up resistance and feel happy about it, then you drop your resistance. “Oh, good. That person is blaming me. Good. Something is going away.” And when you drop the resistance, your karma goes away. Do you see what I’m saying? 

 So when someone blames you and you put up resistance in your mind, and you don’t react, then you are not allowing them to take the negative karma. Outside you may resist, but inside if you don’t resist, and feel happy, “Oh, good, somebody is there to blame me and take some negative karma,” you will feel immediately lighter.

 How does it feel to you when someone blames you? Do you feel some heaviness? Usually, when someone blames you, you feel hurt and you feel unhappy, you feel sad. This is all because you’re . . . resisting. That is it. What you resist, persists. The ignorant person tells someone, “Don’t blame me because it hurts me.”

 An enlightened person also says “Don’t blame me.” Do you know why? Because it might hurt you. This is a beautiful point. What are the points? You get hurt because you resist the blame. When someone blames you, you resist it inside

Outside you may not resist, but inside when you resist, then that hurts you.

 An ignorant person warns you, “You better not hurt me, you better not blame me because I will feel hurt.” Someone warns you not to blame them because it will hurt them and they’ll do something harmful to you out of revenge.


 An enlightened person says “Don’t blame me because it will hurt you.” So here you say, don’t blame because of compassion. You can tell someone, don’t blame me out of compassion, or you can say it out of anger.


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The secret to handle your mind😵😮😱

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 6.56.50 pm.pngIf you try to get rid of the mind, it becomes a monster. If you just let the mind be, it will vanish!
When you are not aware of the tricks and the mumbo-jumbo going on in the mind, then life is misery. This is because life is based on the mind.

When you recognize that all this is in my mind (judging people and situations, holding concepts about the self and others); you recognize that you are making a mess of everything in your mind.

This is how it should be’, or, ‘It should not be like this’, whenever such thoughts come, it means the mind is coming into play; this is all part of the world. This is where you need to latch onto that non-changing, abstract, invisible energy or power. When you latch onto it, you are no longer caught in the grip of the mind.

When we are in the grip of the mind, we make ourselves and others miserable.

Look back at your mind, not at others, and see what drama and pain has been caused by it. When you do that, it is no longer pain, it is entertainment. It is like a multi-channel television, a movie channel that has caused so much comedy, suspense, drama, and misery in your life.

This is the reason why all the great saints and poets always addressed their own mind, ‘Oh, my dear mind, how fascinating you are, why do you get caught up in so many things! Why do you not recognize that which is so magnanimous, and so beautiful?’ Rumi, Kabir, all the great saints, have sung about their own mind.

In The Bhagavad Gita also, it is said that the mind is responsible for your freedom and bondage.


The mind is a friend and an enemy. When the mind is your enemy, it ties you down to your past impressions and experiences, because it does not let you see things with a fresh new eye. This is because everything we perceive is through the mind; even knowledge is perceived through the mind. When the mind is your enemy, it makes you judgmental, brings misery, stiffness and unhappiness.

When the mind is your friend, it brings happiness, freedom, and liberation. So, the mind can be our greatest enemy or our best friend.


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What is heaven and what is enlightenment⁉️ ✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 5.16.51 pm.pngYou still have a lot of time left to know about heaven! There is no use in knowing about heaven now otherwise there will not be any excitement left when you actually get there!

But it is important to understand enlightenment now.

When you feel content you are enlightened. When everything feels like a dream you are enlightened. Just tell me, whatever has happened so far in your life, does it not seem more like a dream? You went to school, then college, got married, so many events took place in your life, all that is like a dream now. Isn’t it?

Now you are sitting here, does this not seem like a dream? After today, many days and many years are going to come and pass and eventually we are all going to die, then will it not seem like a dream?

If you look into the past or the future or if you decide to wake up to the present everything will still feel like a dream, you will realise you are separate from the events you see and experience. This is enlightenment/ liberation.


And when you feel free you feel happiness and where there is happiness that place in nothing short of heaven.

Doesn’t this place feel like heaven! We are not those who go to heaven but those who create heaven where we are! We bring heaven to us!


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Yoga is being established in your own nature 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 6.24.19 pm.pngPleasure always keeps you on your toes; it makes you run. First pleasure makes you run towards it and then it makes you run away from it. Yoga on the other hand makes you stay stable. It brings stability to your life.
A yogi is one who is strong and stable in his body, mind and emotions. This is very important. If your emotions keep going up and down it is because you are running towards something. And what is that something that you are running towards?

It is pleasure, and once you are there, it makes you run away from it.

You can see in your life, whatever you ran towards, at some point or other, it pushes you away from it because you cannot handle it anymore.

So all the people who at some point of time feel that ‘I want to run away’, you should know that it is because you are enjoying it. When you are enjoying something, you will definitely want to run away from it. So if you change that attitude of your mind from seeking pleasure to just being stable, then nothing becomes too much.


You should feel, ‘I am here to give comfort to others, not seek comfort’. This one attitude will arrest that tendency of ‘Oh, this is too much, I want to run away’. Only enjoyment of pleasure will make you feel, ‘It is too much’.

When you are stable, you always give what you can. The Sun never says, ‘I am shining too much and now I want to run away’. Gold never says, ‘I am glittering too much’, because it is stable in its nature. It has not gone out of its niche.


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Why did the farmer keep thinking about monkeys, when he was told not to do so⁉️

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.27.58 pmThere was a farmer who went to a saint and said, “Give me something so that my life becomes wonderful. Give me a mantra, a japa and then I will do something great.” The saint agreed and gave him a mantra to chant.

The farmer was very happy. He was about to leave when the saint said, “Just a minute, I forgot to tell you something. Whenever you want to chant the mantra or when you sit for meditation, take care not to think of a monkey. If you do, the mantra will become useless and impotent. It won’t be of any use to you.”

The farmer said, ‘Oh, this is so easy! I have never thought about monkeys in my life. There is no reason why I should think about them now. And I have just a wheat and paddy field. Monkeys don’t come there at all.’

So he went home and sat to meditate. The first thing that came to his mind was a monkey! He thought, ‘

Oh, perhaps it is daytime now. Maybe they are here somewhere and those vibrations are striking my mind. It is not me. Maybe the monkeys want me to remember them. But at night they’ll be asleep. Let me meditate then.’ So he got up at 10 o’clock that night, and started to meditate. The first thing that came to his mind was the monkey. He thought of monkeys not only during meditation, but at all other times too! While sitting, standing, eating, drinking, he even had nightmares of monkeys in his dreams!


Within three days he was so bothered by the monkeys, he ran back to the saint on the fourth day and asked him to take his mantra and monkey back! ‘I don’t want it! Relieve me of this monkey business! I have gone crazy! I can’t do anything!’

What you resist persists. It  is the nature of the mind!  There is one golden rule by which the mind can be lifted up, and that is wonder.

Wonder is where there is no concept, no mind.
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How To Deal With Politics At Work Place⁉️ 😇

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 4.59.15 pmYou should never shy from politics.  If you are on planet earth, living with people in cities, in villages, there are people and there is politics. Wherever there are people, there is politics.  From village to Vatican, you will see there is politics everywhere. 

So what! let it be!  The moment you say politics, that means you have a resistance to it.  Whatever the situation, the more you resist, the situation will persist.  But people are people and they may think even you are playing politics.  Your opinions change, your ideas change, your behaviors change, doesn’t it change?  Are you pleasant all the time with everybody? No. So, you are not pleasant with everybody, people may think you are playing the politics too.

So, first of all, stop labelling a situation as there is politics because that labelling that you put around a situation starts creating an aversion within you and you would want to run away.

So whenever we think people are playing politics, you consciously come up with a resistance from within and the resistance colors your perception, your vision and then you get entangled in more and more unpleasant situations. 

So I would suggest you just accept it.  There is a beautiful verse in Kannada by a saint. 

If you make a house on an ocean front, and you complain about waves, what can I tell you!  If you have made a house right in the middle of the city and you say, there is too much noise, what can I tell you! You are averse to wind and you have built the house at the top of a hill, what can I tell you! You are scared of animals and you have a home right in the middle of the forest, what can I tell you!  Similarly, being in the world, if you are complaining about criticism, What can i tell you!

What do you mean by politics? It is all about people’s likes and dislikes.  If they dislike you, they talk about that to other people.  Don’t you do this? You dislike somebody, don’t you talk about that to others? May not be as much as others, but somewhere you make your comment, your mouth does not keep shut.  You air your opinion about other people all the time, all around you. What are you doing? Is it not politics? Come on don’t shy away from politics.  Got it? 


That is how people are.  That is how things are.  You be an inspiration wherever you go, you be joyful and a source of enthusiasm, source of creativity, wherever you go.  You uplift the spirit in any place you are in, and you can do that.  And be unmindful of anyone’s comment.  You know the comments are like bubbles on the surface of water.  People make a comment today and tomorrow they make a completely opposite comment.  Isn’t it? Today they criticize you, tomorrow they praise you.  These are normal things in society, in life. If you are so shy about these and keep running away from situations, I tell you those situations will chase you wherever you go.  You will have to face it. I would tell you, face it with a big smile.  Got it?


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How To Get Rid Of Hatred ❌😡

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.37.52 pm.pngPut yourself in the shoes of the person you hate. A youth came to me once and said, “I hate my uncle, I cannot stand him”.
I said, “Okay, you can continue to hate him, but before that, just for half an hour, behave and act like your uncle”. So for half an hour he acted like his uncle and suddenly he came and said, “You know, I feel different now”. So, put yourself in the shoe of the person whom you hate.

Secondly, why do you hate the person? Is it for what they are doing? If they are doing horrible things, either they are ignorant or they are stressed. By hating them, can you change them? People make mistakes and you hate them? Why do you hate them, because they make some mistakes? By hating a person who makes mistakes, can you correct them? No, you cannot correct them when you hate them. Do you want them to be corrected? Yes. So what is the way? Not hating them but by educating them. This is necessary.

People like ISIS, they hate everybody and people hate them. By hating we cannot change them and they cannot change us. They also do not know this. Their idea is to change everybody. We hate them because they are doing such heinous crimes. But by hating will they change? No. Not hating them but educating them.

The young children need to be educated before they get into this kind of mind set. That’s why, harmony in diversity should be part of the education. We need to educate the mind because all crime begins here in the upper chamber.

To educate someone you need to have compassion.

See, in your life, you come across many people who think differently, and you want them to change, and by you wanting them to change they do not change. When you say what they are doing is hurting you, so please do not hurt me, they do not change so easily. But when you tell them what they are doing hurts them, and so they should change, that will be much more effective. So love can transform the world, compassion can change the world and this is our experience.


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What should you do if people around you keep reminding you of your past mistakes⁉️😱

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.05.13 pm.png Smile and move forward. If they are not able to forget the mistakes of the past, then that is their problem.

You should forget the mistakes of the past, just drop it and move ahead. You are not the same person as you were in the past when you committed those mistakes, you have changed.

When you came to the spiritual path, when you gained this wonderful knowledge, then your entire life has changed. So have complete and unshakeable faith in this fact.

In the ancient times, when people used to approach a Guru, then they would even change their birth names. Why was this done? It was to signify that you have taken a new birth altogether when you have come to the Guru. You have become a new person when you gained access to this knowledge.

The mistakes you committed in the past out of ignorance do not exist anymore in light of the knowledge you have now received.


Ignorant people around you may sometimes do such things, but you should have compassion for them instead of feeling hurt or angry.

Think that, “Oh, they are still stuck and do not know that I am a totally different person now. I have changed”. This faith you must develop in yourself. There is no need to fall into self-pity.


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How To Be Happy Always 😄✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 7.28.34 pmThe key to happiness in life is to not stay stuck in ‘I…Me…Mine’ (meaning one’s own personal desires or material gains). Dedicate your life to some larger goal, or to the service of others around you. Then you will find that only happiness flows through your life.
The second thing you need to remember at all times is this, ‘There is someone (the Divine) who loves me very dearly, and is taking care of me at all times. He cannot be without me and He is all capable of removing any lack that I have’.
Knowing this too brings such joy in one’s life.

See, when it comes to doing things in life, you cannot possibly go on doing something or the other all your life. Also, you cannot do something which is beyond your capabilities. So all your actions are limited by your capabilities and by time.

What you are doing now, is something you will not be able to do so well, after 20 years from now. So we are dependent on both time and our capabilities.

But when we remember this – that there is a Supreme power which belongs to us so totally, which is capable of fulfilling all our needs and wishes, and which is with us at all times – then this strong faith alone can keep us happy at all times.
It does not matter what you call this Supreme power, whether you call it the Guru Shakti, or the Paramatma (supreme soul or Consciousness), or God. When you have this faith in you, then you can be happy at all times; regardless of your capabilities. Then you will not feel weak and insecure in your old age also because you know that there is someone who is all-powerful who is taking care of you and protecting you at all times.
So just having this faith alone can make us so happy.


The strength we get from such a faith makes us glow with happiness, and our face lights up with a smile that never fades. This is why Spirituality is very essential in life.

It is spirituality that brings happiness, enthusiasm, intuition, self-realization and fulfillment.


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The meaning of the Rudrabhishekam is to convey that everything is Shiva ✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 6.32.25 pm.pngThe meaning of the Rudrabhishekam is to convey that everything is Shiva, and is contained within the Shiva Tattva. There is nothing beyond the Shiva Tattva.

It is said: that which moves, and that which is steady and immobile – is the Shiva Tattva. That which is awake and that which is dormant or asleep – is also the Shiva Tattva. That which is greatest, supremely intelligent, and that which is the smallest – is the Shiva Tattva. In the Rudram chanting there is a verse which says, “Namo jyeshthaaya cha kanishthaya cha. Namo dhundhubhyaya cha hananyaya cha”. It means Salutations to that (Shiva Tattva) which is the greatest and the smallest; That which nurtures andThat which destroys and dissolves everything – is also the Shiva Tattva. Shiva Tattva is both the unmanifest, and the manifest in all forms of Creation.

The Rudram mentions “Vanchate parivanchate sthayunaam-pataye namo namaha.”. It means, “O Lord Shiva, you are the presiding Lord and Master of everything, even those who cheat and deceive others”. Another verse mentions “Namo vrikshebhyo Harikeshebhyo pashunaam pataye namo Namaha”. It means “O Lord Shiva! You are the Supreme Divinity and Lord of all plants, vegetation, and all living creatures”.
The Shiva Tattva is manifest as and present in all plants, trees, birds, animals and living creatures, even in thieves and cheats. So it means that the Shiva Tattva is the Divinity that is eternal and omnipresent in everyone and everything in Creation. This is why in the Rudram we pray, “O Lord Shiva, you alone are present everywhere and in everything. Hence shower your benevolence upon me and bless me with everything favourable”.

Towards the conclusion of the Rudram chanting we pray, “O Lord Shiva! Bless that everyone becomes my friend and is friendly to me; May everything become favorable and pleasing for me. O Lord Shiva! You as Aghora have a pleasant benevolent form; and are also Ghora – having a terrifying fearful form. I pray to You to please conceal your fearful forms, and bless me with your pleasing benevolent form”.


In the Chamakam part of the Rudram we chant, “Shancha-me, Mayascha-me, Priyancha-me, Anukamascha-me, Kamascha-me…”.
‘Shancha-me’ means ‘Bless me with peace and love’.
‘Priyancha-me’ means ‘May all favorable things happen for me, so please fulfill all my wishes’.
In the beginning we honor and worship Lord Shiva by acknowledging, “O Lord! You are everything and present everywhere. Our salutations to you; again and again”.
Then we lovingly ask the Divine for favors and blessings, by fulfilling our wishes and what we desire for. We pray that the Divine bestows Grace on us. Then we only ask for positive and favorable things from the Divine. We do not ask or pray for punishment, or any calamity, loss, or destruction. We pray to receive peace, and love in life. We also pray that we receive everything that is favorable and good in our life. We ask for both Bhukti (fulfillment of material desires) and Mukti (liberation). We also chant

“Maanastoketanaye ma-na ayushhi ma-no goshhu ma-no ashveshu ririshhah. Viranma-no rudra bhamitoavadhi ‘rhavishhmanto namasa vidhema te” (Section 10 of Namakam in Rudram Chanting).
It means, “O Lord! Please bless everyone around me with happiness and health. May our animals be healthy and safe. Please save them all from your Ghora Rupa(your terrifying form). Bless us all with peace and happiness”.


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Time management & Work-Life balance⏰

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 7.06.39 pm.pngDon’t let the time manage you. First of all, you must see to it that you go with the feeling that you have time. When you put this thought in your mind that you don’t have time, then that itself becomes a block.
Everybody has only 24 hours, whether it is the Prime Minister or a clerk working in the bank.
You have to hold on to this aphorism ‘I can do it’ because the pressure of time is more when you do not feel confident of accomplishing your work.
Even when it appears to be impossible, even then you should have confidence; probably give miracles a chance. This very confidence in yourself that ‘I will be able to manage’ will take you through. And once something sets into your routine, then you have no problem.

Everyone takes out time to brush their teeth. This is dental hygiene, isn’t it? However busy you are, you don’t say, “I have to rush to the office” and jump out of your bed, wear your shoes and run. No! You take the time to brush your teeth, that’s dental hygiene. Similarly, I would say, take a few minutes of mental hygiene (meditation). When it fits into your routine, you’ll not find it as something you have to do extra. For 10-20 minutes, relax and do some yoga exercise, and then you go with the fresh mind.


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How to manage stress? 😱😵

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 4.40.07 pm.pngFirst of all, do you know what stress is? Stress is too much to do and too little time or energy. When we have too much to do with not enough time and energy, the we get stressed. So either you reduce your workload, which doesn’t seem to be a possibility these days, or you increase your time – this is not possible either. So what we are left with is to increase your energy levels.

Now how do we increase our energy levels?
1. The right amount of food – not too much and not too little. A balanced diet with enough carbohydrates and proteins.

2. The right amount of sleep. 6 – 8 hours of sleep, not more not less.

3. Learning some deep breathing exercises – this increases your energy.

4. Few moments of a meditative mind. Few minutes of deep relaxation – conscious deep relaxation is what I would call meditation. A few minutes of meditation can relieve all types of stress. If you meditate in the morning and evening for 15 – 20 minutes, it is good enough. It will keep you going.

Usually, I recommend meals and meditation in the afternoon. In work places when people sit together and meditate for a few minutes and share a meal together, they find it so refreshing and are able to carry on through the day with the same energy which they came to the office with.


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How do I know if I am in a right relationship or the person is right for me❓ 💑 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 4.31.30 pm.pngYou are right for your partner when you can adjust. Relationship means adjustment, it is giving.

You give what you can to your partner and wait for them to give back to you. If you are demanding from the others, the relationship is not going to last long.

Demand destroys love.

 Love is always about giving. Know that you have come here (on the planet) to only give love and not demand love from anybody.

Demand and blame destroy relationships.

Just imagine yourself in their situation. How would you feel if someone doubts your love for them, and you have to make an extra effort to make them believe that you love them? Is it not a burden?

Learn to praise your partner and uplift a situation instead of blaming and finding fault. Uplifting your partner should be your commitment . Then you are the right person for anybody, and everybody will love you when you don’t hurt them intentionally. 

Be open to correction and changes, and have the patience to listen to criticism.

You have to be patient to take in criticism.

See your partner beyond his or her words and actions.

When someone comes home after a long tiring day at work, it is normal for them to feel exhausted and frustrated. So you should understand their situation and give them the space/freedom to express their genuine feelings of frustrations, anger etc.  When someone is in labor pain, and if you say, ‘Don’t deliver, keep it, keep it, keep the baby inside.’ What can they do? How long can they keep it inside? Somewhere they have to explode. You should allow them to express and let go of all their stresses that they have carried all the day.


 Understand why your partner is upset or unhappy then your relationship will work.

If you are understanding, you will allow them to tell you everything that happened and you can uplift them! But if you expect them not to tell anything and be nice to you 24/7 and find fault with them all the time, then relationships do not work!


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Are we slaves of our mind⁉️ 😱😵😮

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 4.33.00 pm.pngThree things affect our mind

  1. Time
  2. The Company we keep
  3. The Food we eat

 Our body changes with time. Time also has an impact on the mind.  The state of mind and the feeling also change multiple times throughout a day!

Thought patterns also get affected by time. Winter, summer, spring, all affect the mind differently. Ancient people did an in-depth study about it — how the moon affects the mind, how the moon is moving around in different constellations; how different degrees of the moon has a definite impact on the mind. That’s why they use the words ‘Tara-bal’ and ‘Chandra-bal’. The moon is in one constellation for two and a half days, then it moves to the another constellation. So in two and half days there are changes in the mood of the mind.

Then the question comes – “Are we slaves of our mind?”
I say, “No”, because there is something beyond the mind and that is the intellect. When the intellect is strong it overcomes the impact on the mind. When the intellect is weak, then the emotions overtake the mind. Now what if the intellect also gets affected? Then there is something beyond the intellect and that is the Self; that is Shiva Tattva.
Shiva is the master of the time and that is why he is called ‘Maha-kaala’. So when you take refuge in the Shiva Tattva or higher Self, then the impact of time is minimized, both on the mind and on the body.

So time impacts the mind and time has definite measurements. Similarly the company we keep also affects us. What we hear impacts our mind. The people with whom we are affect us. If we are in good company then it has good impact on us. If we are in bad company then negative feelings like anger, jealousy, etc., affects us.
Then the third thing that affects the mind is food. Food is secondary, food is not that important. If the first two are okay, then it can man over the menace of food.


Those who know time are called Devagya. They know about time. All this is as per the divine will of time. Rule of time is divine and those who know time are called Devagya.

What is above God is Brahma-gnan (knowledge of the self). A Brahma-gnani is much above a Devagya. A Brahma-Gnani is being centered in the Self. What I am is what you are, and what everything else is too. This firm experience and faith brings Brahma-Gnan and then nothing can shake you. Even if it appears that it is shaking, actually it is not, it is making you strong. Brahma-gnan is bigger than all other gnan (knowledge). 


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True love will not bring sadness, sorrow, misery or problems ❤️❌😢 ❤️=😃

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 5.16.21 pm.pngDrop these impressions of the past experiences with different people. They may have been wonderful. They may have seemed to be your soulmate for so many lifetimes! You may never have felt like that with anybody else before. When you talk of soulmates, you talk in terms of lifetimes; not just today! The mind goes on empty talk. It’s the vāsanā (your impressions) that propel you. There is no weight behind them. Even when you tell somebody you love them, make sure that you are not saying it out of your vāsanā , your own impressions, your own cravings for some joy. You say that you love somebody. But do you really love the person? Is it coming from your space of love, or out of your craving? You will wonder. You will see that it’s all because of the vāsanā , the impressions in you.

True love will not bring sadness, sorrow, misery or problems.

But with vāsanā(impressions) a tail is always attached i.e. pain, problems, misery, and discomfort. When you drop the vāsanā from your mind, you become free right away.

You do not have to wait many lifetimes, but right now, at this very moment you can drop them and become free. When you feel you are stuck with relationship problems, observe Nature. Wonder about the stones and the trees! When you drive, see how vast this land is!  So many people have come and gone. The same consciousness has taken form in so many bodies, and they have all died. This world is a burial ground. Everybody has died here. They have come and gone. And you are going to go. You are going to go alone. At that moment, your mind will relax and open up. All the misery will drop. Just observe Nature. Nothing is permanent here.


Somebody is very beautiful (some boy or girl) and they have been very good and loving to you. So what! They will not be here in another fifty or two hundred years. Where will they be? They are going to be ashes in fifty years or hundred years! Get free from the vāsanā . The Being is immortal; the consciousness is immortal; the Gurū is immortal; the rishi, the māhārishi is immortal. And, you are also immortal and eternal. Expand your world, and your shrunken vāsanā will drop away. The world is so big. Have more experiences. Be open to new experiences.


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What made the disciple angry and the master happy❓ 😡🙏😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 5.52.53 pmOnce upon a time, there lived a Master and disciple and they were doing a lot of social work helping the poor and caring for the needy. On rainy days when they could not travel, they would go to their small hut and rest. One day, after finishing their work, they returned home. When they arrived, they found that a big storm had damaged it and only a little portion was left, where they could hardly sit.

When the disciple saw this, he became very angry with God.

He prayed and asked God if He could not have saved one small hut for them. That they had not asked Him for anything! They just had that one hut for shelter and He did not even save that! He further said that they had told everybody that God was very compassionate but now he would have to take back all his words since he did not feel that He was compassionate at all! And he had stopped believing in what he had been preaching. He asked his guru how he had said that God was all-merciful. Where was the mercy? He was making them suffer. He had said that they were the children of God. Was He really taking care of them?

The Master’s reaction was the exact opposite.

He was so happy. He started dancing and singing more bhajans. He said that God was so beautiful! He had saved a little portion of the hut for them. The storm had been so severe that the whole hut could have been destroyed. At least God had preserved a corner for them. At least, both of them could sit there. God was so kind and wonderful. He was ever so grateful to Him. So the Master felt even more grateful and started dancing.


Gratefulness is that deep quality in our very nature that has to be enlivened by us. 

Stop thinking about enlightenment. Just start being grateful.

Find every little opportunity to be grateful and then you will see that you will abide in your Self. This is enlightenment. And all the other things – Knowledge, etc. would follow. You will find yourself present all over. But the first step is ‘being grateful’. We can’t take everything for granted. If you start taking things for granted, gratefulness will die in us. To be grateful is our very nature.


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Story of two gate keepers who did not allow few devotees to see GOD ❌👀✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.50.02 pmThere is a beautiful story in the Puranas. It’s a mythological story. In the abode of God, there were two gatekeepers. And the gatekeepers did not allow entry to some devotees who wanted to barge in. The gatekeepers stopped them.

So when the devotees were stopped, they got angry. They got angry at the gatekeepers, cursed them and said, “You go and be born in the world!”  And when God came to know about it, he pleaded with those devotees. He said, “Please forgive my doorkeepers.”

This is very beautiful that God is pleading with the devotees for the gatekeepers.

Because devotion is so much higher. It’s very precious. Even God loves devotees. He runs behind the devotees, it is said. Because of the devotion the devotees had for God, because the very presence of God made them complete, all their anger vanished.

God called the two gatekeepers and asked them, “What would you like? Do you want a hundred lifetimes as a friend or three lifetimes as an enemy?” And they choose three lifetimes as an enemy, as long as they could be liberated. Then God told them, “Okay, you will be born, you will have intense anger towards Me. And in that intense anger, you will think about Me all the time. Soon I will be with you. You will be liberated. Because when you have such intense anger towards me, I will occupy your mind constantly. And so you will be liberated.”

 It’s very beautiful. This principle is, when you’re angry at somebody, that person is occupying most of your consciousness very strongly.


See, when you get a blister from your shoe, you don’t get angry at the shoe, do you? The shoe doesn’t occupy your mind, though it has caused a blister on your foot. But if somebody else did something to you, that somebody occupies your mind all the time. So whoever you are angry with, they occupy a major part of your life. So it is better to direct that anger towards God. Because in reality, God is responsible for all the different emotions in different people.And God is the charm behind every life. If somebody is very charming, if they look very charming, what is behind that? It’s the Divine that makes them charming. So, if you see the Divine behind them, if you see a charming person, a boy or a girl who stirs your mind, then you say, “Behind this is the Divine.”

In this way, constantly the Divine rolls in your mind— through the lust, through anger, through arrogance. If you feel proud, be proud of the Divine. Be proud of one thing— that you are very dear to God and you belong to the Divine. Thus, you can integrate whatever is happening inside you into one whole, without feeling bad about yourself or bad about anybody else.


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Does dying in the city of Kashi(Varanasi) guarantee liberation⁉️ 😱

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.43.29 pmKashi is also called as Varanasi, and it gets its name by being the meeting point of two rivers: Varuna and Asi.
Kashi is actually not outside but within us. The Ajna chakra (the sixth metaphysical centre of energy in the human body) is the meeting point of the Ida, the Pingala and the Sushumna Naadis (energy channels in the human body).

One whose prana finally flows in the Sushumna Naadi is one who gets liberated

(freed from the duality of the material world to unite with the divine).
You should not understand this to mean that everyone necessarily has to go to Kashi only to die and attain liberation.
Where is Kashi actually? It is the region in the middle of the eyebrows on the forehead, the region of the Ajna Chakra – which is the meeting point of Varuna(represented by the Ida Naadi) and Asi (represented by the Pingala Naadi). So if one’s prana is steadily established in this region at the time of death, then one attains liberation. This is what is truly conveyed by these sayings.

There is another meaning attached to the city of Kashi.

Kashi means one that is overflowing with knowledge. In the ancient days, it was a great seat of knowledge and learning. In those days, there were scholars in every street of this great city who would go about debating and explaining the meanings of the scriptures. People would discuss knowledge and scriptures.


The city of Kashi in those days was renowned for overflowing with knowledge and intellectual discourses in every nook and corner.

It was said that the city was so enriched with knowledge that even a Parrot and a Mynah(bird) would discuss knowledge. So one who sits in the company of such wise and enlightened ones surely attains liberation just by listening to the knowledge.

Kashi has been held in great importance through the ages because it was always the centre of knowledge and intelligent people. Scholars from all over the country would come to Kashi to search and discuss knowledge in the ancient days, such was its glory. But today you will hardly find 15-20 such people who have this genuine depth and interest in knowledge. Such is the unfortunate state of the city today. I feel sad to see this.
When I was a young, I remember that there were so many reputed scholars there. Today there are very few genuine ones to be found.


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How Did the Twelve Jyotirlingas (Sacred Divine Shrines of Lord Shiva) Come into Existence❓ ✨💎

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.34.24 pmEvery Jyotirlingam has a different story behind how it came to be. There is a Sthala Purana (local folklore or legends) attached to each. For example, Lord Rama went to Rameshwaram and established the Jyotirlingam there by worshipping Lord Shiva.

The aim was to unite all the people of India by one single thread of devotion.

Different people in India speak different languages. In Kashi (now Varanasi) there is a different language, in Rameshwaram there is a different language. In ancient times, people were told to visit Rameshwaram, and then from there they were told to go on a pilgrimage to Kashi and bathe in the holy Ganges. After that they were told to bring back with them the holy water of the Ganges from Kashi to Rameshwaram and offer it to the Jyotirlingam there. And after that, they were told to take the offering back to the Kashi Vishwanath temple.
The intention behind doing this in the olden times was to bring a sense of national unity (by visiting these holy shrines situated in different parts of the country). Taking holy water of the Ganges from Kashi to Rameshwaram has no meaning or importance to Lord Shiva. Yes, but there is a certain significance in it for the country.

When people undertake pilgrimages together to different parts to the country, they establish bonds of friendship with one another.
And whenever we do anything with a sense of sacredness and purity, our entire consciousness starts blossoming. That is why all the twelve Jyotirlingas were never kept in one place or one state. Some were in the north, some in the south, some in the west – they were distributed all over.


And in those days, all those places were very difficult places to travel to. It used to be so difficult to reach there. One had to go through dense forests, dangerous valleys, city ruins; or on the top of high snow capped mountains, etc., to reach the shrines. For example, Kedarnath shrine is situated deep in the Himalayan range.

In this way, by establishing Lord Shiva through His sacred shrines in different parts of the country, the holy sages and saints of those days built a unified nation.

Wherever a holy saint sits, that place itself becomes a holy place of pilgrimage.

So many saints have visited these holy places, meditated there and have done Tapasya(penances), and that is how the sanctity and glory of these places has grown over time.


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Mysterious ways of Karma 😱😮✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.11.17 pm.pngWhat do we get upset with? We don’t get upset with the birds, or the clouds, or with Nature. We don’t get upset with the environment. So, what do we get upset with?
We get upset with the people around us. Our enemies upset us and our friends upset us as well. Our mind gets stuck either in our friends or in our enemies. We either think about our friends or we think about our enemies the entire day.

People become our enemies even when we have not done any wrong to them. Many people have had this experience. We didn’t do any wrong to them; neither did we misbehave and still they became our enemies. This is very surprising!
We think, ‘Oh! Why has he become my enemy? Until yesterday he was my friend.’ In the same way, we do not do any special favours for some people, yet they become our close friends.
That is why I tell you, this is some astonishing and mysterious Karma – how some people become our enemies and some our friends.

So what should we do?
We should place both our friends and enemies in one basket, and just become empty from within and be joyful.
All these happenings (people becoming friends and enemies) are run by some law and we don’t know how and where it comes from. We just can’t say when someone’s feelings towards us will change and whether it will be in our favour or not in our favour. We just can’t say. That is why we should place absolute faith on our Self, on God, and not on friendship and enmity.
We should not waste our time thinking about friends and enemies.
What do you all think?


This does not mean you distance yourself from your friends, or that you stop making new friends. That is not what I am saying. Friendliness should be in our nature; love should be in our very nature. We are love after all!
When someone comes and sits beside us, we do smile at them and exchange a few words. This does not mean you think, ‘Anyways, who is a friend or who is an enemy, there is nothing to share with anyone’, and you walk around with a gloomy face being angry with everyone – this is not a sign of wisdom. This is ignorance and foolishness.
We must interact with everyone around us but at the same time be centred from within. Do you understand?
When we are centred, then we will not feel sad, angry or possessive. Then we will not have disappointment of any kind. Otherwise many times what happens, we become sad – ‘Oh! Look, I made him such a good friend and today he does not even talk to me. I did so many favours for him and he has turned against me!’
By thinking all these thoughts we waste the time we have in the present. We should not do this, Okay!
It is futile to search for a true friend in the world. Befriend the Truth (Divine) and the World is yours.


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What upholds or sustains your life?😇✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 7.46.18 pmDhruti means that which upholds or sustains life. For many people, the mind goes hay wire. They cannot even sustain or tolerate a small insult. A little bit of imperfection they cannot tolerate.

Sattvic dhruti is that which sustains the mind, life energy, and activities of the senses.

That which helps you to be steadfast in your yoga. Not like one day you do yoga and next you go for bhoga (sensory pleasure). Not like that. That which upholds your senses, your life is sattvic dhruti.

Rajasic dhruti is of the type when I get results then I will deliver.

This sort of mindset where your enthusiasm is related to some little reward is rajasic dhruti. It could be related to Dharma or it may not be related. Any work that is taken with the intention of getting results, such as fasting to achieve some results. What is God going to get if you fast?

Tamasic dhruti is one who sleeps a lot.

That is most important for them. Nothing else. Very fearful. You look at their face, they are always down, depressed. If you cannot get married, you are upset. You get married, you are upset. Always regretful. That should not have happened. I should have had like that. After 40 years of marriage, they think they should have married someone else. And arrogance. And one is unable to get of this negativity in the mind. Some people try to get out of it, but they are not able to get out of it. Lazy people, who can sleep anywhere, any time.


One who is lazy, gets scared easily. Then behind fear, comes negative thoughts such as who will cremate me when I die, who will take care of me when I grow old. Some one will complete the cremation rights. Man is mad. If you do not want to leave the madness, then be mad for that which has made all these things not for the things made by Him. Then after this comes vishaad: they think about what happened many years ago and get upset. People will reach Mumbai from Bangalore, and then they will continue to say we should have booked another ticket. Vishaad has become a habit. A person who is enthusiastic and happy, they will not go into vishaad.

How do you get out of Tamasic dhruti? 

Do seva, sadhana, satsang. Tamas gets converted to Rajasic and then to Sattva.


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A simple technique to deal with your emotions and moods 😇😡😰😢😱

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 6.45.57 pm 1See this whole world as bubbles rising in water. See people as bubbles on the surface of the Brahman(Infinite Consciousness).You know how water bubbles up? Like that, everybody is rising, playing their own games and dissolving back into the Infinite. It is the same in your own life. Your mind is a bubble on the surface of the Brahman, Infinity.

See how many changes happen in your mind during the course of the day. How many changes are happening in you? Just sit, and think about one person for a whole day. You will see all types of emotion come and go. Anger, frustration, dejection, doubt, etc.  You like them and dislike them and you feel all this is nothing, and would like to run away. All these bubbles rise and fall in your mind. Your mind is such a wave of bubble in the Self.

Look at your moods! They are bubbles on the surface of your mind. It’s no secret that a mood remains not more than two-and-a-quarter days, pleasant or unpleasant. Many times when people meet their very dear ones, whom they love very much, they are in a joyous mood. And then they find themselves changing within the two and a quarter days! Their mind is changing. They don’t understand what is happening! The mind is also like that. It doesn’t stay firm.  The joke here is, you cannot hold onto pleasant moments; they come and go. But unpleasant things come, and you cling on to them. This is an age old habit of hanging on to unpleasant memories more than pleasant memories.


With skill, you can see all is Love, all is Divinity. When you see someone getting angry or frustrated, you can either see the love behind their anger and frustration, or only see their outer projection. Why does someone get angry? Because they loved something, and it didn’t happen. Why does someone get frustrated? Because they loved something very much and they did not get it. Why does someone do service? There is love behind that service. Why does someone sing? Because they experience a wonderful feeling of love. There is love behind every action and every emotion, positive or negative. That’s why I say love is not an emotion. I say it is your existence. It is something from which your life is made up of. So you can never lose it, but you need some skill to know it, experience it, and make it blossom in life.


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Once God decided to go to a temple – A story about devotion ✨🙏

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 4.51.40 pmThere is a very nice story. Once God decided to go to a temple, which He rarely does. So He gave a dream to the priest. He said, “I’m coming into the temple tomorrow.” So the priest, for a change, started cleaning the temple. If it’s a Hindu temple, it is a little messier than other temples. They throw water everywhere, prashad everywhere, here, there, and flowers will be lying down here and there and some dried flowers will be found. So he said, “Okay.” He kept cleaning. And he told all the people, “Today God is going to come to the temple.” Even the people who come to the temple did not believe. Say, “Oh, what has happened to the priest?” They felt sorry for him. “He may need a psychiatrist. Today he’s saying something very weird, like ‘God is going to come to the temple.’” They also had no faith. Some people had compassion for him. Some people phoned a psychiatrist but somehow the priest made all the arrangements. He brought flowers. He arranged the temple. And then he waited, waited, waited, waited. After evening, five o’clock, six o’clock, seven o’clock…. There was another co-priest. He said, “Oh, you are crazy.” He started discouraging him. “What? What do you think? Has something gone wrong with you?” The first few moments people have some hope and then as time went by, everyone, even those one or two other crazy people who could accept his idea, also started discouraging him. And since everybody was so discouraging, he thought, “Maybe.” He started doubting himself. “Maybe I had a hallucination or an illusion. It’s not true.” So he waited up till eleven o’clock. Somehow tried hard to keep awake, drank some Indian tea. So he kept awake up ’til twelve o’clock, then he fell asleep. And then in the middle of the night, he heard somebody knock on the door. God is also afraid to come in the daytime. Somebody may arrest Him and punish Him, court-martial Him. “Why did You do this thing to me? Why did You do this thing to me?” A number of questions. So He preferred to come in the middle of the night. He heard a knock on the door. And then the priest wanted to get up and say,“See, I hear a knock. Maybe God has come.” The co-priest who was with him there, sleeping in the same room, he just scolded him and made him go to bed again. Sleepy he said, “Just drop these funny ideas and go to sleep. If not, I’m going to call the mental hospital now. This is too much.” So hearing this, the man slept. And in the morning when he opens the door of the temple, he finds the footprint and finds the wheel of the chariot. He was so sorry. God had really come and had really knocked and here he had missed.


He felt so sorry, so miserable. This is a nice story. That is what happens. God is calling you every moment. He’s singing through you. He’s waking you up through those sounds of the birds, through that little, little animal, creature, its voice, see how beautiful, “Coo, coo,” something it says. It fills the whole atmosphere. If you listen to it, your heart starts glowing. Something happens in you. You start becoming more alive. Love flows in your life. In the morning, have you heard the birds singing? He is singing in the voice of birds to you. He’s waking you up every morning. But we miss Him. We have missed in this crowd, in our mind, in our concepts, in our ideas. We want God to fit into our costumes. Say, “You should come with such-and-such a costume.” Fit into our concepts, our ideas, what God should be doing. We are not ready to accept what is. In the very presence of a devotee…. See, God is omnipresent, but a devotee is rare. Whether you want or not, God is all over. God is in the stone. God is in the flowers. God is in the garbage can. God is all over. But a devotee is not all over. So God runs behind His devotees. To God, devotees are very dear, so dear. The ancestors rejoice when a person blossoms fully on this planet in Divine love. All the people who are dead and gone, their souls, their Beings, they are filled with joy and grace and happiness. They enjoy. Every drop of gratitude in you brings great joy to your ancestors. Do you think about all those people who have gone? Your grandparents and great-grandparents and great-great-great-grandparents. The whole family tree of yours rejoices when you experience, when you live this love, when you are a devotee. All of them are liberated. It says the seven generations in the past and the seven generations in the future get liberated, if you get liberated, if you become free.


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Significance of the story where Lord Shiva relieves Indra of his sins ✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.56.24 pmThere is a temple on the southern end of India, it is called Thanumalayan Temple, and it is in a town called Suchindram. That is where Indra (leader of the mind) became pure. Now, the concept of Indra is very astonishing. Indra has 1000 eyes, that means, 500 people together create a collective consciousness (something like a mob). That is the minimum, then it can go on in multiples of 500, but 500 is the minimum to create a collective consciousness. If you see the mob psychology, all the crime on the planet is due to it. Individual people are not creating a crime, it is the mob that is creating havoc on planet Earth. One person can be changed, but to change a mob is difficult.

Our senses are called Indriya, our mind is called Indra, and the collective mind is called Indra. So when the collective mind does a lot of sin, and the sin has to be relieved from the collective mind, then a wise person was needed.
The mythological story goes that — Indra had committed many sins and then he met with a Guru at Suchindram. Shiva came in the form of Dakshinamurthy and relieved Indra of all his sins, and so Indra became pure. This is the story, and the message of the story is so apt — if a wise person’s instructions are followed, it purifies the mob, then the mob can be stopped from engaging in violent or unruly activity.
So in the temple they have a 5000 year old tree, and it was under this tree that Indra was purified. This is not a phenomena that has happened once, it is happening all the time. In a purer atmosphere, with wise people around, people’s minds change and become more and more humane in their behavior. This is a symbolic story, but most people don’t know its significance.


If you see the TV serials, Indra is always doing wrong things and you wonder how he can be doing such things. Indra means collective consciousness and collective consciousness always indulges in sin and to cleanse the sin, a wise person is needed. That is why it is said, “Guru ke bina gati nahi”,

without a Guru, there is no liberation
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Does Meditation help you realize God❓ 😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.01.26 pmAs we meditate, the knot or the energy centre in the navel region opens up. When the heart centre blossoms and opens up, we feel joy. We experience different sensations and emotions only when the different energy centers of the body open up. But it is not correct to say that only then does the soul unite with God. You are never outside God. There is nothing beyond the Divine. Even if you wish to, you cannot ever be outside or separate from God. That from which you are born, That in which you exist and sustain yourself, and That in which you ultimately dissolve back into is God. This is what is told in the Srimad Bhagvatam also:

Janmaadhyasya yatonvaya-aditaratascha-artha eshvabhigna-svaraat.
Tene Brahma-hridayaa aadikavaye muhyanti yatsurayaha |
Tejovarimrudam yata vinimayo yatra trisargomrusha.
Dhamna Sva-ena sada nirastakuhakam Satyam Param Dhimahi ||
(Srimad Bhagvatam, 1.1.1)

The verse means: God is omnipresent. You know, we often say, “I AM”. God is not separate from the individual soul; God resides within us.

The soul is not separate from the Divine. Knowing this eternal truth, simply relax and just be.

See, there are some things that you should seek and know about, and there are some things that you should simply take for granted as the truth, and relax. You cannot possibly understand everything, and you cannot simply assume or take everything for granted. Your mind and intellect is limited; it cannot comprehend the infinite Divinity. You cannot know the Divine; you simply have to take it for granted that the Divine is present in you, all around you and at all times.

If someone tells you. “My dear, this is poison”, then you do not say “No, first I will drink it and check for myself”. You would not survive to tell what happens afterwards. So, in some cases you simply need to believe and take it for granted. If you are told that a certain galaxy is so many light years away from our galaxy, or if the Earth is revolving around the Sun – then you will have to agree and accept that fact for certain. People have proved many facts scientifically. Now  if you argue and say, “No, I will check it for myself and only then agree”, then that is foolishness. But if someone says, “Oh! This is very sweet”, then you need not necessarily agree to it. You can taste it if you like to check for yourself. So you should try to know some things, and you should simply take some things to be true, without a doubt.


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What’s the difference between the mind and the soul? ☁︎😮✨


Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.26.44 pmMind is just a projection of soul. Soul is your whole consciousness, the life force in you. The part of it which is listening to me right now, which is asking the question, which is perceiving – we call it the mind. So if your mind is elsewhere, though I’m speaking and the words are falling into your ear drums, still you don’t get it because the mind is elsewhere. So it’s through the mind that we see, smell, taste, hear, and experience the sense of touch. That is what the mind is.

The mind has another function which we call intellect. As I’m speaking, something in you is saying, “Yes, I agree”, or, “No, I don’t agree with this”. There is something in you which is accepting and rejecting, judging and accommodating — that is the intellect.

There are seven layers to our existence: Body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the soul. See, we keep breathing but many of us don’t even know that we are breathing unless we have an asthma attack or some problem. We don’t realize how important it is for us to breathe deeply.


Body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the soul or self. The self is that total consciousness. There is something in you that doesn’t change, which is the reference point for all changes. Your thoughts are changing, your emotions are changing, your body has undergone so much change. If you look at a 25 years old picture of you, you can’t say it’s the same body. It’s much different than what you are now, but still you are the same person. So there’s something in you that is not changing in spite of all the changes. That non-changing aspect in you, or the reference by which you recognize the changes so to say ‘this is changing’, there should be something that doesn’t change, and that is what is the soul.

When we go deep into this, it’s amazing, amazing, and amazing! An arena opens in front of you. And the way to go deeper into this is meditation.


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What is Prana or Life force energy❓⚡️✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 5.03.11 pmThere is a lot to know about prana. The breath is connected to neuro-physiology. When the left nostril is dominating, the right side of the brain is active. When the right nostril is functioning, the left side of the brain (logic, thinking and understanding) is active. When the breath predominantly goes in and out through the right nostril and very little through the left nostril, is when knowledge permeates. When the breath predominately goes in and out through the left nostril, you listen and enjoy without understanding the knowledge, like it is music. When the breath flows equally through both nostrils, meditation and prayer happen. Or nothing happens.

If you are in the presence of someone who is very spiritual, then both nostrils will flow equally.


If you come to meet a guru, or pass by a temple, a church, a place of worship or spiritual activity, you will find both nostrils are equally functioning.

Prana, or life force, moves through the nostrils where there are three nadis. The sun nadi is the right nostril. The moon nadi is the left nostril. The fire nadi is in-between both. This is known as the Sushumna nadi. We are living in an ocean of prana. Prana and Truth, or consciousness, is the prana of prana. 

The five types of prana in the body are Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana.

Prana is the energy in the upper part of the body, in the region above the heart. If prana is too high or is imbalanced you cannot sleep.

Apana Vayu is the energy in the lower part of the body. If Apana is too high, then you feel lethargic, sleepy, and dull.

Samana Vayu is in the stomach region, it aids digestion.

Udana Vayu is in the upper chest and throat region, it is responsible for emotions. If Udana Vayu is imbalanced, you have no emotions, you become like a stone or you become so mushy-mushy and weak.

Vyana is all over the body, it is responsible for movements in the joints, the circulation in the body. If Vyana Prana is disturbed, then the circulatory system is disturbed, your joints are not flexible, there are aches and pains.

Panch Prana, the five different types of prana are present in everybody, and different pranas dominates at different times. The imbalances in the pranas are corrected during Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya.


To understand prana takes a long time.There are 172,000 nadis or prana channels which function in our body.

The breath changes with every action, and certain prana functions at certain times.The Vedas teach us that the metabolism of your body is twice when you are breathing through the right nostril than it is when breathing through the left. Following this, when the left nostril is functioning, it is a good time to drink; when the right is functioning, then it is a good time to eat. If you do the reverse, then within six months time you may fall sick. Ayurveda also says that you should not eat and drink at the same time, and when you do eat you should leave a gap of half an hour to an hour before drinking. The nadis, the breath, changes every hour. Similarly, prana changes, the energy in the world changes, all the time.


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Did you know that every finger in your hand is connected to a planet? ✋☀️🌙☀︎

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.53.44 pmEvery finger in your hand is connected to a planet. The thumb is connected to Mars. Mars stays alone.
Index finger is connected to Jupiter (Jupiter shows the path, it is the teacher). When you want to show something, you show using the index finger, this is Jupiter. The middle finger is connected to Saturn; Saturn is the servant. The ring finger is connected to the Sun; the Sun is the king. And who owns the jewels? The king, and so you put rings only on the ring finger. That’s why it’s called the ring finger. The little finger is connected to Mercury. So when you do chin mudra, what is happening? The index finger (Jupiter) and the thumb (Mars) are coming together, that is wisdom and power.

Why is the thumb connected to Mars? It is because whenever you win, what do you do? You put your thumbs up. Thumbs up is a sign of victory. When you lose what do you do? You put your thumbs down. So these gestures are so inbuilt in us.

Different planets affect different parts of your body. Your teeth is connected to Saturn. Your eyes are connected to the Sun, your cheeks are connected to Venus, forehead to Mercury, nose to Jupiter. I mean this as the connection of microcosm with the macrocosm. It is so fascinating!

Similarly, moods depend on the moon. A mood does not stay for more than two and a quarter day. That is the amount of time the moon is at one place. The moment the moon moves from that place; your mood also changes. And when the moon and Saturn combine, people get depressed. So these emotions, these feelings, they come and they go away. Nothing is permanent. No planet is permanently stationary in one place. They all move. But when you identify yourself with any one of these emotions, you get stuck. That’s when you don’t move. That is when it infiltrates into your body and you get sick, and all such things happen. Isn’t it fascinating? So what is the way? How to move on from that?


On a cloudy day, when a flight takes off, what does it do? It goes above the clouds, and then there is sunshine. That is what the spiritual practices are. They move us away from the Chit Akasha(the space of the mind) to the Chida Akasha(space of pure consciousness). We move beyond all the emotions.

9 planets moving through the 12 constellations brings 108 units of change. So to enhance the good effects and to reduce the malefic effects, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is chanted 108 times. That uplifts you, uplifts your spirit, and takes you beyond. It connects you to the Chida Akash(space of pure consciousness).


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The 6 Secrets of Effective Communication✋✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 5.06.08 pmWe start communicating from the instant we take our first breath. Our first cry is a communication to our mother, and to the world, that we have arrived. And till our last breath, we are in constant communication.

Yet, good communication is much more than mere words. It is an art and effective communication has dimensions that are larger than what is spoken. The ability to communicate affectionately with one and all is a skill worth possessing.

Be Sensitive and Sensible

Communication is a dialogue, not a monologue.

We must respect the viewpoints of the person or persons we are communicating with. Communication is the art of being sensitive and sensible at the same time. Some people are too sensitive, thereby losing their sensibleness. Their speech lacks clarity and is inarticulate. And there are people who make perfect sense, but they are insensitive. They say the correct things, but they are not aware of the emotional response of the audience. We need that beautiful combination of sensitivity and sensibleness.

Your state of mind matters!

You cannot improve someone by getting angry at them. You only ruin your peace of mind.

When you are angry, nobody wants to hear it even though you are saying the correct thing.


Your communication does not have the impact it ought to have had. Your mental state is heard by your listeners before the words. A calm state of mind, and a smile, will conquer the most difficult of people.

Humor  coupled with care and concern

A good sense of humor relieves you from fear and anxiety.
Humor is not just about words- reading and repeating jokes. It is the lightness of your being that brings out the authentic humor. And this lightness comes up with taking life itself not too seriously, having a sense of belongingness with everybody (including those who are not friendly), practicing yoga and meditation, having unshakable faith in the Divine, being in the company of those who live in knowledge and are humorous.

Heart to Heart Communication

Almost all relationships break down due to too much talking and explaining about oneself. “I am this way. Don’t mistake me. Don’t misunderstand me.” If you keep silent when required, everything will work out much better. Don’t explain things of the past, brood over them, or ask for explanations. When the heart speaks and the heart listens, harmony is produced.

Real Communication is beyond Words

All of us have experienced at one time or the other, an amazing phenomenon. Whether in one-to-one communication, or in addressing a huge audience, something intangible moves people more than the words. We try to rationalize by attributing this to charm, charisma, presence, body language, etc. 

Real communication is beyond words.

If you are firmly established in the zone of silence, if your mind is calm, you will find yourself suddenly being able to influence individuals, groups, and masses.


Be a good listener 

The single most important skill in the art of good communication is the skill of listening.


Listening not just to words, but also to feelings and expressions. Observe infants. They listen to expressions and gestures. Even without understanding words, they communicate with you. Somewhere in the journey of life, we have lost this ability. Let’s make an attempt to regain it.

This world is varied, beyond our imagination. We need to establish communication on three levels – communication with oneself, communication with society, and communication with nature. There is always something to share, learn, and teach.


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What lesson did this Gentleman learn from the Snake⁉️ 👳🐍

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 4.14.04 pmIt was a dark night. A gentleman was going into a forest with a small torch. From a distance he saw a snake on the path. He stood there waiting for the snake to move. His torch cells (batteries) were running out. There was a very feeble light. If it was totally dark he would have passed. But it wasn’t – there was a feeble light, so he could see the snake. He was frightened. He stood there sweating and shivering. And the snake seemed to be very adamant. It never moved. It seems to say that it will move if he moved. That, it will make sure he did not move. It was very frustrating for him. He waited and waited, for three to four hours. By that time another person came along with a more powerful torch. He checked and discovered that it was not a snake but just a rope! There was a big sigh of relief! He wondered at his foolishness that he had wasted so much time, shivering and getting angry at and fearing the snake, and it was just a rope.

Something, which appears to be a big burden, problem or hurdle, which would seem to take away life, later seems a joke. The gentleman laughed and laughed the rest of the way. Then, the day broke and the entire forest was filled with flowers, fruits and celebration. Birds were singing, peacocks were dancing and the streams were flowing. That place, which was so frightening in the dark night, now became a place of celebration. This very universe and the very events in the world which appear to us to be a big botheration, turn around and become a playing field, a game. When you can see this whole flow of events as temporary, as non-existent, then even when someone scolds you, you smile. When somebody is scolding you, notice the buttons being pushed – that is “something is happening”. ‘Oh, what is happening here inside? I am getting angry. I’m feeling frustrated. Oh good.’ Every event, every happening becomes a play, a game, a celebration. Walk blissfully, breathe blissfully, sit blissfully, being aware of all these events.


When you can see the entire event as fleeting impositions or happenings, and you remain untouched by them, then you are happy. Joy springs out of you, like a fountain. That is your very nature. Clinging on to the past, to your likes and dislikes, you have bolted the fountain of joy.


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7 Ways to Achieve Inner Peace and Prosperity 😇✨💵

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.14.20 pmWe wish each other happiness, prosperity and peace, but only a few seem to know how to be peaceful — like only a few know how to make money. Here are some steps that might help one to find the most needed inner peace.


1. Take Time for Yourself

Often, we become so engrossed in our day-to-day activities, we simply end up gathering more and more information, and do not take time out to think and reflect. Then we feel dull and tired.

A few quiet moments everyday are the source of creativity. Silence heals and rejuvenates and gives you depth and stability. Sometime during the day, sit for a few minutes; get into the cave of your heart, eyes closed, and keep the world away.

Taking some time for yourself improves the quality of your life.


2. Know the Impermanence of Life

See the impermanence in this life.

Millions of years have passed and millions more will come. Nothing is permanent. In this broad, universal context, what is your life? It is not even a drop in the ocean.

Just open your eyes, and ask, “Who am I? Why am I on this planet? What is my lifetime?”

An awareness dawns, and you will stop worrying about little things. All smallness will simply drop and you will be able to live every moment of your life.

When you review your life in a broader context, the quality of your life improves.


3. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Make a commitment to make this world a better place to live. Do some acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. Service alone can bring contentment in life. It creates a sense of connectedness. When you bring some relief to someone through selfless service, good vibrations come to you. When you show kindness, your true nature, which is love and peace, come to the surface.


4. Make Your Smile Cheaper

Every day, every morning, look at the mirror and give a good smile to yourself. Don’t let your smile be snatched away by anybody! Usually, you give your anger freely and smile rarely, as though a smile is costly. Make your smile cheaper and anger expensive!



5. Make Meditation a Part of Life

When we have higher goals in life it leads to stress and restlessness, which can be released through a few minutes of meditation and introspection. Meditation gives you deep rest. The deeper you are able to rest, the more dynamic you will be in activity.

What is meditation?

Mind without agitation is meditation.
• Mind in the present moment is meditation.
• Mind that has no hesitation, no anticipation is meditation.
• Mind that comes back home to the source, which is peace and joy, is meditation.


6. Be a Student Always

Know that you are a student forever. Do not underestimate anybody. Knowledge may come to you from any corner. Each occasion teaches you and each person teaches you. The world is your teacher. When you are always looking to learn, you will stop underestimating others. Humility will dawn in your life.


7. Feel Grateful

Our love, faith and belief should be deep-rooted, and then everything else moves on its own. The feeling that “I am blessed” can help you overcome any failure. Once you realize that you are blessed, then all the complaints and grumbling disappear, all the insecurities disappear and you become grateful, contented and peaceful.


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How To Improve Your Creative Thinking⁉️😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 5.21.27 pmIt is very important for us to probe into the source of thought. Often we are called great thinkers, but what is a thought? Where does it originate? Is there any way that we can improve the thought process? What is the source of creativity?

Thought is nothing but an impulse of energy and intelligence.

That impulse of energy and intelligence, for it to arise and a correct thought to come, you need 16 impulses to meet at a point in the cerebral cortex at a certain speed. In that short interval of time, all the 16 impulses in the cerebral cortex, when they meet, is what we call a correct thought. What do we do about it? We need to train our brain, our mind.

There is always dialogue going on in your own mind.

We all have a filter in our mind through which we listen and we accept only what we already know. Something which doesn’t already fall within our belief system, we straightaway filter out. This tendency in the mind to take things which it already knows and reject that which it doesn’t know, is one of the main blocks of creativity.

The second aspect for creativity is imagination.

Many inventions happened through certain imagination and linking that imagination to the present state of ground reality. If you are thinking only of the ground reality, then no creativity will come. And also if you base yourself purely on imagination, then there is no creativity. A balance is needed. So, when such blocks come into us, there is a way to eliminate them. How?

By studying our own seven layers of our existence. What are they?


The body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and Self. Are you all breathing now? Many times we are not even aware that we are breathing. We don’t care to look into something that keeps our body alive. Our breath has great secrets to offer.

A little bit of knowledge of these seven layers of existence makes a big difference in our lives. We become so alive and childlike.

If you are cheerful, you will be creative.


Innovation and creativity spring from within us and spirituality — study of our Self, is the technology to tap that source. 


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How to get rid of Suffering? ❌😢😩

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.17.07 pm

There are 2 reasons behind your suffering:
1. Ignorance – we are miserable due to our own ignorance
2. Old karmas – we are experiencing something now to pay off some old karmas.

These are the only two reasons.

It is okay to have some challenges in life. You should have that confidence within you that, you can overcome the challenge. Earlier also challenges have come in your life and you have overcome them; you have gone beyond them. Learn from that.
Look back at your own life and see how many challenges you have had and how you have sailed through them and come out of them. This will give you confidence.

The other option is to realize that you have to pay some debt so you are undergoing what you are undergoing.

Further, don’t compare yourself with others. You think other people who don’t do anything in spirituality are rising up? What do you know about them? They may have a lot of money but may not have good sleep. You don’t know their suffering. People by hook or by crook make wealth, they reach to the top, and then they fall from there. Hasn’t it happened? So many people who have climbed to the top using wrong methods, haven’t they fallen?
What should you do by looking at all that? You should always go with a determination of righteousness.


What is that you want? You should have a clear understanding of this. The brain is like a computer; the consciousness works like a computer. First make sure of what you want.
If you confused and you don’t know what you want, then pray, ‘Agne naya supathā rāye asmāna viśvāni deva vayunāni vidvān‘.
This prayer is in Ishavasya Upanishad, which means: May the Divine lead me and give me the best. And have the faith that only the best will happen to you.


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There is no success or failure in Love ❌❤️

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.23.41 pmLove is not a business. Love is not a career. love is not even an act. So there is no success or failure in love. Love is your nature my dear!
Whether you express it or not, it is there. If you realize that love is your very nature, you will not think of it as success or failure.

Some people may understand you and some may not. When someone loves you, you cannot say that they will be in love with you forever. People who have lived together for 20 years, and had said at one point of time that they were made for each other, suddenly find that they were never compatible, and that they never got along.
Suddenly people feel suffocated and want to go their own ways.

Love is not an act, love is not even a situation, it is our very nature. If you are in love with somebody don’t think that it will be forever, unless and until there is knowledge or wisdom in it.

Love with wisdom is eternal bliss. Love with selfishness or love for individual pleasure, sooner or later will bring misery and heart break. If your love is there to help others, nobody can destroy it, but if your love is to get something from the other, sooner or later, it will be broken into pieces.

Find out what you think love is. Is love only a name for getting pleasure from others? If yes, then it is going to bring you pain.


But if your love is there only to care and you cannot be without it, then that is your true nature. That is what is true love.

You should always feel that you are not worthy of the love that you receive. Think that the love you receive is much more than what you deserve. If you come from this space of humility, then you will behave with magnanimity and dignity in all your dealings. You won’t chew on the past, you will live in the present moment, you will honor the other’s opinions, you will understand the other’s predicaments; that magnanimity will come from within.

If you keep this in mind, that I don’t deserve this love, you will not demand love. And when you don’t demand love in your life, it keeps on increasing.


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The practice of Ayurveda can truly enhance the quality of your life! 🙏✨😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 3.05.45 pmAyurveda is the study of life. Ayur is life and Ved means to know.

According to Ayurveda, life or existence is not a rigid compartment, but a harmonious flow. Even the five elements (earth, water, air, ether and fire) of which the whole universe is made of, are not tight compartments of defined objects. They flow into one another. Each of the elements contains the other four.

The subtlest element in us is space, which the mind is made up of, and the grossest is the earth element, which our bones, marrow, the skin and the structure are made of. This is further divided into three Doshas — Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is a way to understand our physiology, its characteristics and its reflections on the mind.

When an illness arises, it comes first in the thought form, the subtlest aspect, then the sound form, and then the light form, which is in the aura. It is only then that the illness manifests in the body. Simple symptoms arise in the fluid form, which can be eradicated, and then it manifests in the grossest form, where it needs medication. But with the practice of Ayurveda, the illness can be nipped in the bud.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda includes exercise, breathing and meditation.

Breath is synonymous to life. Our life is our breath. Our breath is our life. It is very interesting to observe the relationship between breath and the different Doshas in the body, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three Doshas affect certain parts of the body more than the other parts.

For example, Vata Dosha is predominant in the lower part of the body — stomach, intestine, etc. Diseases like gastric problems and joint aches can be due to the Vata imbalance. Kapha dosha is predominant in the middle part of the body. Cough is mainly a result of Kapha imbalance. And Pitta affects the upper part of the body — the head. Short temper is a sign of Pitta.


How do we bring good health to our system?

The first remedy is calming the mind, coming from the subtlest aspect of creation, the ether. If your mind is bottled with too many impressions and thoughts, and it is draining you of your resistance power, then that is where the body is preparing for some illness. If the mind is clear, calm, meditative, and pleasant, the resistance in the body will increase and it will not allow an illness to come into it. The skillful use of breath and meditation can calm the mind.

Then comes the air element. Breathing, aromatherapy, etc., come in this category. Next is the light element, wherein color therapy is used to heal. Before an illness manifests in the body, you can see it in the aura of a person. And by energizing our system with the prana or life energy one can clear the aura and prevent the illness.

Next is the water element. Fasting or purifying the system with water can bring a lot of balance in the system.

The final recourse would be medicines, medicinal herbs and surgery. All these come in when other things fail and the illness becomes inevitable.

The practice of Ayurveda can truly enhance the quality of your life.
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How to be free from the storm of emotions❓ 😫😡😰😭😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.36.17 pmLife is found to be caught up in storms so very often. And you are not yourself when you are in a storm. You don’t know what to do. At those moments all your spiritual practices, concepts, ideas and ideals fall apart. Your devotion, your love and all the beautiful things you cherish in your life, simply don’t seem to be there or mean anything. You are under the influence of a big storm. A whirlwind rises in you and throws you off balance.

What do you do? Nothing is helpful. You sit, close your eyes and try to meditate. But the mind is all over the place. You feel as though you are in a burning furnace, and you don’t know how to put the fire out. And the more effort you make to cool it down, and put it out, the more the fire burns, the more the restlessness and agitation increase. You are yourself only between the storms. How many storms rise in your life, and how frequently do they rise? The less frequent they are, the more you are yourself. At those moments you are happy; you are settled. You are calm. Just think of those moments of intense restlessness, agitation and feverishness. The breath becomes heavier. The body becomes unbearable. You are not at all aware of the mind. But that is not what you are. You get a glimpse of the clearness of yourself between two storms. But life seems to be like the ocean – wave after wave lashing you one after another.

This is the only problem. This is the only basic problem in the universe. There is no other problem. You can attach it to one thousand causes or reasons, but the problem is how to free your life from this storm which has gripped it.

The first thing to do is to become aware of this. At that moment, the storm will subside. First, stop regretting things. For no reason, there is turmoil in the mind. When your mind cools down and you experience that inner cool, soft and delicate aspect of yourself, there is a big relief.

No one storm can be there all the time. It is impossible. It comes and subsides.

Your mind is like a wind – a whirlwind, subsiding and cooling down. That is your true nature. That is love. You have been resisting restlessness all this time. Now If you see it is there. Okay, so let it be there. It is a part of nature.’ The storm is also part of nature. Stop resisting the storm. Take it, gulp it in its totality; go deep into it and you will see it is nothing. It is just created out of yourself, your mind and your consciousness. In that aspect of you, you are your Self.

Know that there is a power, some power; someone who is really caring for you.



Not just someone there is only One in the whole universe. That One in the universe is caring and taking care of you. You can relax, rest and be peaceful.

There cannot be an ocean without waves. Every event touches life somewhere on its surface. It creates movement. Take all that comes with both your hands. Don’t say that it is impossible or not possible for you. This thought of something being not possible means that you are resisting. This is making the storms stay for long periods. Stand there with your arms open. Say, ‘Whatever storms come, let them, I’m here.’ You grow out of them. You become bigger.

Tell yourself  

“Come what may, there is nothing that can destroy me. It may be excruciatingly painful, but it doesn’t matter. It still cannot destroy or kill me. I am here. I am much, much bigger than all these emotions, commotions or waves. They all rise inside me, in me, and in no way can they destroy me. I will let them be.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.40.02 pmSo when a storm arises, just be with it. Do not try to get rid of the storm. Be with it; go into it. And, of course, you have your meditation and spiritual practices to help purify your whole system. It’s such a blessing.



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If You Realize This Simple Truth, You Will Remain Unshaken! 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 3.58.50 pmThe divine consciousness is present everywhere, expressing itself in various different forms. It is just like the light that projects at the cinema, where one light passes through different films, and different imprinted characters are being projected onto the screen from it. Without the light, there is no film. There is no hero, no heroine, no villain, nothing! They are all just figures projected on a film  with a single light. The same light is the hero and heroine, and many different characters on the screen.The same light can be a mouse and a lion. Behind all these characters is only one beam of white light. The brave one is one who can see that if this person is that way, and that person is that way, it is all just play and display of one consciousness.

Recognise, that the one consciousness which appears to be perfect somewhere is really not perfect, and that which appears imperfect somewhere is not really imperfect. It is all made up of one being, one field of energy. One who focuses on this and understands this deep within, crosses over this world of death to immortality. Nothing whatsoever can shake him or her. The ephemeral happenings do not touch the one who is connected with the universal energy.

So, from you projecting your mind onto everybody, you see everybody as the projection of that one consciousness. This is the journey of life, from ignorance to enlightenment. In ignorance you project your emotions on others, you are angry at everyone, you say and you think everyone is angry at you. You have an ego, you think everyone else have an ego too. You are negative, you think others are negative.You do not respect people, and you think that others do not respect you. You do not love others, and you think others do not love you. You are projecting your mind on to others, and this is ignorance.


See the whole universe as the projection of consciousness. It is not an individual who is doing this or that. It is all a play and display of a universal phenomenon, everyone is like a rag doll. Knowing this, is enlightenment. This is something to be done right here.

When you die, you will carry all your memory, cravings, aversions and hatred with you. This is a great loss to you, as the mind is meant to experience infinity. Instead of ingraining infinity in the finite mind, you drag the mind through the mud. You criticize and complain, and this is not worth carrying. Let others form their own ideas, let them seem imperfect. But you should not carry that and spoil yourself.


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How to handle negative emotions⁉️ 😰😵

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 5.32.29 pmThere are two kinds of mind. One is an open mind. Another is a closed mind. A closed mind is that which says, “This is how it is. I know it. That is it.” It gets hardened. An open mind says, “Oh, maybe, perhaps. I do not know.” Limited knowledge, and the conformity about it, makes a mind very hard.

Whenever you seem to understand a situation and you label it, “I know this is how it is,” that is the beginning of your problem. And always all problems arise from knowing but not from not knowing. If you do not know, your mind is open, you say “Oh, maybe, something, perhaps, don’t know.” You wait. You cannot label something when you do not know.

Whenever you think an injustice has been made to you, or whenever you think you are suffering, whenever you think you are a victim, whenever you think something bad has happened to you— all this falls under the category of “I know it. This is how things are.”

Whenever we attach a label “not good,” it comes from a thorough knowledge.

Suffering is a product of limited knowledge. A question is a sign of limited knowledge. But when there is an amazement— patience, joy, waiting, you are in a state of “I don’t know,” maybe, something, oh what is it?, I don’t know, something you cannot pinpoint— the whole life is a shift from the limited “I know” to all possibilities, to “maybe.”

When your mind is open for all possibilities, an event happens, and there could be many possibilities for that event to be that way, not just in the gross— some other reasons in the subtle also.


Suppose you walked into your room and you find that someone has made a big mess in your room. It has irritated you. You are grinding your teeth. Now you attach that reason, that cause for your anger, to just that person who is there. But there is something more happening, something more  happening in the subtle. There has been some angry time and vibrations at that moment there. At that moment something else is in the air. But you could only see that person creating a mess around you. And you attribute all anger to that person. This is what limited knowledge does. Haven’t you experienced this sometime?

As we attach the events to individuals, the emotions to individuals, the cycle continues. You will never be free from that. So there is a step. First, detach that to the space or time. An event and emotion, detach it from the person and the event, to the space and time. This science is called astrology. Astrology is the knowledge of the oneness of the universe.


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Things to Practice Daily! ✨🙏❤️😇


Upgrade your willpower like you upgrade all your digital gadgets. Are you waiting to give up your puffs and alcohol? Hit the gym with greater regularity? Just commit yourself to it.  

2. No procrastination. Do you love postponing your to-do-lists just to achieve perfection? Are you waiting for that right hour on the right day, to either begin your task or make your submissions or learn that new instrument? If your answer to the above questions is “YES”, put a full-stop to this habit right NOW.

3. Kick off any sense of lethargy – be it for social commitments or for your growth. Practice this and see your confidence oozing.

4. Do not let toxins remain unattended in your body. Help your body flush them out. Consume more liters of H2O, do a little fasting and give your body a break. It’s the most sophisticated machine you’ve got.

5. Give up your overindulgence on social media. Reduce your time being online. Instead, start do kinetic – make something with your hands. You will find it more relaxing and therapeutic.

6. Take pride in yourself. Stop saying no time to dress-up in the morning. Show up every day with elan. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mum, freelancer or a pursuing a full job. You will find a huge difference in your energy and attitude.

7. In your packed day, try and make time for meditation every day. This “me-time” with yourself is one thing you ought to do. The benefits of a regular mindfulness routine are too many to count. Don’t miss out.  

8. Reduce your late nights. Make your bed and retire for the day before the next day begins. Be kind to your body.

9. It is not a great idea to invest your energies on meaningless, supremely long conversations. Follow the “KISS” principle – keep it short and sweet. Give up gossip or wait before you express everything that comes to your mind. You will find this habit surprisingly freeing!

10. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Whether it is a workout at the gym, some suryanamaskars, a fast-paced walk, jog…anything you like. Move every inch of your body.

11. Give up the elevator and use the stairs. Only if you are carrying heavy luggage, excuse yourself to use the lift. Else be it at the metro station or your office lobby or your apartment or your favorite fine dining restaurant, go climb up.

12. Watch your words, and how you use them. Our words have the potential to cement bonds and break people down. Be aware – they add to your vibrations and affect your energies.

13. JUNK is another four-letter so is FOOD. Put them together and remind yourself to reduce your intake of junk food to once a week. You will do yourself some good. Go for mouthwatering alternatives prepared in the right manner with the right ingredients.

14. Be prudent in your expenses. Enjoy whatever you have been given by God’s grace. Yet, be mindful of your expenses, and remember: a penny saved is a penny earned.

15. How about giving up being messy, untidy and choosing to be organized? You may feel it doesn’t matter if the floor is not mopped every day or if your workstation is not dusted daily. It does. Live in clean surroundings. You will attract positive energies. You will feel light and your mind will be de-cluttered.

16. Let go of painful memories, associated with events, people or even yourself. Even if it means giving away some things of sentimental value to you but don’t serve a purpose in your present life.

17. Travel a bit or a lot. Depending on whatever suits your schedule, pocket and energy levels. Experience a different aspect of the world you’re living in and increase the circumference of understanding.

18. Save whatever you can. Whether it is electricity, water, food, paper. Everything saved can be pumped up into use for others who need it. Become the most environmentally conscious person you know.  

19. Is your mind judgemental or filled with preconceived notions and concepts? If so, give them up all. Give life a chance to happen. It may just surprise you!

All the best on your 2019 journey. Ensure that the first of January does not fly by without implementing what you want to give up.

All of this is easy when you are focussed and have strong willpower. Often stress and demands can shake even the best of intentions. Don’t wait for that to happen. Commit yourself to a regular, self-building practice which will amplify your efforts. Sign up for the Happiness program and discover more.   


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9 Ayurvedic herbs spices to heal your body, mind and soul! 🙏❤️😇✨


In the ancient science of Ayurveda, herbs and spices are viewed as the spiritual essence – the Kundalini – of plants. Plants and herbs carry in their cells the wisdom of cosmic intelligence and the healing vibrations of nature.

Since ancient times, humans and plants have had a very spiritual connection – plants capture solar energy and convert it into nutrients that humans can digest.

Health benefits of Ayurvedic herbs and spices

According to Ayurvedic herbology, herbs and spices have a multitude of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. They can be used internally or externally (through the skin) or even used as aromatherapy. The health benefits of consuming Ayurvedic herbs and spices are:

  1. Aid weight loss
  2. Help fight cancer
  3. Detoxify the body and purify the blood
  4. Improve digestion and other bodily functions
  5. Help retain glowing and youthful looking skin
  6. Improve overall vitality
  7. Boost mental health

Here are ten herbs and spices you must incorporate in your daily routine for a healthy lifestyle. These herbs can be used with other Ayurvedic approaches which may also include modifying one’s diet, lifestyle choices and activity levels.

1. Ajwain – DIGESTION

Ajwain is a strong digestive and nerve stimulant. It functions as a weight loss herb by drawing out deep-seated toxins from the body. Ajwain also heals painful joints – it is an excellent herb to address vata issues.

Ajwain can be taken as a tea to assist with weight loss: simply boil 1 tsp of ajwain seeds in 16 ounces of water and consume instead of your green tea.

2. Ashwagandha – VITALITY

One of the best anti-aging herbs, Ashwagandha enhances vitality. This herb is crucial for people suffering from too much stress or who are overworked.

Take 1/2 teaspoon cooked in milk (sweeten with 1 tsp of raw honey).

Note that Ayurvedic herbs are able to go deeper into the tissues and cells when taken with healthy fat (such as ghee, butter or raw whole milk).

3. Brahmi – BRAIN TONIC

Brahmi is the best herb for the brain and nervous system. Brahmi also balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain and decalcifies the pineal gland. It is tridoshic (good for all three doshas), but is especially beneficial for balancing high pitta conditions. Brahmi removes toxins and blockages from the nervous system. It helps with depression, enhances intelligence and improves memory and concentration. It also happens to be great for hair growth!

Consume Brahmi every morning to rejuvenate the body and mind. Boil Brahmi leaves in water (drink as a tea) or boil it in milk or make Brahmi ghee. It can also be used as a medicated oil for hair and the nutrients will seep into the brain cells via the crown chakra.

4. Cardamom – TRANQUILIZER

Cardamom is a natural tranquilizer, bringing clarity and joy to the heart and mind. It neutralizes the acidity of coffee and caffeine – it also neutralizes the mucus-forming properties in milk. Cardamom removes excess kapha from stomach and lungs.

For the best results, add some cardamom pods or powder to coffee as you are brewing it or boil cardamom in warm milk and drink before bed.


Cumin enhances the digestive system and metabolism. It helps the body in nutrient absorption. Cumin can be especially useful for new moms as it cleanses the reproductive organs and improves milk secretion.

Use cumin while cooking to assist in the assimilation of micronutrients.

6. Licorice – REJUVENATOR

Licorice is a rejuvenating herb that is commonly used in, both, the East and West. It rejuvenates all systems of the body, soothes the throat and reduces acidity. It calms the mind and nurtures the spirit.

Add licorice root to hot tea as a sweetener instead of honey or sugar. You could also boil powdered licorice root in milk decoction and consume before bed.

7. Manjistha – PURIFYING

Manjistha is probably the best blood purifying herb in Ayurvedic medicine. It is anti-inflammatory and clears acne. Manjistha cleans the blood and liver, lowering pitta disorders in the skin and helps clear acne. It cools and detoxifies the blood, cleanses and regulates liver and kidney functions.

Take this herb in capsule form (two capsules in the morning, and two capsules at night) if you have any pitta related skin disorders. Alternatively, you can take it with warm milk before bed. Manjistha can also be used as an external application for face packs or in case of skin diseases.

8. Neem – DETOX

Neem is one of the most powerful blood purifiers and detoxifiers in Ayurvedic herbology. It is ideal for wound healing and curing skin diseases and damage, especially from the sun. Neem is useful for all pitta disorders, such as skin and eyes. It works wonders for eczema and psoriasis skin flare-ups. It is also useful for joint and muscle pain.

Use neem on the skin in medicated oil.

9. Shatavari – FEMALE VITALITY

Shatavari is the best Ayurvedic root to rejuvenate women (as Ashwagandha is for men). Shatavari even translates to ‘she who possesses a thousand husbands!’ In other parlance, it also refers to hundreds of tubers collectively seen in its roots. It nourishes and cleanses the blood and the female reproductive organs.

Shatavari is readily available to consume in pill and powder form or it can be taken in ghee or cooked in milk, which is the preferred form.


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How to have a sound sleep ✨🙏❤️😇


If you usually do not get a good sleep at night, there are chances that you might be aging faster than you should. You may not exactly feel at the top of the world, and your thinking could be confused and muddled. When we sleep, our body repairs on a cellular level and removes toxins. Therefore, it is necessary to get at least six to eight hours of good sleep daily.

If you are unable to get enough good sleep, yoga can help. Regular practice of yoga is known to help alleviate several ailments, including insomnia and abnormal sleeping habits. The following yoga stretches can help you relax and enjoy a peaceful and great sleep:

  • Standing forward bend (Hastapadasana)
  • Cat stretch (Marjariasana)
  • Child pose (Shishuasana)
  • Butterfly pose (Baddhakonasana)
  • Legs-up-the-wall pose (Viparita Karani)

Yoga poses for a sound sleep:

1. Standing forward bend (Hastapadasana)

This pose stretches the back muscles, makes the spine supple and invigorates the nervous system by increasing blood supply.

Yoga for sleep


2. Cat stretch (Marjariasana)

An excellent stretch for making the spine flexible, the Cat stretch also massages the digestive organs and improves digestion, helping you sleep well. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes the mind.

yoga exercise for insomnia


3. Child Pose (Shishuasana)

A deeply relaxing stretch for the back, this pose also helps calm the nervous system and aids you in sleeping peacefully.

yoga for sleep disorder


4. Butterfly pose (Baddhakonasana) 

yoga poses to induce sleep

This pose can help remove fatigue from long hours of standing or walking. It is a good stretch for inner thighs, groin, and knees.

5. Legs-up-the-wall pose (Viparita Karani)

Lie down straight on your back. Now lift one leg up, followed by the next, and let your feet rest on the wall Extend the arms along the sides, palms facing up.

Now close your eyes and keep taking deep breaths as you relax into the pose. You may use an eye cushion over your eyes to block the light and completely relax. Stay in the pose for as long as you comfortably can and then slowly come out, bringing the legs down.

This is an excellent pose to relieve tired legs and feet. It also helps increase blood supply to the brain, thereby calming the mind and relieving it of a mild headache.

Besides these yoga poses, lying down in Corpse pose (Shavasana) and doing Yoga Nidra after meals help relax the body.

Sleep experts often point to the importance of creating a standard nighttime routine to signal your body that it’s time to prepare for sleep. You may choose to include Nadi Shodhan pranayama in your ritual to relieve tension and relax into a peaceful sleep.

Other tips to help you sleep better

  • Avoid doing Bhastrika pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya in late evenings. They will fill you with a lot of energy and prevent you from falling asleep.
  • Avoid watching a horror movie late night, as the thought of it will keep lingering in your mind.
  • Listen to soft instrumental music such as veena or chanting or some knowledge talk before getting ready to sleep.
  • Sleeping in the afternoon for about half an hour and at night for six to eight hours is a good practice.
  • Introspect on what you did during the day. Feel content, pray and go to sleep with a happy and relaxed mind.
  • Finish your dinner latest by 8:30 p.m. Keep a gap of at least two hours between your last meal and bedtime.
  • If you had a quarrel with your partner or loved one, make sure you sort it out before you go to sleep.
  • Avoid taking stimulants at night, especially if you are suffering from insomnia.
  • Meditate or do Yoga Nidra before going to sleep. This will help you relax and assist in getting sleep


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Ayurvedic morning routine ✨🙏❤️😇


In Sanskrit, the daily routine is called as Dinacharya. ‘Din’ means ‘day’ and ‘acharya’ means ‘to follow’ or ‘close to’. So, Dinacharya is an ideal daily schedule taking into account the nature’s cycle. In Ayurveda, the focus is levied on the early hours of the day as it is instrumental in setting the tone of your day.

Ayurveda believes that routine is a discipline for the body and mind which strengthens immunity and purifies the body of its wastes. With the help of simple healthy routines, one can clean the body and mind, balance . doshas., strengthen immunity and start the day on a refreshing and rejuvenating note.

Following simple routine in the morning will help you start the day on a blissful note. Here is your guide to a refreshing morning.

1. Brahma muhurata

One should wake up about one and a half hour before the sun rise so that you can synchronize with the rhythm of sun. Ayurveda recommends an auspicious time – Brahma-muhurata which means ‘the time of Brahma…the pure consciousnesses – for rising up in morning.

About an hour and a half before the sunrise, a great shift in energy fills space. Then, about half an hour before sunrise, a second boom of energy dawns in the atmosphere. Hope, inspiration and peace manifest at this time. This time is considered best for attaining bhram gyan (meditation and self analysis), supreme knowledge and eternal happiness. At this time, the environment is pure and calm and soothing and the mind is fresh after sleep.

Meditation at this time improves mental performance thus helps in increasing satva guna therefore subduing mental irritation or hyperactivity and lethargy which is contributed by rajas and tamas guna. 

2. Power of Breath

Check through which nostril your breath is flowing more strongly. According to Ayurveda, the right nostril is solar-pitta, and the left nostril is lunar-kapha. The right side of the brain controls creative activity while the left side controls logical verbal activity. According to research, when one breathe through the left nostril then the right side of the brain is more pre-dominant and vice versa.

3. Positive Vibrations

Follow the ancient tradition of observing the lines in your palms and remember the Goddesses of Wealth, Knowledge and Power. Rub the fingertips with your thumbs in a circular soothing rhythm – right clockwise circles and then left anticlockwise circles. Rub the palms using fingertips and then turn the right wrist clockwise and the left wrist anticlockwise. First kiss the palm of that side of your body where the flow of breath is stronger, then kiss the other palm. (Kissing confers energy. By kissing your palm, you give your best vibrations to your most effective tool for self-expression.) Rub both hands together and move the palms slowly over your face, covering head, shoulders, arms, and legs, creating an energy shield which wards off negative influences for the whole of the day.

4. Protection Mantra

Recite the protection mantra that belongs to this simple but effective morning ritual. After reciting the mantra, sit silently with an empty mind for a few moments.

Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi 

(In the front part of the hands, i.e. the fingertips, lives Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth)

Karamadhye saraswati 

(In the middle part of the hands, i.e. the palm, lives Saraswati, the goddess of art and of learning)

Karamoole tu govinda 

(In the end part of the hands, i.e. the root or wrist, lives Govindam, Lord Krishna)

Prabhate kara darsanam 

(It is auspicious to see the hand in the morning)

5. Positive Step

Step out of the bed and touch the ground with the leg that corresponds with the side of the body where the breath is flowing dominant (check nostrils).

6. Clean Up

Rinse with cold water. Water is an electrical conductor and can never irritate sensitive tissues. Wash hands, face, mouth and eyes with cool water. Clean nose, teeth and tongue.

7. Meditate and Exercise

Relax – do pranayama until the breath flows evenly through both nostrils. Meditate while centering your energy in the heart chakra or at the third eye. Take a short, slow walk in the fresh morning air. Surround yourself with simple and soothing visuals, preferable white items like fresh and fragrant flowers with subtle colors.

Vyayama or physical exercise comprises usually of some yogapostures like Surya Namaskar or sun salutation and breathing exercises like Nadi Shodhan Pranayam. But it can be anything including a walk or a swim. Early morning exercises remove stagnation in the body and mind, strengthen the digestive fire, reduce fat and give you an overall feeling of lightness and joy as it fills your body with good prana. However, instead of strenuous exercise, exercising at one fourth to one half of your capacity is recommended.

8. Pamper Yourself

Massage the body (abhyanga) with sesame oil. Massaging the scalp, forehead, temples, hand and feet for about 2-3 minutes is sufficient.

9. Bathe Right

Bathe in water which is neither too hot nor too cold.

10. Noon – Time

Lunch should be taken early between 12-1 pm as it coincides with the peak period which is responsible for the digestion. Ayurveda recommends that the lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day. After the meal it is good to take a walk, to help the food digest. Anything more than a short nap should be avoided because sleeping in the day is prohibited in Ayurveda.

11. Twilight – Zone

This is a special time of balance between day and night. This is the time for evening prayers and meditations.

12. Dinner

Dinner should be taken around 6–7 pm. It should be lighter than the lunch. The dinner should be at least three hours before bedtime as gives the body ample time to digest the food. Sleeping just after the dinner with a heavy stomach should be avoided. Walk to aid digestion for about 10 – 15 minutes.

13. Bedtime

The ideal time to sleep is by 10:30 pm. To calm the system, one can massage the soles of the feet before going to bed.


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How to be always successful and come out as a winner in situations ✨😇❤️🙏


Let’s face it. It’s not easy and is not going to be. It’s not possible to stay happy all the time. It’s not possible to have faith in yourself every day. And, it’s not possible to always believe in your dreams. Reality kicks in, obstacles surface and life is not as hunky-dory as we would like it. Yet, we need to stay on top of our game, stay motivated and keep aiming higher. What’s life if we don’t have a goal after all?

There are many useful productivity hacks, great tools, and ways to make the most of your day. However, our ancient seers were wiser. They knew ways to address the problem inside out.

Here are a few ways for you to meditate and reflect on. These are simple MeditationMotivations. Little motivation nuggets that you need to meditate on. You do these and staying motivated will be a natural by-product.

MeditationMotivation 1: Remember yourself

Have confidence in your abilities and remind yourself of your abilities every day. Why? Because it is so easy to forget them when the going gets tough. Believe it or not, there is a larger plan for each one of us. Even if you choose to not believe in it, then believe in one thing: only the best will happen to you. There is a perfect time for everything. Forget the competition and the rush of what everyone else is going through. Believe in your originality, your dreams and yourself, and work towards realizing that dream. Remind yourself of your potential.

MeditationMotivation 2: Increase your happiness and health

You are a constant factor in your life. Sounds a little strange, but it’s true. You are the main actor in your own story, and the actor cannot be weak or poor in health. Fortify yourself with as much energy and positivity you can muster.

MeditationMotivation 3. Connect to motivation through meditation

Fire your passion with strength and faith. One of the easiest ways to do this is to meditate daily. It might sound simple or strange. However scientific studies have proved that meditation increases positive emotions, life satisfaction, boosts immune function and decreases pain. Meditation also helps you stay focused for longer time spans. You’re going to need all of this if you’re going to stay motivated and focused. And, you thought meditation and motivation are far removed? Think again.

MeditationMotivation 4. Use these natural ways to detox

Remember to eat healthily, exercise, do some yoga and breathe out stress with pranayama. Yoga and its accompanying breathing practices are natural ways  to detox yourself on a daily basis and look at things from a fresh perspective. You’re going to need these simple tricks if you want to stay motivated every day.

MeditationMotivation 5. Look long

Start seeing life from a larger perspective. Events will come and go, and so will success and failures. An unfavorable situation cannot last forever. The thing to remember is: never brood when things go wrong. Assess what can be done and quickly move to the solution. If necessary, give yourself a short timeline and treat yourself when you have moved to the solution. When one looks at life as a continuous flow, it’s easy to stay stable and still. And when things go wrong, this is one attribute you will definitely need.

MeditationMotivation 6. Patience thy virtue

And then be patient. Even if a solution seems hard to find – wait, be patient and keep working. This sounds simple, but ask someone at the end of a tiring day in office. Will you see patience after battling an army of traffic cars? After repeated attempts at trying something new? Just be patient. The results, the peace, everything you want will come.

MeditationMotivation 7. Go gentle

Being gentle is not a sudden switch that you can switch on or off. The only thing to do is to practice daily. Watch yourself in situations. Meditate and reflect on your actions and motivations: Why did you choose to do something unusual? Did you just react to something that you didn’t need to? Was there something you said which could’ve been avoided?
There’s no need to overanalyze yourself or be hard on yourself. However, just a quick look at your day with a calm mind and you will know. You will know when to stay on the middle path, in case you’ve swayed too much on one side.

MeditationMotivation 8. Keep giving

This is a necessary tool for growth, as it will motivate you to go that extra mile for another, and will inspire others as well. This also nurtures the benevolent side of you and increase inclusiveness among people you associate with. It also keeps the student in you alive and kicking!

MeditationMotivation 9. Be internally driven

Motivation is usually driven by external circumstances. It could diminish when those stimuli fade away. Inspiration is internally driven by the individual and is long-term. Be an inspired individual. Chances are your enthusiasm and energy will spread to everyone around.

Go ahead, be the most inspired person you know.


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Getting back to your source! ❤️🙏✨😇


Getting back to that serenity which is our original nature is meditation. Absolute joy and happiness is meditation. A pleasure minus excitement is meditation. A thrill without anxiety is meditation. A love without hatred or any of the opposite values is meditation! Meditation is food for the soul, and every soul yearns for meditation. 

There are five ways through which one can experience meditation.

#1 Through physical manipulation

By stretching and contracting the body, the mind experiences a state of awareness that you can call meditation. Exercise can bring a certain amount of calmness in the mind. Not totally, but a certain degree of meditativeness can come through exercise and physical manipulation. Yoga and Tai-Chi are examples of ways to experience a meditative state of mind through physical manipulation.

#2 Through breathing exercises and pranayama

Through the breath, the mind becomes quiet and can easily slip into meditation. This we all know through our experience of Sudarshan Kriya. After pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya, when you sit for meditation, you slip into meditation effortlessly.
So a breathing technique is another way to get into meditation.

#3 Through any of the five senses

Through any of the five senses and sensory objects, one can experience a state of no-mindedness – no thoughts, calmness, serenity, and inner beauty.
If you observe a child eating a lollypop, you can see how the child is totally engrossed in enjoying that piece of candy. At that time, if you ask the child what their name is, they won’t answer! They are fully into enjoying the lollypop. Being 100% engrossed in a particular sensory object brings you to a state of meditation.

You turn on some music and you get totally engrossed into the music, then a moment comes when you move even beyond the music. You no longer hear music, but you know you are and yet you have no boundaries. In the language of Yoga, this is called Laya Yoga, which means dissolving in it. This leads you to meditation.

Any wonderment or astonishment also leads you to a state of meditation. Whenever a “wow” arises in you, there is no mind, there are no thoughts – but you just are.
The senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound can all lead you into meditation, provided you do it in the right way. It needs a certain skill to experience that.

#4 Through emotions

Emotions can also lead you to a state of meditation – both positive and negative emotions. A state of shock can also take you into meditation. Again, it is a little risky.
You know, when you feel utterly hopeless, you say, “I give up!”It means – this is it, I can’t take it anymore. During those moments, if you don’t slip into frustration, depression, or violence, you will find that there is a moment where it snaps and there is no-mindedness. So, whether it is positive emotions or negative emotions, like fear, the mind stands still, it stops. It can lead you into that spot.

#5 Through intellectual stimulation

Intellectual stimulation, knowledge, or awareness can lead you to meditation too. This is called Jnana Yoga. If you visit a space museum, you will be in a different state of consciousness when you come out of the museum. You will experience a shift inside you because you have seen yourself in the context of the universe. Who are you? What are you? Where are you? What are you in reference to the unfathomable, infinite universe?

If you have studied Quantum Physics, you start to see that everything is just atoms, or just energy. If you delve into Quantum Physics and then you study Vedanta or the Art of Meditation or Yoga, you will find striking similarities. You will find that the same language is being spoken.
Adi Shankaracharya said, “All that you see doesn’t exist”. One of the top scientists of our times, Dr. Hans-Peter Durr said, “I studied matter for the last 35 years, only to find that it doesn’t exist! I have been studying something that doesn’t exist.”
So, through knowledge also you can experience a state of meditation.

Try this exercise:

On a free day, just lie down somewhere outdoor and keep looking at the sky. A moment will come when the mind becomes still, there are no thoughts and you don’t know where you are, but you know you are. An experience of the centre everywhere and circumference nowhere.

Limitless awareness can happen through just watching an empty space, because our mind is also space, and consciousness is also space


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How to have freedom!? 😇🙏❤️✨


It is a natural tendency of every human being to want to be free. Freedom is not luxury, it is a necessity. Not just human beings, but even animals want freedom.

Babies want freedom. If you tie a scarf on the neck of a baby, it just wants to remove it. You put a chain on a baby’s neck and the baby will want to pull it out. It is the adults who put jewelry around their neck, but children want freedom, they don’t want any restriction. That is why they throw their hands up and down… free!
Wanting freedom is innate to human beings as well as animals. Every life wants freedom, and liberation or moksha is nothing but freedom.

Freedom is a natural desire in every human being but when the mind gets so muddled up in unnecessary day to day things, it forgets that it wants freedom. It is as good as someone who wants to sleep but has forgotten how to sleep.

What does it mean to be free?

Freedom is not running away from situations and circumstance. Sometimes a situation is stifling or unpleasant, and we run away from it and think this is what freedom is, but that is not so. Freedom means:

  • Being unphased by circumstances, situations and the people around you
  • Being free from your own emotional garbage
  • Being free from the jungle of your thoughts that bother you
  • Being free from all the entanglement that you harbor in your head
  • Being free from fear and anxiety

Anything that stifles you and makes you feel small, being free from that is what freedom is. 

How to move towards freedom?

  • Let go of cravings and aversions

  • Whether you accept it or not, watch it or not, life is an act of letting go. It started the moment you were born. You let go of the womb and came into this world. As soon as you came here, you started breathing in and breathing out and you are taking food in and letting it out. It is a constant exchange. You cannot hold on to anything here.
    As a child you were holding onto many toys, and as you grew up, you let go of all those toys. Are you still holding on to your little toys and bells? No! As you grow older, you obviously let go of many things. Similarly, let go of cravings and aversion. When you feel free from all the cravings and aversions, that is freedom.

  • Meditate

  • Meditation is food for the soul, it nurtures the core of your existence. It keeps you physically fit, healthy and mentally focused. Intellectually, it brings you sharpness, keenness of attention, awareness and observation. Emotionally, you feel lighter, softer and purer and you feel able to let go of the past garbage. It creates positive vibrations around you, influencing your behavior with others, and others behavior towards you. There is nothing better than meditation to bring calmness to the mind!

  • Reduce your wants

  • If you want freedom, your wants should be minimum. Minimum wants will give you more freedom. If the wants are too many, they go on and on and on.
    Now, when the wants arise in you, what do you do? You can’t keep on wanting things. This is where wisdom comes to help. See life with a bigger context.

  • Develop a sense of contentment

  • When the mind is not stuck in desires of either respect, money, position, and the mind goes beyond these things, then you can say you are free.

  • Before you let go of the body, if a point comes when you are so fulfilled, and you are ready to let go of everything – that is the infinite freedom that you experience.
    You need not even physically let go of things. It may not be possible practically to let go of everything but at least in the mind if you let go of everything, you will find there is enormous freedom, and lots of happiness and connectivity towards everything will come.
  • Have Faith

  • One very important thing we need is the faith that only the right thing will happen! There is a great power in the universe that has maintained this universe from billions of years. Have faith in that power. It will take care.


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How to stop wavering mind!? 😇❤️🙏✨


The nature of the mind is to waver, similar to how the nature of water is to flow. Now how do you reduce this wavering nature of the mind? It is through spiritual practices (abhyaasa) and dispassion (vairagya).

What is Dispassion?

Sometimes, when you are disturbed, you say, “I don’t want anything. Enough is enough!”

This is one kind of dispassion, which you experience when you are disturbed. It is called Smashana (cemetery) Vairagya.

The second kind of dispassion is when you say with awareness, “I don’t want anything. I have had enough (contentment)! Everything in the world changes; nothing is permanent. I don’t mind if I have or don’t have something.”

This is the second type of dispassion, and is called Gyana (knowledge) Vairagya.

We need to have Gyana Vairagya and not Smashana Vairagya. The mind always moves towards pleasure. If we have knowledge and dispassion, then all the pleasures will come to us. It is also said that the pleasure that comes out of Abhyaasa (spiritual practice) is the highest.

Everyone has to experience at least one of the two types of dispassion. So it is better to say, “I have had enough,” out of awareness and contentment. That is the higher kind of dispassion!

Is Dispassion a Happening?

Dispassion is not a happening; I would say dispassion is what you invoke in yourself. When you widen your awareness, when you see everything is going to disappear and death is imminent, we are all going to die and everything is changing – when this knowledge comes, then dispassion is spontaneous.

Dispassion is the only way to make the mind stop chattering. Just realize that everything is a dream. It will all soon come to an end. The chattering of the mind is always with regard to a subject, a topic, or with a want. Worries and wants are responsible for the chattering of the mind. Drop your worries and your wants – that is what is called vairagya.

Dispassion and Contentment

Just be contented in your mind. You must keep evaluating yourself from time to time. Ask yourself, is what I am doing benefitting others? Even if something brings pain in the short run, but is beneficial to everyone in the long run, then that is the right thing to do. This is the test.

Before doing any work, you must ask yourself, “Am I only focusing on the small things or am I thinking from a larger perspective?” This is essential.


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How we see the world!?✨❤️🙏😇


Do you believe in the goodness of people?

There are basically two types of attitudes or two kinds of people in the world:

1 Those who think that all people are intrinsically bad.

2 Those who think that basically everyone is good deep inside, even if their behaviour is a little bad; the bad behaviour is only at the periphery.

The first kind of people cannot trust anybody, and the second type of people does not doubt anyone too much. Do you see the difference? If you think intrinsically everyone is good, then your doubt is only superficial. You don’t deeply doubt anyone, because you know there is goodness in everybody. You believe in the goodness of everybody.

The other set of people have this big issue of trust because they think intrinsically everybody is bad. Even if they appear to be good outside, deep inside they are not good. This attitude—this assumption in your mind—causes you to not trust anybody.

Wisdom is to see that negativity is only at the circumference

It is so interesting to see that if you find something wrong in a person, you think that is the true nature of that person.

I want to share one incident with you.

Last year, I went for a big Satsang in one of the northern cities of India. At the satsang, there was this notorious person who came in, climbed on to the stage and started moving around. All the journalists and everyone else said, “This guy is a criminal, how did he get access to Gurudev? How is he standing with Gurudev?”

This man was so notorious; he would say, “I can make a call and stop any airplane.”

He would just tell any taxi driver to get off the car and he would take the taxi and go. He was someone with a big criminal record. So when he came on to the stage, everyone was wondering, “How did Gurudev allow this?”

You know, this same person, who has not done any course or anything, three months later came to the Bangalore Ashram on Shivratri to meet me. He took my picture out of his pocket, and said, “Gurudev, since I kept this picture in my pocket, I am not able to do my work. What has happened? What have you done? My life is all topsy-turvy; my whole life has changed. There is so much joy here! Now I want to take this joy to my state, and to every home.”

This is the same man who was considered to be the most anti-social element by everyone. Even journalists are afraid of him. Journalists, usually, are not afraid of anybody. But they said, “This guy is horrible.”

The world is as you see it

You know, how we perceive people, is how the world becomes. In Sanskrit, there is a proverb that goes, Yatha Drishti, Tatha Srishti. As you see the world, that is how the world becomes for you. If you see the world as full of horrible people, in your experience, only such type of things will happen. If you see the world as full of good people, even in the worst criminal, you will see there is a very nice person hiding deep inside him. You will recognize that.

So, don’t judge people, or label them as bad people or good people. There is only one Divinity that expresses itself in so many ways, in so many people, in so many moods, and in so many colors. It is one light. If we can recognize this, then we will have such deep peace in our hearts, such trust and faith that nothing whatsoever can shake us.

Everyone has light in them

A seeker is one who should know that, intrinsically, every human being is a spark of God, so they cannot be bad. There is no bad human being created by the Creator. Take it from me – no bad person at all. Everyone has light in them. Somewhere it is hidden, somewhere it is sleepy, and somewhere it is more in action.

So these are the two paths. See in your mind which side are you going. Are you going towards trust, or towards doubt? If you are going on the side of disliking others or disliking yourself, then it is time to give a shift to it, and say, “No, intrinsically everybody is good.”


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Why you must stop blaming or judging! ✨❤️🙏😇


Recognize Your Tendency to Judge and Blame

We all have this tendency – we judge ourselves too much, or we judge others. Either you start blaming yourself, or you blame somebody else. Either you find you are not right, or you find that someone else is not okay. You should wake up and stop judging.

The First Rule towards Self-development is to Stop Blaming Yourself

Whomsoever you blame, do you like to be with them? Do you like to be with someone you are unhappy with? No! So, if you blame yourself, you can’t be with yourself. So, the first law on the journey or path to self-development is to stop blaming yourself.

Now, don’t say, “Oh! That means I can blame others.” No! Every time you have blamed somebody, when you see what you blamed them for from a broader perspective, you will find that it was wrong and futile.

Why You Should Not Blame Others or Yourself

I say “don’t blame others” because if you blame others, it is going to rebound on you. You should not blame anybody.

I have never blamed anyone or never said any bad words. It has not come out of me at all. I didn’t do anything to make it happen – it was naturally like that from the very beginning. I could never abuse anybody – verbal abuse or any other abuse.

When you pay attention to this, when you stop using bad words, your words gain the power to bless. So, stop blaming yourself and stop blaming others. Things are the way they are, just move on and that is it.

You know, sometimes people say, “Oh! This person is a fraud. He is not genuine.”

But one should have some criteria to say that. Many times, you don’t even have criteria to judge somebody, yet you simply blame them, “Oh! He is a fraud,” and that’s it, finished.

This is an unconscious tendency that has developed in society – blaming others and oneself and then feeling guilty about it. The spiritual journey is to remove this and reverse it.

It is such a delicate thing. This does not mean that you justify all the mistakes you do. When you make some mistake, they you cannot say, “Oh, I am on the spiritual path, so I cannot accept my mistake and I cannot blame myself. So, whatever I do is right.” No! It is a delicate balance. It is not to justify your mistake, but to recognize your mistake and at the same time not blame yourself.

If you don’t accept and recognize your mistakes you will never improve. That’s the end of the story. At the same time, if you recognize your mistake and you feel so guilty and you keep blaming yourself, then too it is a hopeless case. So, you need that very delicate balance – neither this side, nor that side.

Look at Life from a Bigger Context

Remember not to be too hard on yourself. You are part of a phenomenon that is happening. There are trees, rivers, and birds on the planet – just like that, you are also here. So many birds are born and so many birds are dying. Isn’t it? So many trees are coming up and they all vanish. Like this, so many people—so many bodies—have come and they will all vanish. This planet has been there for billions of years. See your life from this bigger context—with a sense of purpose—and then you will stop blaming or judging.


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