What’s the difference between the mind and the soul? ☁︎😮✨


Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.26.44 pmMind is just a projection of soul. Soul is your whole consciousness, the life force in you. The part of it which is listening to me right now, which is asking the question, which is perceiving – we call it the mind. So if your mind is elsewhere, though I’m speaking and the words are falling into your ear drums, still you don’t get it because the mind is elsewhere. So it’s through the mind that we see, smell, taste, hear, and experience the sense of touch. That is what the mind is.

The mind has another function which we call intellect. As I’m speaking, something in you is saying, “Yes, I agree”, or, “No, I don’t agree with this”. There is something in you which is accepting and rejecting, judging and accommodating — that is the intellect.

There are seven layers to our existence: Body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the soul. See, we keep breathing but many of us don’t even know that we are breathing unless we have an asthma attack or some problem. We don’t realize how important it is for us to breathe deeply.


Body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the soul or self. The self is that total consciousness. There is something in you that doesn’t change, which is the reference point for all changes. Your thoughts are changing, your emotions are changing, your body has undergone so much change. If you look at a 25 years old picture of you, you can’t say it’s the same body. It’s much different than what you are now, but still you are the same person. So there’s something in you that is not changing in spite of all the changes. That non-changing aspect in you, or the reference by which you recognize the changes so to say ‘this is changing’, there should be something that doesn’t change, and that is what is the soul.

When we go deep into this, it’s amazing, amazing, and amazing! An arena opens in front of you. And the way to go deeper into this is meditation.


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What is Prana or Life force energy❓⚡️✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 5.03.11 pmThere is a lot to know about prana. The breath is connected to neuro-physiology. When the left nostril is dominating, the right side of the brain is active. When the right nostril is functioning, the left side of the brain (logic, thinking and understanding) is active. When the breath predominantly goes in and out through the right nostril and very little through the left nostril, is when knowledge permeates. When the breath predominately goes in and out through the left nostril, you listen and enjoy without understanding the knowledge, like it is music. When the breath flows equally through both nostrils, meditation and prayer happen. Or nothing happens.

If you are in the presence of someone who is very spiritual, then both nostrils will flow equally.


If you come to meet a guru, or pass by a temple, a church, a place of worship or spiritual activity, you will find both nostrils are equally functioning.

Prana, or life force, moves through the nostrils where there are three nadis. The sun nadi is the right nostril. The moon nadi is the left nostril. The fire nadi is in-between both. This is known as the Sushumna nadi. We are living in an ocean of prana. Prana and Truth, or consciousness, is the prana of prana. 

The five types of prana in the body are Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana.

Prana is the energy in the upper part of the body, in the region above the heart. If prana is too high or is imbalanced you cannot sleep.

Apana Vayu is the energy in the lower part of the body. If Apana is too high, then you feel lethargic, sleepy, and dull.

Samana Vayu is in the stomach region, it aids digestion.

Udana Vayu is in the upper chest and throat region, it is responsible for emotions. If Udana Vayu is imbalanced, you have no emotions, you become like a stone or you become so mushy-mushy and weak.

Vyana is all over the body, it is responsible for movements in the joints, the circulation in the body. If Vyana Prana is disturbed, then the circulatory system is disturbed, your joints are not flexible, there are aches and pains.

Panch Prana, the five different types of prana are present in everybody, and different pranas dominates at different times. The imbalances in the pranas are corrected during Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya.


To understand prana takes a long time.There are 172,000 nadis or prana channels which function in our body.

The breath changes with every action, and certain prana functions at certain times.The Vedas teach us that the metabolism of your body is twice when you are breathing through the right nostril than it is when breathing through the left. Following this, when the left nostril is functioning, it is a good time to drink; when the right is functioning, then it is a good time to eat. If you do the reverse, then within six months time you may fall sick. Ayurveda also says that you should not eat and drink at the same time, and when you do eat you should leave a gap of half an hour to an hour before drinking. The nadis, the breath, changes every hour. Similarly, prana changes, the energy in the world changes, all the time.


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Did you know that every finger in your hand is connected to a planet? ✋☀️🌙☀︎

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.53.44 pmEvery finger in your hand is connected to a planet. The thumb is connected to Mars. Mars stays alone.
Index finger is connected to Jupiter (Jupiter shows the path, it is the teacher). When you want to show something, you show using the index finger, this is Jupiter. The middle finger is connected to Saturn; Saturn is the servant. The ring finger is connected to the Sun; the Sun is the king. And who owns the jewels? The king, and so you put rings only on the ring finger. That’s why it’s called the ring finger. The little finger is connected to Mercury. So when you do chin mudra, what is happening? The index finger (Jupiter) and the thumb (Mars) are coming together, that is wisdom and power.

Why is the thumb connected to Mars? It is because whenever you win, what do you do? You put your thumbs up. Thumbs up is a sign of victory. When you lose what do you do? You put your thumbs down. So these gestures are so inbuilt in us.

Different planets affect different parts of your body. Your teeth is connected to Saturn. Your eyes are connected to the Sun, your cheeks are connected to Venus, forehead to Mercury, nose to Jupiter. I mean this as the connection of microcosm with the macrocosm. It is so fascinating!

Similarly, moods depend on the moon. A mood does not stay for more than two and a quarter day. That is the amount of time the moon is at one place. The moment the moon moves from that place; your mood also changes. And when the moon and Saturn combine, people get depressed. So these emotions, these feelings, they come and they go away. Nothing is permanent. No planet is permanently stationary in one place. They all move. But when you identify yourself with any one of these emotions, you get stuck. That’s when you don’t move. That is when it infiltrates into your body and you get sick, and all such things happen. Isn’t it fascinating? So what is the way? How to move on from that?


On a cloudy day, when a flight takes off, what does it do? It goes above the clouds, and then there is sunshine. That is what the spiritual practices are. They move us away from the Chit Akasha(the space of the mind) to the Chida Akasha(space of pure consciousness). We move beyond all the emotions.

9 planets moving through the 12 constellations brings 108 units of change. So to enhance the good effects and to reduce the malefic effects, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is chanted 108 times. That uplifts you, uplifts your spirit, and takes you beyond. It connects you to the Chida Akash(space of pure consciousness).


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The 6 Secrets of Effective Communication✋✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 5.06.08 pmWe start communicating from the instant we take our first breath. Our first cry is a communication to our mother, and to the world, that we have arrived. And till our last breath, we are in constant communication.

Yet, good communication is much more than mere words. It is an art and effective communication has dimensions that are larger than what is spoken. The ability to communicate affectionately with one and all is a skill worth possessing.

Be Sensitive and Sensible

Communication is a dialogue, not a monologue.

We must respect the viewpoints of the person or persons we are communicating with. Communication is the art of being sensitive and sensible at the same time. Some people are too sensitive, thereby losing their sensibleness. Their speech lacks clarity and is inarticulate. And there are people who make perfect sense, but they are insensitive. They say the correct things, but they are not aware of the emotional response of the audience. We need that beautiful combination of sensitivity and sensibleness.

Your state of mind matters!

You cannot improve someone by getting angry at them. You only ruin your peace of mind.

When you are angry, nobody wants to hear it even though you are saying the correct thing.


Your communication does not have the impact it ought to have had. Your mental state is heard by your listeners before the words. A calm state of mind, and a smile, will conquer the most difficult of people.

Humor  coupled with care and concern

A good sense of humor relieves you from fear and anxiety.
Humor is not just about words- reading and repeating jokes. It is the lightness of your being that brings out the authentic humor. And this lightness comes up with taking life itself not too seriously, having a sense of belongingness with everybody (including those who are not friendly), practicing yoga and meditation, having unshakable faith in the Divine, being in the company of those who live in knowledge and are humorous.

Heart to Heart Communication

Almost all relationships break down due to too much talking and explaining about oneself. “I am this way. Don’t mistake me. Don’t misunderstand me.” If you keep silent when required, everything will work out much better. Don’t explain things of the past, brood over them, or ask for explanations. When the heart speaks and the heart listens, harmony is produced.

Real Communication is beyond Words

All of us have experienced at one time or the other, an amazing phenomenon. Whether in one-to-one communication, or in addressing a huge audience, something intangible moves people more than the words. We try to rationalize by attributing this to charm, charisma, presence, body language, etc. 

Real communication is beyond words.

If you are firmly established in the zone of silence, if your mind is calm, you will find yourself suddenly being able to influence individuals, groups, and masses.


Be a good listener 

The single most important skill in the art of good communication is the skill of listening.


Listening not just to words, but also to feelings and expressions. Observe infants. They listen to expressions and gestures. Even without understanding words, they communicate with you. Somewhere in the journey of life, we have lost this ability. Let’s make an attempt to regain it.

This world is varied, beyond our imagination. We need to establish communication on three levels – communication with oneself, communication with society, and communication with nature. There is always something to share, learn, and teach.


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What lesson did this Gentleman learn from the Snake⁉️ 👳🐍

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 4.14.04 pmIt was a dark night. A gentleman was going into a forest with a small torch. From a distance he saw a snake on the path. He stood there waiting for the snake to move. His torch cells (batteries) were running out. There was a very feeble light. If it was totally dark he would have passed. But it wasn’t – there was a feeble light, so he could see the snake. He was frightened. He stood there sweating and shivering. And the snake seemed to be very adamant. It never moved. It seems to say that it will move if he moved. That, it will make sure he did not move. It was very frustrating for him. He waited and waited, for three to four hours. By that time another person came along with a more powerful torch. He checked and discovered that it was not a snake but just a rope! There was a big sigh of relief! He wondered at his foolishness that he had wasted so much time, shivering and getting angry at and fearing the snake, and it was just a rope.

Something, which appears to be a big burden, problem or hurdle, which would seem to take away life, later seems a joke. The gentleman laughed and laughed the rest of the way. Then, the day broke and the entire forest was filled with flowers, fruits and celebration. Birds were singing, peacocks were dancing and the streams were flowing. That place, which was so frightening in the dark night, now became a place of celebration. This very universe and the very events in the world which appear to us to be a big botheration, turn around and become a playing field, a game. When you can see this whole flow of events as temporary, as non-existent, then even when someone scolds you, you smile. When somebody is scolding you, notice the buttons being pushed – that is “something is happening”. ‘Oh, what is happening here inside? I am getting angry. I’m feeling frustrated. Oh good.’ Every event, every happening becomes a play, a game, a celebration. Walk blissfully, breathe blissfully, sit blissfully, being aware of all these events.


When you can see the entire event as fleeting impositions or happenings, and you remain untouched by them, then you are happy. Joy springs out of you, like a fountain. That is your very nature. Clinging on to the past, to your likes and dislikes, you have bolted the fountain of joy.


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7 Ways to Achieve Inner Peace and Prosperity 😇✨💵

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.14.20 pmWe wish each other happiness, prosperity and peace, but only a few seem to know how to be peaceful — like only a few know how to make money. Here are some steps that might help one to find the most needed inner peace.


1. Take Time for Yourself

Often, we become so engrossed in our day-to-day activities, we simply end up gathering more and more information, and do not take time out to think and reflect. Then we feel dull and tired.

A few quiet moments everyday are the source of creativity. Silence heals and rejuvenates and gives you depth and stability. Sometime during the day, sit for a few minutes; get into the cave of your heart, eyes closed, and keep the world away.

Taking some time for yourself improves the quality of your life.


2. Know the Impermanence of Life

See the impermanence in this life.

Millions of years have passed and millions more will come. Nothing is permanent. In this broad, universal context, what is your life? It is not even a drop in the ocean.

Just open your eyes, and ask, “Who am I? Why am I on this planet? What is my lifetime?”

An awareness dawns, and you will stop worrying about little things. All smallness will simply drop and you will be able to live every moment of your life.

When you review your life in a broader context, the quality of your life improves.


3. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Make a commitment to make this world a better place to live. Do some acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. Service alone can bring contentment in life. It creates a sense of connectedness. When you bring some relief to someone through selfless service, good vibrations come to you. When you show kindness, your true nature, which is love and peace, come to the surface.


4. Make Your Smile Cheaper

Every day, every morning, look at the mirror and give a good smile to yourself. Don’t let your smile be snatched away by anybody! Usually, you give your anger freely and smile rarely, as though a smile is costly. Make your smile cheaper and anger expensive!



5. Make Meditation a Part of Life

When we have higher goals in life it leads to stress and restlessness, which can be released through a few minutes of meditation and introspection. Meditation gives you deep rest. The deeper you are able to rest, the more dynamic you will be in activity.

What is meditation?

Mind without agitation is meditation.
• Mind in the present moment is meditation.
• Mind that has no hesitation, no anticipation is meditation.
• Mind that comes back home to the source, which is peace and joy, is meditation.


6. Be a Student Always

Know that you are a student forever. Do not underestimate anybody. Knowledge may come to you from any corner. Each occasion teaches you and each person teaches you. The world is your teacher. When you are always looking to learn, you will stop underestimating others. Humility will dawn in your life.


7. Feel Grateful

Our love, faith and belief should be deep-rooted, and then everything else moves on its own. The feeling that “I am blessed” can help you overcome any failure. Once you realize that you are blessed, then all the complaints and grumbling disappear, all the insecurities disappear and you become grateful, contented and peaceful.


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How To Improve Your Creative Thinking⁉️😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 5.21.27 pmIt is very important for us to probe into the source of thought. Often we are called great thinkers, but what is a thought? Where does it originate? Is there any way that we can improve the thought process? What is the source of creativity?

Thought is nothing but an impulse of energy and intelligence.

That impulse of energy and intelligence, for it to arise and a correct thought to come, you need 16 impulses to meet at a point in the cerebral cortex at a certain speed. In that short interval of time, all the 16 impulses in the cerebral cortex, when they meet, is what we call a correct thought. What do we do about it? We need to train our brain, our mind.

There is always dialogue going on in your own mind.

We all have a filter in our mind through which we listen and we accept only what we already know. Something which doesn’t already fall within our belief system, we straightaway filter out. This tendency in the mind to take things which it already knows and reject that which it doesn’t know, is one of the main blocks of creativity.

The second aspect for creativity is imagination.

Many inventions happened through certain imagination and linking that imagination to the present state of ground reality. If you are thinking only of the ground reality, then no creativity will come. And also if you base yourself purely on imagination, then there is no creativity. A balance is needed. So, when such blocks come into us, there is a way to eliminate them. How?

By studying our own seven layers of our existence. What are they?


The body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and Self. Are you all breathing now? Many times we are not even aware that we are breathing. We don’t care to look into something that keeps our body alive. Our breath has great secrets to offer.

A little bit of knowledge of these seven layers of existence makes a big difference in our lives. We become so alive and childlike.

If you are cheerful, you will be creative.


Innovation and creativity spring from within us and spirituality — study of our Self, is the technology to tap that source. 


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How to get rid of Suffering? ❌😢😩

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.17.07 pm

There are 2 reasons behind your suffering:
1. Ignorance – we are miserable due to our own ignorance
2. Old karmas – we are experiencing something now to pay off some old karmas.

These are the only two reasons.

It is okay to have some challenges in life. You should have that confidence within you that, you can overcome the challenge. Earlier also challenges have come in your life and you have overcome them; you have gone beyond them. Learn from that.
Look back at your own life and see how many challenges you have had and how you have sailed through them and come out of them. This will give you confidence.

The other option is to realize that you have to pay some debt so you are undergoing what you are undergoing.

Further, don’t compare yourself with others. You think other people who don’t do anything in spirituality are rising up? What do you know about them? They may have a lot of money but may not have good sleep. You don’t know their suffering. People by hook or by crook make wealth, they reach to the top, and then they fall from there. Hasn’t it happened? So many people who have climbed to the top using wrong methods, haven’t they fallen?
What should you do by looking at all that? You should always go with a determination of righteousness.


What is that you want? You should have a clear understanding of this. The brain is like a computer; the consciousness works like a computer. First make sure of what you want.
If you confused and you don’t know what you want, then pray, ‘Agne naya supathā rāye asmāna viśvāni deva vayunāni vidvān‘.
This prayer is in Ishavasya Upanishad, which means: May the Divine lead me and give me the best. And have the faith that only the best will happen to you.


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There is no success or failure in Love ❌❤️

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.23.41 pmLove is not a business. Love is not a career. love is not even an act. So there is no success or failure in love. Love is your nature my dear!
Whether you express it or not, it is there. If you realize that love is your very nature, you will not think of it as success or failure.

Some people may understand you and some may not. When someone loves you, you cannot say that they will be in love with you forever. People who have lived together for 20 years, and had said at one point of time that they were made for each other, suddenly find that they were never compatible, and that they never got along.
Suddenly people feel suffocated and want to go their own ways.

Love is not an act, love is not even a situation, it is our very nature. If you are in love with somebody don’t think that it will be forever, unless and until there is knowledge or wisdom in it.

Love with wisdom is eternal bliss. Love with selfishness or love for individual pleasure, sooner or later will bring misery and heart break. If your love is there to help others, nobody can destroy it, but if your love is to get something from the other, sooner or later, it will be broken into pieces.

Find out what you think love is. Is love only a name for getting pleasure from others? If yes, then it is going to bring you pain.


But if your love is there only to care and you cannot be without it, then that is your true nature. That is what is true love.

You should always feel that you are not worthy of the love that you receive. Think that the love you receive is much more than what you deserve. If you come from this space of humility, then you will behave with magnanimity and dignity in all your dealings. You won’t chew on the past, you will live in the present moment, you will honor the other’s opinions, you will understand the other’s predicaments; that magnanimity will come from within.

If you keep this in mind, that I don’t deserve this love, you will not demand love. And when you don’t demand love in your life, it keeps on increasing.


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The practice of Ayurveda can truly enhance the quality of your life! 🙏✨😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 3.05.45 pmAyurveda is the study of life. Ayur is life and Ved means to know.

According to Ayurveda, life or existence is not a rigid compartment, but a harmonious flow. Even the five elements (earth, water, air, ether and fire) of which the whole universe is made of, are not tight compartments of defined objects. They flow into one another. Each of the elements contains the other four.

The subtlest element in us is space, which the mind is made up of, and the grossest is the earth element, which our bones, marrow, the skin and the structure are made of. This is further divided into three Doshas — Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is a way to understand our physiology, its characteristics and its reflections on the mind.

When an illness arises, it comes first in the thought form, the subtlest aspect, then the sound form, and then the light form, which is in the aura. It is only then that the illness manifests in the body. Simple symptoms arise in the fluid form, which can be eradicated, and then it manifests in the grossest form, where it needs medication. But with the practice of Ayurveda, the illness can be nipped in the bud.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda includes exercise, breathing and meditation.

Breath is synonymous to life. Our life is our breath. Our breath is our life. It is very interesting to observe the relationship between breath and the different Doshas in the body, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three Doshas affect certain parts of the body more than the other parts.

For example, Vata Dosha is predominant in the lower part of the body — stomach, intestine, etc. Diseases like gastric problems and joint aches can be due to the Vata imbalance. Kapha dosha is predominant in the middle part of the body. Cough is mainly a result of Kapha imbalance. And Pitta affects the upper part of the body — the head. Short temper is a sign of Pitta.


How do we bring good health to our system?

The first remedy is calming the mind, coming from the subtlest aspect of creation, the ether. If your mind is bottled with too many impressions and thoughts, and it is draining you of your resistance power, then that is where the body is preparing for some illness. If the mind is clear, calm, meditative, and pleasant, the resistance in the body will increase and it will not allow an illness to come into it. The skillful use of breath and meditation can calm the mind.

Then comes the air element. Breathing, aromatherapy, etc., come in this category. Next is the light element, wherein color therapy is used to heal. Before an illness manifests in the body, you can see it in the aura of a person. And by energizing our system with the prana or life energy one can clear the aura and prevent the illness.

Next is the water element. Fasting or purifying the system with water can bring a lot of balance in the system.

The final recourse would be medicines, medicinal herbs and surgery. All these come in when other things fail and the illness becomes inevitable.

The practice of Ayurveda can truly enhance the quality of your life.
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How to be free from the storm of emotions❓ 😫😡😰😭😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.36.17 pmLife is found to be caught up in storms so very often. And you are not yourself when you are in a storm. You don’t know what to do. At those moments all your spiritual practices, concepts, ideas and ideals fall apart. Your devotion, your love and all the beautiful things you cherish in your life, simply don’t seem to be there or mean anything. You are under the influence of a big storm. A whirlwind rises in you and throws you off balance.

What do you do? Nothing is helpful. You sit, close your eyes and try to meditate. But the mind is all over the place. You feel as though you are in a burning furnace, and you don’t know how to put the fire out. And the more effort you make to cool it down, and put it out, the more the fire burns, the more the restlessness and agitation increase. You are yourself only between the storms. How many storms rise in your life, and how frequently do they rise? The less frequent they are, the more you are yourself. At those moments you are happy; you are settled. You are calm. Just think of those moments of intense restlessness, agitation and feverishness. The breath becomes heavier. The body becomes unbearable. You are not at all aware of the mind. But that is not what you are. You get a glimpse of the clearness of yourself between two storms. But life seems to be like the ocean – wave after wave lashing you one after another.

This is the only problem. This is the only basic problem in the universe. There is no other problem. You can attach it to one thousand causes or reasons, but the problem is how to free your life from this storm which has gripped it.

The first thing to do is to become aware of this. At that moment, the storm will subside. First, stop regretting things. For no reason, there is turmoil in the mind. When your mind cools down and you experience that inner cool, soft and delicate aspect of yourself, there is a big relief.

No one storm can be there all the time. It is impossible. It comes and subsides.

Your mind is like a wind – a whirlwind, subsiding and cooling down. That is your true nature. That is love. You have been resisting restlessness all this time. Now If you see it is there. Okay, so let it be there. It is a part of nature.’ The storm is also part of nature. Stop resisting the storm. Take it, gulp it in its totality; go deep into it and you will see it is nothing. It is just created out of yourself, your mind and your consciousness. In that aspect of you, you are your Self.

Know that there is a power, some power; someone who is really caring for you.



Not just someone there is only One in the whole universe. That One in the universe is caring and taking care of you. You can relax, rest and be peaceful.

There cannot be an ocean without waves. Every event touches life somewhere on its surface. It creates movement. Take all that comes with both your hands. Don’t say that it is impossible or not possible for you. This thought of something being not possible means that you are resisting. This is making the storms stay for long periods. Stand there with your arms open. Say, ‘Whatever storms come, let them, I’m here.’ You grow out of them. You become bigger.

Tell yourself  

“Come what may, there is nothing that can destroy me. It may be excruciatingly painful, but it doesn’t matter. It still cannot destroy or kill me. I am here. I am much, much bigger than all these emotions, commotions or waves. They all rise inside me, in me, and in no way can they destroy me. I will let them be.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.40.02 pmSo when a storm arises, just be with it. Do not try to get rid of the storm. Be with it; go into it. And, of course, you have your meditation and spiritual practices to help purify your whole system. It’s such a blessing.



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If You Realize This Simple Truth, You Will Remain Unshaken! 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 3.58.50 pmThe divine consciousness is present everywhere, expressing itself in various different forms. It is just like the light that projects at the cinema, where one light passes through different films, and different imprinted characters are being projected onto the screen from it. Without the light, there is no film. There is no hero, no heroine, no villain, nothing! They are all just figures projected on a film  with a single light. The same light is the hero and heroine, and many different characters on the screen.The same light can be a mouse and a lion. Behind all these characters is only one beam of white light. The brave one is one who can see that if this person is that way, and that person is that way, it is all just play and display of one consciousness.

Recognise, that the one consciousness which appears to be perfect somewhere is really not perfect, and that which appears imperfect somewhere is not really imperfect. It is all made up of one being, one field of energy. One who focuses on this and understands this deep within, crosses over this world of death to immortality. Nothing whatsoever can shake him or her. The ephemeral happenings do not touch the one who is connected with the universal energy.

So, from you projecting your mind onto everybody, you see everybody as the projection of that one consciousness. This is the journey of life, from ignorance to enlightenment. In ignorance you project your emotions on others, you are angry at everyone, you say and you think everyone is angry at you. You have an ego, you think everyone else have an ego too. You are negative, you think others are negative.You do not respect people, and you think that others do not respect you. You do not love others, and you think others do not love you. You are projecting your mind on to others, and this is ignorance.


See the whole universe as the projection of consciousness. It is not an individual who is doing this or that. It is all a play and display of a universal phenomenon, everyone is like a rag doll. Knowing this, is enlightenment. This is something to be done right here.

When you die, you will carry all your memory, cravings, aversions and hatred with you. This is a great loss to you, as the mind is meant to experience infinity. Instead of ingraining infinity in the finite mind, you drag the mind through the mud. You criticize and complain, and this is not worth carrying. Let others form their own ideas, let them seem imperfect. But you should not carry that and spoil yourself.


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How to handle negative emotions⁉️ 😰😵

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 5.32.29 pmThere are two kinds of mind. One is an open mind. Another is a closed mind. A closed mind is that which says, “This is how it is. I know it. That is it.” It gets hardened. An open mind says, “Oh, maybe, perhaps. I do not know.” Limited knowledge, and the conformity about it, makes a mind very hard.

Whenever you seem to understand a situation and you label it, “I know this is how it is,” that is the beginning of your problem. And always all problems arise from knowing but not from not knowing. If you do not know, your mind is open, you say “Oh, maybe, something, perhaps, don’t know.” You wait. You cannot label something when you do not know.

Whenever you think an injustice has been made to you, or whenever you think you are suffering, whenever you think you are a victim, whenever you think something bad has happened to you— all this falls under the category of “I know it. This is how things are.”

Whenever we attach a label “not good,” it comes from a thorough knowledge.

Suffering is a product of limited knowledge. A question is a sign of limited knowledge. But when there is an amazement— patience, joy, waiting, you are in a state of “I don’t know,” maybe, something, oh what is it?, I don’t know, something you cannot pinpoint— the whole life is a shift from the limited “I know” to all possibilities, to “maybe.”

When your mind is open for all possibilities, an event happens, and there could be many possibilities for that event to be that way, not just in the gross— some other reasons in the subtle also.


Suppose you walked into your room and you find that someone has made a big mess in your room. It has irritated you. You are grinding your teeth. Now you attach that reason, that cause for your anger, to just that person who is there. But there is something more happening, something more  happening in the subtle. There has been some angry time and vibrations at that moment there. At that moment something else is in the air. But you could only see that person creating a mess around you. And you attribute all anger to that person. This is what limited knowledge does. Haven’t you experienced this sometime?

As we attach the events to individuals, the emotions to individuals, the cycle continues. You will never be free from that. So there is a step. First, detach that to the space or time. An event and emotion, detach it from the person and the event, to the space and time. This science is called astrology. Astrology is the knowledge of the oneness of the universe.


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How to get rid of bad habits? ❌👿❌

 Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 5.43.37 pmHow to get rid of vasanas (impressions)?

This is a question for all those who want to come out of habits.

 You want to get rid of habits because they give pain and restrict you. The nature of vasana(impression) is to bother you, or bind you, and wanting to be free is the nature of life. Life wants to be free and when a soul doesn’t know how to be free, it wanders through lifetimes wanting freedom. 

The way to come out of habits is vows. This is samyama.


Everybody is endowed with a little samyama.

 A vow should be time bound. This would bring good conduct and save you from being wayward. Consider the time and place for vows to be taken.

When the mind dwells on useless thoughts, then two things happen. One is that all those old patterns come up and you feel discouraged by them. You blame yourself and feel that you have not made any progress.

The second thing is that you see it as an opportunity for samyama and feel happy about it. Without samyama, life will not be happy and diseases arise. For example, you know you should not eat three servings of ice cream, or eat ice cream every day, or otherwise you will get sick. 


Habits will clog you when there is no liveliness or juice in life.


When there is a direction for life force, you can rise above habits through samyama.

 Take vows according to time and place. For example, suppose someone has a habit of smoking cigarettes and says, “I will quit smoking,” but cannot do it. They can take a vow, three months or 90 days; a time-bound vow. If someone is used to cursing and swearing, take a vow not to use bad language for ten days. Don’t take it for a lifetime; you will break it immediately. If you happen to break it in between, don’t worry. Just begin again. Slowly increase the duration until it becomes your nature.

 All those habits which bother you, bind them in vows, in samyama.  Tie those habits which bring you pain in samyama.


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Why did buddha wait for this little girl? 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 6.12.43 pmOnce upon a time, Gautam Buddha visits a town. The entire town gathers and is waiting to listen to him, but he goes on waiting. He keeps looking backwards at the road, expecting a little 13 year old girl to come. He happened to meet her on the road and she had told him – “Wait for me. I am going to give this food to my father at the farm, but I will be back in time. Don’t forget, wait for me!”

Finally, the elders of the town said to Gautam Buddha – “For whom are you waiting? Everybody important is present, you can start your discourse.” Buddha replied – “But the person for whom I have come so far is not present yet and I have to wait.”

Finally the girl arrives and exclaims – “I am a little late, but you kept your promise! I knew you would keep your promise because I have been waiting for you since my first memory as a child, when I first became aware… I think I was four years old when I first heard your name. Your name was enough to ring a bell in my heart. And since then for ten long years…I have been waiting!!!”

Buddha responded – “You have not been waiting in vain. You are the person who has attracted me to this village.”

At the end of his discourse, that little girl was the only one who goes to him and says:  “Initiate me. I have waited enough, and now I want to be with you.” Buddha replied “You have to be with me because your town is so far out! I cannot keep coming again and again. The road is long, and I am getting old!”


In that entire town not a single person came up to him be initiated into meditation, other than that little girl.

At night as they were getting ready to sleep, Buddha’s chief disciple Ananda asked Buddha “Master, before you go to sleep I want to ask you one question. Do you feel a certain pull towards a certain space… just like a magnetic pull?”

Buddha replied, “You are right Ananda. That is how I decide my journeys. When I feel someone is thirsty…so thirsty that without me, there is no other way for them… I have to move in that direction.”

Master moves towards the disciple and the disciple also moves towards the master. Sooner or later they are bound to meet. The meeting is not of the body, the meeting is not of the mind. The meeting is of the very soul!

It is like when you bring two lamps close to each other; the lamps remain separate but their flames become one.


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8 Astonishing Tendencies of the Mind -This Will Change What You Think You Know About Your Own Mind 😱😵😱

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 2.43.47 pmWhen the mind dies, love dawns.

Whenever there is love, the mind dies and this is painful. That is why love always brings pain with it. Something in you is dissolving – the ego, the mind – and this dissolving is painful. The mind does not want to dissolve. It wants to emphasize its existence. It doesn’t want to bear the pain of dissolution, the pain is unbearable. You often find people who love each other fighting, and you really don’t understand why they should fight when there is so much love. These are the mechanics. The love is so strong and so powerful, the mind cannot hold it. It wants to hold. It cannot stay. It cannot exist. It dissolves and this brings pain; unbearable pain. So, in order to get rid of the pain, it rebels. And that rebellion is the fight. When you surrender to somebody, this is more evident. It is clearer.

The mind wants something impossible!

The mind has a peculiar nature. It desires something, and when it acquires or achieves it, it no longer finds it interesting. It drops it, and moves away from it, because it can’t stand being totally in the present. It dissolves. And if it doesn’t achieve what it wants, it gets frustrated. Then too, there is a rejection, a rebellion in the mind. Have you observed this? You want something and crave for it. And if you can achieve it, if you have it, the mind is not into it. It drops it very easily, very quickly. It doesn’t find joy in it.

It wants something that is not around. It wants something impossible. The moment it becomes possible, it moves away from there and goes further. It’s not anybody’s fault. It is the nature. It is used to living on craving; so it gets frustrated anyway. Fulfilled or unfulfilled it leads to frustration.

Wherever you go, you carry your own mind!

If you are peaceful, your surroundings become peaceful; your situation becomes peaceful and people around you become peaceful. You are the center of this universe. Why are you looking for peace anywhere else, with anybody else and with any other set up? Wherever you go, you carry your own mind. And wherever you go, you create the same problems. It may appear to be calm and quiet for some time in some place but then it will be the same again there too. Unless you see this, realize it and look into it, nothing will help in the long term. There is no other permanent solution.

The limited mind always does business everywhere!

The limited mind is trying to do business in the name of love. In every relationship you will find that people are demanding more. And even if they give, they give thinking they should receive much more than what they have given! One feels that he has given enough! In any relationship, everybody feels that they had done everything for their relatives, their family and so they must love them. Everything that we do is in order to get love, attention, recognition or something. This is business. Doing something in order to get something is business.

All the desires arise when your mind is not fully conscious!

A semiconscious mind is the mother of desires. If it is unconscious, no desire comes, for instance, in sleep there is no desire. And when the mind is fully awake, then also there is no desire because everything is already acquired. What does desire mean? It means a lack of joy or fulfilment, and a requirement for fulfilment and joy. It is not that if desires arise, they should be stopped. When they are there, they are there. When desires arise, you should become more conscious and be aware of your nature.

The mind swings between extremes!

Suppose a delicate piece of cloth, silk, is caught up in a thorny bush. It needs a skill to remove it. It is the same with the mind. It is very easy for the mind to either like or dislike something, or swing between these two extremes. The mind exists by doing this. It cannot exist without these opposites; without the duality, without the swing. Either the mind will like or dislike something. The mind hates something, and then, again it loves something else. The mind goes towards whatever one understands is bad or not right (what we should not do). It does it more often. The mind is attached to some ideals and resolutions. ‘I must do this, I want to be like that,’ and then one finds it very difficult to follow those ideals. You have all experienced this over and over again.


There is one golden point by which the mind can be lifted up, and that is wonder.

Wonder is where there is no concept, no mind. One slips very easily from wonder to concepts. It is such a balancing line! Wonder about the concepts of likes or dislikes. How it should or should not be. What I want and what I don’t want. In wonder, there is no wanting or not wanting. Wonder is a wonder! In wonder there are no likes or dislikes. It is what ‘is’, is wonder.

Your mind is not clear and focused when there is an obsession or a burning desire

See how calm, collected, cool and aware your mind is when these desires drop. See how clear and focused you are. Many people have never experienced such focus, such clarity at all in their lives! This is their misfortune. I can only wonder at how those who have experienced even a little bit, get into desires and lust. Knowing it, you still get into it. I am not saying this is bad and you shouldn’t do it, because then the mind will say, ‘No, I shouldn’t do it’ and then the whole trip begins. Look and wonder about these samskāras(impressions) in you. At that very moment they dissolve and you rise above them.


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Happy Buddha Purnima! 😊🙏🌙

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 4.48.12 pm 1Today is Buddha Purnima, the day Buddha was born. He got enlightened, he attained nirvana and he died also on this same day. Today the moon seems 20% bigger than other times; it is a very big moon. It is a good occasion to watch the moon rise.

Buddha has left such a permanent mark on the planet for centuries to come, for people to remember the glory of the divinity.

Wake up the little Buddha inside you!

There is a little Buddha in everybody, and that Buddha is in the form of Siddhartha. Do you know who is Siddhartha? Before Buddha became Buddha, he was Siddhartha. He was wandering and lost but he had the spirit of enquiry in his heart.

Siddhartha, at a very young age understood that everything is sorrow. He said, “The world is all sorrow and I want to get rid of sorrow”, but he did not know the way. Everybody has this little Buddha inside of them (here referring to the burning spirit of enquiry), one only has to wake up to it.

Buddha’s first words after he got enlightened.

Today being Buddha Purnima, I’d like to tell you a little bit about Lord Buddha’s life.
When Lord Buddha saw the suffering in the world, he said, “Life has no meaning. If you have to become old, and you have to die, then what is the point in living!”
When he encountered a sick man, a dead man and an ascetic. He left his palace and sat in meditation for many years. After he attained enlightenment, for seven days he didn’t say a word. The angels and gods of the subtle world got worried. They said that after a long time a Buddha has come on the planet, why isn’t he speaking anything?
Buddha said, “The people who know, they know, and those who do not know, even by my speaking, will not understand. They are so busy making money, making relationships work, fighting, eating and sleeping that with my telling, nothing will get into their minds”.
All the Gods and angels argued with Buddha saying that there are some people who are on the borderline. If you just tell them, they will get it! There are people who have some idea, and who really want to know, for them you must speak. Then Lord Buddha stated speaking from that day; the seventh day. 


On the seventh day, after the full moon, Lord Buddha started speaking and all he said was, “Everything is nothing!”
I want you to immediately experience one thing. Wake up and see till this moment, whatever has happened in your life for the last 30 to 50 years, is it not like a dream?
Take your mind forward and backward. Now fast forward it. You’re sitting here, you will go back home, have your dinner and sleep. Tomorrow you will wake up, brush your teeth, get on with your work. The next day will roll, the third day will roll and June will come. Then July, August, September, and the New Year party will happen. It’s all gone! All the days will be gone. Is it not like a dream? Could this be a dream, you reading these words? How do you know it is reality? It could be a dream! The present could be a dream, question the present. The future is like a dream. If you can manage to shift your attention and see this reality, you will see something above this. There is something above and beyond this, which remains, which is so beautiful. And if you see this, you gain such incredible strength, energy, love and beauty in your life out of it that nothing whatsoever can shake it.

What do you need to do? You need to simply wake up! Turn one switch off (mind), and turn the other one on (intuition). For a moment, wake up and see, this is all a dream, and discard everything. Immediately you get connected to the universal power, to the truth that you are made up of!

When you have to work with people, don’t use this philosophy, i.e., everything is nothing. You will not be able to do your business! However, keep this in mind – everything is nothing. This gives you inner strength, intuitive ability, happiness, contentment, love and compassion.

Happy Buddha Purnima!


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Why did Buddha the epitome of compassion not forgive this person? ❌🙏

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Significance of Nataraja and the Chidambara Rahasya✨🙏

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 3.56.12 pm 1Nataraja, the dancing form of Lord Shiva, is a very beautiful symbol of the union of nature and the Divine.

Nataraja holds fire in one hand, representing the fire element. A damaru in his other hand depicts the space element. Many forces in the universe are represented by a shape similar to that of a damaru, like a chromosome, or shapes of galaxies and so on. Time also is said to have a conical representation. ∞ is the symbol (shape of the damru) and represents infinity.

Shiva’s hair is open and flying representing the air element. One foot on ground symbolizes prithvi (earth element), another in the air. One hand is the symbolic abhaya hasta offering protection and the other points to his feet symbolizing surrender. With one foot already in the air, he has already taken a step towards the devotee. He says “You are dear to me” even before beginning.

Even in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna – “You are very dear to me”. When you know that you are dear to someone,  trust and love arises in the heart.

Shiva is dancing. Life should be like this. If both feet are stuck in the ground then you cannot dance. Even to walk you need to take one foot up.

The entire creation is full of bliss
The entire creation is dancing in bliss
The entire creation is longing for bliss

Nataraja represents the Ananda Tattva (bliss) that the whole world is longing for.

Every atom in the world is filled with the potential for action yet it is at peace. Shiva, the principle of infinite peace and bliss is not inert. It is peaceful, yet dancing.


Underneath his feet, there is Apasmaar (the demon symbolizing desires). He is standing with his foot on top of desires. If desire eats us up then we are in trouble. Only when we rise above desires and we are dancing on it, then it is a dance of joy and bliss. This is not just imagination. This is the truth. This energy awakens within us and we rise in dance. This is true. The Divine energy pervading the entire creation is eternally dancing.

Chidambara rahasya

Chidambaram is the place of Shiva symbolizing the akasha tattva (the principle of space). Space is formless. In the sanctum of this temple, there is a veil. Beyond the veil there is nothing but empty space. Tthe secret of Shiva tattva can be known only by going within. When you remove the veil of illusion and desires, you experience the vast infinite inner space. For a few moments your mind becomes free from thoughts. You realize that there is some secret of which you have had a small glimpse, like a flash, and this experience brings a transformation in life.

There are three types of space that is described. Bhutakash – the physical body, Chittakash – thoughts and emotions and Chidakash – the vast, Supreme Consciousness. The life-force energy is awakened in the Chidakash. The secret of the Chidambara can only be experienced through self-effort on the spiritual path. 


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Story of two gate keepers who did not allow few devotees to see GOD ❌🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.23.06 pmThere is a beautiful story in the Puranas. It’s a mythological story. In the abode of God, there were two gatekeepers. And the gatekeepers did not allow entry to some devotees who wanted to barge in. The gatekeepers stopped them.

So when the devotees were stopped, they got angry. They got angry at the gatekeepers, cursed them and said, “You go and be born in the world!”  And when God came to know about it, he pleaded with those devotees. He said, “Please forgive my doorkeepers.”

This is very beautiful that God is pleading with the devotees for the gatekeepers.

Because devotion is so much higher. It’s very precious. Even God loves devotees. He runs behind the devotees, it is said. Because of the devotion the devotees had for God, because the very presence of God made them complete, all their anger vanished.

God called the two gatekeepers and asked them, “What would you like? Do you want a hundred lifetimes as a friend or three lifetimes as an enemy?” And they choose three lifetimes as an enemy, as long as they could be liberated. Then God told them, “Okay, you will be born, you will have intense anger towards Me. And in that intense anger, you will think about Me all the time. Soon I will be with you. You will be liberated. Because when you have such intense anger towards me, I will occupy your mind constantly. And so you will be liberated.”


 It’s very beautiful. This principle is, when you’re angry at somebody, that person is occupying most of your consciousness very strongly.

See, when you get a blister from your shoe, you don’t get angry at the shoe, do you? The shoe doesn’t occupy your mind, though it has caused a blister on your foot. But if somebody else did something to you, that somebody occupies your mind all the time. So whoever you are angry with, they occupy a major part of your life. So it is better to direct that anger towards God. Because in reality, God is responsible for all the different emotions in different people. And God is the charm behind every life. If somebody is very charming, if they look very charming, what is behind that? It’s the Divine that makes them charming. So, if you see the Divine behind them, if you see a charming person, a boy or a girl who stirs your mind, then you say, “Behind this is the Divine.”

In this way, constantly the Divine rolls in your mind— through the lust, through anger, through arrogance. If you feel proud, be proud of the Divine. Be proud of one thing— that you are very dear to God and you belong to the Divine. Thus, you can integrate whatever is happening inside you into one whole, without feeling bad about yourself or bad about anybody else.


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What can you do when anger rises in you? 😱😡😡

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.48.52 amYou may remind yourself a hundred times that you shouldn’t get angry, but when the emotion comes, you are unable to control it. It comes like a thunderstorm.

Emotions are much more powerful than your thoughts.

What can you do when anger rises in you?

Anger is a distortion of your true nature and it doesn’t allow the self to shine forth fully.  Showing anger itself is not wrong, but being unaware of your anger only hurts you. Sometimes you can show anger purposefully. For example, a mother gets angry at her children and can act tough or shout at them if they put themselves in danger. There are situations that warrant showing anger, but when you get angry, have you observed what happens to you? You are shaken completely. Look at the consequences of getting angry. Are you happy with the decisions you have made or the words you have spoken in a state of anger? No, because you lose your total awareness. But if you are completely aware and are acting angry, that is fine.

Being in the Present Moment

All anger is about something which has already happened. Is it of any use getting angry about something which you cannot alter? The mind always vacillates between the past and the future. When the mind is in the past, it’s angry about something that has already happened; but anger is meaningless as we can’t alter the past. And when the mind is in the future, it’s anxious about something that may or may not happen. When the mind is in the present moment, anxiousness and anger appear so meaningless.


Spiritual practices help you maintain your centeredness and not be shaken by small events.

This is where a little knowledge about yourself, your mind, your consciousness and the root of distortion in our nature helps. It is when you are exhausted and stressed that you lose your nature and get angry. Every individual is bestowed with all the virtues in the world. They simply get covered-up by lack of understanding and stress. What is needed is just to uncover the virtues that are already there.

The Secret of the Breath

Breathing techniques and meditation are very effective in calming the mind. Learning something about our breath is very important. Our breath has a great lesson to teach us, which we have forgotten. For every rhythm in the mind, there is a corresponding rhythm in the breath and for every rhythm in the breath there is a corresponding emotion. So, when you cannot handle your mind directly, you can handle it through breath. Meditation is letting go of anger from the past and the events of the past. Meditation is accepting this moment and living every moment totally with depth. Often anger comes because you do not accept the present moment. Anger comes when one seeks too much of perfection. When you are joyful, you don’t look for perfection. If you are always looking for perfection then you are not at the source of joy.

The world appears imperfect on the surface but, underneath, all is perfect. Perfection hides; imperfection shows off. The wise will not remain merely on the surface but will probe into the depth. Things are not blurred; your vision is blurred. Infinite actions prevail in the wholeness of consciousness, and yet the consciousness remains perfect, untouched. Realise this now and be natural.


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A simple technique to deal with your emotions and moods 😱😇😫😖😤😥😃

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 4.55.53 pmSee this whole world as bubbles rising in water. See people as bubbles on the surface of the Brahman(Infinite Consciousness).You know how water bubbles up? Like that, everybody is rising, playing their own games and dissolving back into the Infinite. It is the same in your own life. Your mind is a bubble on the surface of the Brahman, Infinity.

See how many changes happen in your mind during the course of the day. How many changes are happening in you? Just sit, and think about one person for a whole day. You will see all types of emotion come and go. Anger, frustration, dejection, doubt, etc.  You like them and dislike them and you feel all this is nothing, and would like to run away. All these bubbles rise and fall in your mind. Your mind is such a wave of bubble in the Self.


Look at your moods! They are bubbles on the surface of your mind. It’s no secret that a mood remains not more than two-and-a-quarter days, pleasant or unpleasant. Many times when people meet their very dear ones, whom they love very much, they are in a joyous mood. And then they find themselves changing within the two and a quarter days! Their mind is changing. They don’t understand what is happening! The mind is also like that. It doesn’t stay firm.  The joke here is, you cannot hold onto pleasant moments; they come and go. But unpleasant things come, and you cling on to them. This is an age old habit of hanging on to unpleasant memories more than pleasant memories.

With skill, you can see all is Love, all is Divinity. When you see someone getting angry or frustrated, you can either see the love behind their anger and frustration, or only see their outer projection. Why does someone get angry? Because they loved something, and it didn’t happen. Why does someone get frustrated? Because they loved something very much and they did not get it. Why does someone do service? There is love behind that service. Why does someone sing? Because they experience a wonderful feeling of love. There is love behind every action and every emotion, positive or negative. That’s why I say love is not an emotion. I say it is your existence. It is something from which your life is made up of. So you can never lose it, but you need some skill to know it, experience it, and make it blossom in life.


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Ways to Overcome Hate & Anger 😠😡❌

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 4.08.30 pmPut yourself in the shoes of the person you hate. A youth came to me once and said, “I hate my uncle, I cannot stand him”.
I said, “Okay, you can continue to hate him, but before that, just for half an hour, behave and act like your uncle”. So for half an hour he acted like his uncle and suddenly he came and said, “You know, I feel different now”.

So, put yourself in the shoe of the person whom you hate.

Secondly, why do you hate the person? Is it for what they are doing? If they are doing horrible things, either they are ignorant or they are stressed. By hating them, can you change them? People make mistakes and you hate them? Why do you hate them, because they make some mistakes? By hating a person who makes mistakes, can you correct them? No, you cannot correct them when you hate them. Do you want them to be corrected? Yes. So what is the way? Not hating them but by educating them. This is necessary. 


People like ISIS, they hate everybody and people hate them. By hating we cannot change them and they cannot change us. They also do not know this. Their idea is to change everybody. We hate them because they are doing such heinous crimes. But by hating will they change? No. Not hating them but educating them.

The young children need to be educated before they get into this kind of mind set. That’s why, harmony in diversity should be part of the education. We need to educate the mind because all crime begins here in the upper chamber. To educate somebody you need to have compassion.

See, in your life, you come across many people who think differently, and you want them to change, and by you wanting them to change they do not change. When you say what you are doing is hurting me, so please do not hurt me, they do not change so easily. But when you tell them what you do hurts you, so you should change, that will be much more effective. So love can transform the world, compassion can change the world and this is our experience.


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What are you unhappy for? What is it that you are unhappy about? 😫⁉️

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 3.03.16 pmWhat are you unhappy for? What is it that you are unhappy about? You are unhappy about the situations and circumstances around you. You are unhappy about the people around you. Are they going to be there permanently or forever? They are moving and changing. It is all like a flowing river! Wake up and see the person you saw yesterday night is not the same person this morning, this evening or tomorrow. Why are you unhappy about other people? Know they are all like bubbles on the surface of water. They are fleeting; they are moving. You are unhappy about situations and circumstances. How long are they going to be there, not forever? They all move and change. What else are you unhappy about the health of your body? How long you can hold onto your body even if it is very healthy? Can you hold on to it, forever? One day it is going to drop. If a body gets sick, attend to it, that is all. Getting mentally agitated makes it even worse. It is the nature of the body to be sick and healthy.

 In your true nature, you are free the moment you see it’s not in you. If you have a pain, observe it’s happening in the body. If there is tightness or joy in your mind, observe that it is tight, sad, unhappy or happy. Just observe that you are not enjoying, and it is happening elsewhere, as though it is happening elsewhere.

Now trust my words: ‘you are not the doer’. Life is ‘happening’ on this planet. Everything is moving. Your mind is going through ups and downs, sorrows and joys. It has its own ways, its own time.

There’s only one way you can be happy seeing that you are not the doer; that everything is just happening.


Let it happen. Thinking you are the doer agitates you further, and you become much more restless. Not to do, to undo, is another doing. The desire to do something to get out of it is another ‘doing.’ It’s something like a pond being muddy. You know this, but then start stirring it more. And if you keep stirring, it is bound to become muddier. There is no way it can settle down. When you can feel ‘I am not the doer,’ when this confidence, this faith dawns on you, that is nectar. With that, you will become happy.

Let this fire of awareness, this fire of knowledge burn all that ignorance and destroy your sorrow. Do not be unhappy. There is no need to be unhappy or sad about your body, and the things happening in your mind, about people, situations, events and circumstances around you. Then, what can you be unhappy about? Can you be? Is there any other thing to be unhappy about? Is it? Sukhī bhava ! It is an order as well as a blessing.


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There is a little Buddha in everybody🙏 😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.36.28 pmThere is a little Buddha in everybody, and that Buddha is in the form of Siddhartha.

Do you know who Siddhartha is? Before Buddha became Buddha he was Siddhartha. He was wandering, lost. He had tried everything but he couldn’t find; but he had that spirit of enquiry.

He said, ‘The world is all sorrow and I want to get rid of sorrow.’ Siddhartha understood everything is sorrow, but he did not know the way.

So everybody has a little Buddha inside of them, only he has to wake up.

Buddha tried this and that and that and this. He ran from pillar to post, he did technique after technique after technique, but nothing worked. Because while doing all this, his mind was outward, and when he got sick and tired of everything and dropped everything, that moment he got enlightened. This is the story as it goes.

So, when he got tired of trying hard and trying hard and trying hard, then he said, ‘Okay, let me just relax. I give up.’ So he gave up and sat, and the mind turned inward and then he became Buddha.


So turn the mind inward.

Unfortunately Buddha never got a Guru. He couldn’t get a Guru at that time. But Adi Shankaracharaya had a Guru. So he met the Guru and the path became much easier, smoother. He could just sit and go into Samadhi. But for Buddha to go into Samadhi and meditation was not possible. It was hard for him. So he fasted. Somebody told him to fast and he fasted, because he was a King from the royal family and he did not know about surrender, or about devotion, or about letting go. Doing, doing and doing, that is what he heard, and what he knew as he was trained. So the big ego, and that big doing, made him run around for several years.

Finally he gave up and then he got enlightened; that is how the story goes.

So that little mind inside of you doesn’t want to let go and to just give up, it goes on the trip of I want to do, and I want to do, and I want to do. I will achieve this and I will achieve that.

When you see, what is there to achieve? Then everything drops, you surrender, you let go and meditation happens. You know, it is like getting onto an Ayurvedic massage table. You just get onto the table and that is it, you don’t do anything. Everything is done for you; so even meditation will be done for you. You just sit and meditation will happen.


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Love Fear Hatred And Surrender ❤️😨😡😇

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.19.18 pmSurrender means an unshakeable confidence. Surrender simply means unconditional love. When there is love, there is no fear, know it is one energy that functions in three forms, either love, fear or hatred. When there is hatred there is no fear.When there is fear, there is no love or hate. And with all these three, the sensations in the body is at a particular place, the heart, whether you are in fear, in deep love or in hatred.

And they are interchangeable. One changes into the other. You love somebody and that love slowly changes into hatred or you love something very dearly and the fear rises, thinking, Oh, I may lose it. Whatever you love most you hold onto. So, the same love has changed itself to fear. 

So, true surrender happens. You cannot do anything about it. If you love something, very deep,  true surrender. Surrender is not a burden, not a fear, not something which comes out of force. It is a spontaneous happening. Only the strong can surrender, the weak can never surrender. We seem to understand it the other way. We feel that if someone is weak they will surrender. I am powerful. How can I surrender? No. To surrender it takes great courage and power, strength and confidence. Only then can you surrender. READ MORE WISDOM!

Surrender is always unconditional. It’s not that “I will surrender, so I can have peace of mind or bliss or whatever”. That is no surrender. If you love someone, because of what they have, then you don’t love them, you love the quality.

Love is a very deep, intimate phenomenon in your consciousness. It just flowers. It cannot but flower. There is no way you can meddle with it. You go near love, you dissolve, you simply don’t exist. That is the definition of love. Either you are there or there is love. You can never meet love or you can never love. Either you remain as love or you remain as somebody.

See, in conversation we say, “See, I love that because …………….” It is the most stupid thing. You love something and say because? I love you because you are very good, I love you because you are honest? You are not loving that person, you love those qualities. And there is nothing great in you loving those qualities. And I tell you, you seem to love those qualities which you don’t have. That’s how people make ideals and they remain far away from ideals.

When we remain as a small pond, a stone will create a big ripple. If somebody says something, that can blow your peace off. So the peace is thrown off by people around you. But when you become an ocean, even a big mountain falling into it, does not affect it. Being an ocean, we behave like a pond – that is the wonder. The greatest wonder is man who is an ocean of peace and joy, behaves as though he is a little pond when he is disturbed by any little small thing.

You go crazy over little insignificant things and that worries you over and over again, day and night for several years. Once you are surrendered, there comes a depth in you and nothing what so ever can throw you off.


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How To Handle Criticism 😡😫😭

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 4.19.45 pmIf the criticism is superficial, then let it be.

If you want something bad to happen to another from the core of your heart, from the depth of your being, then you are harming only yourself. The person being criticized won’t be affected. But that doesn’t mean you should be superficially positive, and never point out mistakes. If an apple is bad, saying the apple is good is insincere.
If someone asks you, ‘How was the food’, and you say it was very good, but you couldn’t eat it then that is not honesty. Where there is a problem, it must be pointed out, but without any hatred in your heart, otherwise the feeling will harm only you.
If somebody else does it, then let it be. What can you do? It is their rajo guna and tamo gunawhich makes such negative tendencies arise in them. But if you become negative towards them because of that, they you will also be in the same basket as them.

The three gunas, rajoguna, tamoguna and sattoguna are an integral part of nature. You just be a witness to their play and display.
And if you want to explain it to somebody then do it because you care for them, do it with compassion. Tell them that you have spent two hours complaining about somebody today, this will severely affect your creative or positive energy. The more you complain the more energy you will lose. READ MORE WISDOM!

Tell them to complain about somebody for an hour and observe how much energy they have lost.
When people start complaining about others they forget the time because they find some form of enjoyment in it. Like a patient enjoys talking about his ailments. If he has ten visitors, he’ll tell all ten people the same thing, ‘All morning I have been having leg pain. I could not sleep all night because of the pain’.
All the crying and drama is repeated over and over again. He should do something else instead of harping on and on about it. Write a poem maybe, or do some other creative thing. Then he can be happy and also forget his ailment.
Anything that is repeated, gets deeper into the consciousness. That is why mantras are repeated again and again. So don’t let complaints get deeper into yourself, instead do some japa (meditative repetition of a mantra or name of a divine power). FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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You Cannot Make Anybody Happy ❌😃

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.29.41 pmIn this world there is always a play of positive and negative. Some problems come, some challenges come, and solutions also follow them. The ancient people would simply focus on keeping their energy high. If your energy is high and people come to you, their problems will get solved. What happens when people talk to you about their problems? You get steeped in their problems. You get carried away with the problems. So just try this. Let everybody come and complain 100 things to you, you simply keep your energy high, your sight inwards, your mind inwards as though nothing has happened. You will realize that there is freedom within you.

Try this –  anybody can complain about anything, let the world go topsy-turvy, but hold onto the idea – I am going to keep my energy high. You just take one such step and then see.

Problems and challenges come so that you can turn your mind inwards.

Instead of turning the mind inwards when problems come, what do we do? We chase the problem and get completely drawn in that direction, and then our energy goes down and we collapse. Many a times, in the name of compassion and sympathy you get drowned. Your compassion does not really help at all in solving the problem. It may sound very shocking but in compassion the problem multiplies and doesn’t get solved. Problems come so that a person can turn inwards and look inside, get into a state of dispassion and calmness. Instead, you give reasons and try to pacify the person. Pacifying a person in a problem is the worst thing. You should not pacify them. Let everybody carry their own cross. Bear their karma. If you are miserable or happy, it is your karma. So you change your karma.

This attitude makes a person more  independent. You show compassion and then they seek more attention. You feel more compassion and give them more attention and then neither compassion nor attention is possible. It breeds tension in you, “That poor person is so upset and I have to make him happy.” To make someone happy is a big burden. Don’t try to do that at all. This is a new policy – don’t try to make anybody happy, you can’t. There is a Sanskrit proverb that says ‘Kashtasya sukasya nakopi data’ – Nobody gives happiness or misery. It is created by one’s own self, one’s own mind. READ MORE WISDOM!



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10 mystical facts about Lord Ganesha 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 3.39.10 pmThe ancient rishis were so deeply intelligent that they chose to express Divinity in terms of symbols rather than words, since words change over time, but symbols remain unchanged. When we worship Lord Ganesha the qualities that he represent gets kindled within us.

Gana : Signifies the ultimate truth that  this existing world is nothing but a collection of molecules. This is called as ‘Gana’ (collective form). Our own body is a ‘Gana’. It is made up of flesh, blood and bone marrow. Thus the Lord of all ‘Ganas’ is ‘GANESHA’.

Elephant-head: Signifies authority, endurance, strength and courage.

Mouse as a vehicle: Signifies the mouse nibbling away at ropes that bind. Just like a mantra which can cut through sheets and sheets of ignorance and carry even an elephant through.

Big Belly: Signifies generosity and total acceptance. READ MORE WISDOM!

Single tusk: Signifies one-pointedness.

Upraised hand : Depicts protection.  

Lowered hand : Signifies endless giving and and also symbolizes the fact that we will all dissolve into the earth one day.

Riddhi & Siddhi wives of Lord Ganesha: Signifies that both Riddhi (intelligence) and Siddhi(enhanced abilities) go together with wisdom. Lord Ganesha is considered to be the Lord of Wisdom.

Ankusha and noose :  The Ankusha (the goad/stick that is used to prod an elephant awake) signifies ‘awakening’ and the ‘Paasa’ (the noose) which signifies control. Together they signify that with inner-awakening, a lot of energy is released which can go haywire without proper guidance (control) .

Modak: The ‘Modak’ in Ganesha’s hand is the attainment of the ‘Ultimate Bliss’. 


Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 3.39.43 pm

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Significance of Akshaya Tritiya ✨🙏

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 4.46.33 pmApril 28th 2017 is celebrated as a very auspicious day in India. It’s called Akshaya Tritiya.

It is related with many stories. One of the stories is that, on this day the Ganges (a holy river in India) came to Earth to purify mankind.

It is also associated with two instances of Lord Krishna.
What happened is, once the five Pandavas, (the five brothers from the Mahabharata epic) and their wife were in exile. At that time a saint called and said, ‘I am going to have food with you.’ When the message came, they had no food. They had already eaten and had kept their pots away. Draupadi (the wife of the 5 Pandavas) prayed to Lord Krishna. At the same time, Krishna came to their house and said, ‘Oh I am very hungry.’ When he came in, he saw that there was only one grain of rice stuck to the pot. He picked that one grain of rice and ate it, and turned the pot into an Akshaya Patra. Akshaya Patra means that which never diminishes.
When the saint came with 400 people, Draupadi could feed all of them from the same pot. The more she took from the pot, the more would come from it. It would never go down.

So it is a common expression in India to say, ‘This is an akshaya patra‘, which means it always keeps giving.
If people are very generous and they are always doing seva and contributing to other, then you say, ‘This is an akshaya patra’, means it never goes down; a perennial source.
A magical pot which keeps feeding millions. READ MORE WISDOM!

The other story is, Krishna had a friend who was very poor. His name was Sudhama. Sudhama means a good place, or a very benevolent place.
So, one day his wife said, ‘We are living in such poverty and Krishna is so rich. Why don’t you go and get something from him. He is your close friend.’
Sudhama said, ‘Okay, I’ll go, but I can’t go to a friend empty handed. I have to take something’. So his wife packed three handful of puffed rice in a scarf and gave it to him. It is like rice crispies.
When Sudhama went to Krishna and Krishna welcomed him, and washed his feet. The story goes that they were such good friends and in the friendship there was so much love that Sudhama forgets to give the rice to Krishna and also forgets to ask him for anything. He came to ask him for a favor but he could not ask him anything because he was so overwhelmed with love. They were so close that he forgot to ask. He could not ask. He could not even speak.
When he was about to leave, Krishna asked, ‘Hey, you have brought me something? Give it to me. I know your wife has sent something. Why are you not giving it to me. Come on, give it.’
Krishna took the rice and he ate one handful, then he ate the second handful, by that time his wife Rukmini came and said, ‘I want to take the third one’.
While all this was happening, Sudhama left without asking him for anything. When he reached home, he found his house flooded with riches and gold. That’s the story.

So, people today buy gold and they gift each other. Today if you get anything, it will always grow. You gift, or you buy, it all grows. That is the belief.

Every day is a celebration! All that we need to know is that this world that we are in, all these things, are ultimately nothing! One day we will leave all this here only. Our body too will go back to this Earth. But you, the spirit will be alive. You will rise up because you are eternal.

Nothing is impossible. Not only spiritual upliftment, even material things can flow when the devotion is very strong. That is the essence of this story.

We are all here just for a few years, but the world remains for so many millions of years. The trees are there, the birds are there, the clouds are forming, rain comes, Sun is shining. This whole phenomenon is happening since billions of years. In another 40-50 years all of us will be gone, but this whole thing will continue. That is the Divinity.


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The Five Different Types Of People – which type are you ? ✋😇

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.13.08 pmFirst Type

There are those who are fun loving, full of enthusiasm in every society in every community. They don’t mind any obstacles, they dare obstacles. They get things done.

Second Type

The second type of people are those who just maintain things. They are not go getters, they  are not innovators, they are not risk takers, but they just maintain the thing as it is. They are worried about how to maintain. They very carefully tread the path. They take measured steps. Their steps are very careful, conventional, and traditional.

Third Type

The third type of people are those who want to bring transformation, who are drastic, who are rebellious, who want to completely change things. They are good in demolishing things. READ MORE WISDOM!

Fourth Type

The fourth type of people are those who are very brilliant. They have brilliant ideas. They are very creative.

Fifth Type

The fifth is one who brings everyone together and has compassion. wherever there is a problem, they go and cement the gaps, solve the problems, and bring people together. They create a sense of belongingness. They are peace makers.

So the last one who brings everyone together is usually a woman. Who cements, who is compassionate, who has deeper understanding. Whenever something erupts she just goes and calms them down and brings them together. She works towards prosperity.

These are the five different types of people you find in a society. Which one are you? FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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If you only had ten days to live on this planet, what would you want to do? 🌍😱

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.07.34 pmWe have lived today’s life. Be happy today. And tomorrow’s life will begin with the next sunrise. And the next day’s with the next sunrise……! If you only had ten days to live on this planet, what would you want to do? Sit and think what your priorities are. Are you worried about your relationship? In ten days you are going to go away; kick the bucket! Are you worried about your property? Are you worried about your friends and foes? Are you worried about what you are going to eat, your eating preferences? What are your preferences? Ten days to live of your life, and what are you going to do? We keep living as though we will live forever.

We hang onto things as though they will be there forever. We forget the sense of time and life –the flow of life. Isn’t that our only problem?

You’re so concerned about your relationship.

A girl didn’t smile at you or a boy went with somebody else! What are you worried about? Where will they be? People are burned down with this sense of relationship. People are burned down with things about friends; wasting precious life and time. A friend of yours behaved badly with you and hurt you. What actually hurts you is your foolishness. Let them behave the way they want! But you want everybody to be on your railway tracks. You have set railway tracks for people, and you want everybody to walk on those tracks. The moment they give you a surprise, you say you never wanted that in your life. How can you get over it? What do you want to get over? Just wake up and look! Neither of you are going to be there long! You will both be under the earth in no time. READ MORE WISDOM!

You won’t even be able to recognize this body. And if you continue to live like that, nobody will even take your name. Nobody will even know you existed on this planet. Anyway, even if they do, it has no meaning for you, does it? Where are you to begin with? You feel that one person did this to you and another person did that. That they did not smile at you, or that they smiled at you. That they said something good; they did this… Where is your freedom? We carry such stupid things with us wherever we go! A doormat can remove the mud from your feet, but if you carry mud in your head. What can remove it?

Contentment is what you need! If people have behaved well with you and been friendly to you, thank them for what they have done for you. Don’t become a burden on them. The whole world needs to understand this; the entire world is burning out for nothing! Every moment put yourself into knowledge. Everybody should be immersed in two or three hours of sevā (service).

We look for what we do not have and there will be no contentment.  I would like you to be contented  in your mind, in your heart. Don’t have feverishness or craving for it! FOLLOW FOR WISDOM!

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The 5 root causes of Misery in Life 😖😢

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 3.10.32 pmThere are only five sources of misery in Life

Avidya -Ignorance is the root cause of suffering. And what is ignorance? Thinking that which is not permanent, is permanent. To think or understand that which is not changing as changing, that which is changing as not changing. That which is not joy as joy, that which is not Self as Self. I am not the body, but I think I am the body. I am not my thoughts or emotion, but I think I am my thoughts, my emotions. Ignorance is holding on to those things of the past, this and that; having an idea of who you are. People think it’s very complimentary to know who you are, to have an idea about who you are.

 Asmita is oneness of our intellect and our Self. Have you noticed in meetings, people say a point and stick to that point? They are actually stuck with that point. Most of the people go on arguing meaninglessly, senselessly. These senseless arguments come because they are so stuck thinking that is their intellect. Intellect as themselves. Thoughts as themselves, “my thought, my position, my, me, me”. Inability to see the Self and the buddhi (or the intellect) and the power of the instruments of perception as separate, is asmita.

Raga(craving) –  Craving comes with a pleasant experience. You have a pleasant experience and that creates a craving in you. This craving makes you miserable. We try to control others’ mind, saying, “You should be this way, should be that way.” How is it possible? Someone may have loved you yesterday, but they need not today or tomorrow. Who knows? They themselves do not know.  READ MORE WISDOM!

We expect enlightened behaviour from everybody around us. Then we become unhappy.

You are not behaving in an enlightened way, but you expect everyone around you to be enlightened, to have unconditional love. You will get one in a million, who can be unconditional love. When you expect that from all the people around you, you become unhappy. Knowingly, unknowingly, consciously, unconsciously, this is what everybody is doing. Everybody is expecting unconditional love from people they meet, and they don’t even know what they’re expecting! But their expectation is something very big, they are seeking God in everybody. And they are seeking God without seeing that God could behave in any manner He wants! They are looking for a saintly God in everybody around them. How things should be make you more miserable. Do you see what I’m saying?

Hatred and aversion comes with an unpleasant experience. Aversion brings the same misery as happiness brings. Craving and aversion are both sources of misery.

Abhinivesha(fear), an unknown fear. Though intellectually you know everything, even in great scholars a little amount of abhinivesha [fear] exists. It has been seen as such. Nature has imposed all five things in everybody. How thin this can get or how thick it will remain, makes you either evolved or un-evolved.


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The Story of Devas and a Yaksha from Kena Upanishad ✨🙏😇

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 2.13.26 pmOnce upon a time, the Devas began to feel that the whole world was theirs, so a Yaksha went to challenge them. The Devas sent Agni, the energy of the fire element to the challenge and to see who this Yaksha was. Agni said, “I can burn anything, I can transform anything.” So the Yaksha threw a blade of grass in front of Agniand challenged Agni to burn it, to transform it. However, Agni could not do anything. Agni affirmed again, “I am Agni, I am Chatur Veda, I am somebody.” That particular divine energy limited itself to be somebody, some particular energy. So what happened? Its power got diminished. It did not identify itself with Brahman, with the cosmic energy, but considered itself as a particular type of energy, a particular individual. It limited its power and capacity.

The lesson here is practical: Do not underestimate anybody. Do not think that you are the only intelligent one, and do not underestimate any challenge even if it comes from ‘beneath’ you.

Agni went back to the other Devas, defeated. So they sent Vayu, the atmosphere, but even the wind was not able to lift the blade of grass. Then Indra, the lord of mind, the lord of all the Devas was sent. A Yaksha could not be seen through the eyes, nor felt through the skin or touch. The previous two Devas could not find out who this Yaksha was, but Indra, the lord of the mind, went close to the Yaksha who transformed himself into the beautiful divine mother. The Indra consciousness came to the kundalini spirit, the Mother Divine energy. The Devi, the mother divine energy, is a symbol of compassion, of submission, of sensitivity, of beauty. The lord of the mind surrendered to the mother divine, she reminded him that the victory of Brahman is the victory of everything. Only then did the lord of the mind, when enamoured by the divine, discovered who the Yaksha was, and what Truth is. READ MORE WISDOM!

With the help of the mother divine, all the Devas could understand that all this is Brahman. The experience of the Devas comes as a flash. In one moment they come to you, then disappear. This is called daivi loka, the world of the Devas. You may experience a few moments of that energy, before it disappears. You are in Brahman all the time, but the Devas, the Devi energy, the higher levels of consciousness can be perceived like a flash, like lightning. In the blink of an eye, experience comes and disappears. It is just a glimpse, it comes and it disappears.

This is the world of gods and goddesses, but that is not it. The spiritual world is a step further, where the mind simply dissolves. It is a gift to you. This very knowledge is a gift to you. This very awareness is a gift to you. The very awareness that you are part of the whole, or that the whole is part of you, is a gift. The very fact that you are able to even hear that this is Brahman and the universe is made up of only one, is a gift.

The Vedas say charaiveti, charaiveti, “Keep moving”. When you do yoga and meditation, when you do charity, when you do good work, when you do have a good heart, miracles will keep happening in abundance. You have the ability to bless others. Do not think that this is your victory, like that Devas. Or else you will not be able to lift even a blade of grass.The infinite consciousness is using you as an instrument, making all these things happen in the universe. See that one in all. That is your victory. That is the victory of Brahman, that is acceptance of Brahman, and that is Brahman accepting you. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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5 Skills you must develop to Succeed in life and business ✋👍👇

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 12.58.38 pmEveryone wants to be successful in life, but not many are aware of what success really is.

Success is an attitude, not just a phenomenon.

Tough situations arise in every business, every organization, and you need skills to handle them. These skills come from our inner space, which I call the Spiritual Space.

There are five ingredients for success:

1. Function as a Team:

Peace and prosperity are interlinked. Prosperity cannot flourish in a disturbed atmosphere. While working with others, you need to function as a team. Have a sense of respect for your team members, and do not indulge in blame games. As a team leader, you need to create an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, a sense of belonging, and celebration. Nothing can last if the focus is only on productivity and net result.

2. Manage your Mind:

The whole essence of the Bhagavad Gita is to act without being attached to the fruit of the action. If you can manage your mind in a war-like scenario, then you can manage any situation. This skill in action is called yoga. It is this wisdom of yoga that transforms one’s attitude from arrogance to self-confidence; from meekness to humility; from the burden of dependence to the realization of interdependence; from a limited ownership to oneness with the whole. When performing action, if the attention is only on the end result, then you can’t perform. Just give yourself fully to the task with 100 percent sincerity and commitment.   READ MORE WISDOM!

3. Be courageous like a lion:

There is a saying in Sanskrit that says, “Great wealth comes to one who has the courage of a lion and who puts in all his efforts.” Passion and dispassion are complementary like the in-breath and out-breath. You breathe in but you cannot hold the breath too long; you have to breathe out. Similarly, you need to have passion to make things work but also the dispassion to let go. When you don’t crave for abundance, it comes to you.

4. Develop your Intuition:

If all that is needed for prosperity is one’s own effort, then why are so many people who put effort not prosperous? This unknown factor or luck is enhanced by spirituality. The whole material world is run by a world of vibrations which is subtler than all that we see. Spirituality enhances intelligence and intuition. Intuition comes to you when you balance your passion with dispassion; profit with service; aggressiveness to get things with compassion to give back to the society. Intuition is the right thought at the right time, and is an important component for success in business.

5. Meditate:

The greater responsibilities and ambitions you have, greater is the need for you to meditate. In ancient times, meditation was used as a way to find the Self, for enlightenment and to overcome misery and problems. 

Meditation is all the more essential in today’s hectic lifestyle full of stress and tension.

Stress is too much to do, too little time, and no energy. It can be difficult to reduce your workload, or increase the time that you have, but you can increase your energy level.

Meditation not only relieves you of stress and strain, it also enhances your abilities, strengthens your nervous system and mind and releases toxins from the body. We are made up of both matter and spirit. The body has some material needs and our spirit is nourished by spirituality. Meditation also helps us get in touch with our inner space – the source of joy, peace, and love.

The sign of success is overwhelming joy, confidence, compassion, generosity, and a smile that none can snatch away. Whatever happens in life, if you can keep these, then you have really found success.  FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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How to overcome boredom? 😪😫😪

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.02.33 amWhat is boredom?
A repetition without interest or love causes a monotonous state of mind; that is boredom. It overshadows the Self.

When you have a passion or a commitment in life for a bigger cause, boredom will vanish. Boredom comes because you are only focused on your own pleasure.
If you are only thinking about yourself, about how much more joy or pleasure you can get for yourself, you will get bored, because you will not get it anywhere. However, when your heart beats for others, for something higher, something finer and something more meaningful, then there is no boredom.


The commitment level in our life indicates our enthusiasm or our boredom. If our commitment is low, boredom is bound to set in. If our commitment is higher, then boredom will never be anywhere around the corner. Boredom will never be anywhere near you.

A practice or abhyasa is again a repetition whose purpose is to destroy the boredom and reunite with the Self. In this process the practice itself creates boredom and as you continue, it penetrates the boredom and destroys it once and for all. Whether the practice gives you joy or boredom, it must be continued. Only the practice or abhyasa can annihilate the Mind.

 Self is Love and Love is always repetitive. That is why love letters are simply repetitive and there is no boredom there. If you are bored with yourself then how much more boring you would be for others.

Root out the boredom in you through deep and continued meditation.
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Can the souls of people who are dead disturb us? 👼👼

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.31.28 amPeople who are dead and gone, don’t think they have simply disappeared. They are still there. They are present. The Being is present. The soul. The body has dropped. The body has separated from the mind and the soul. But the soul is present all over, but without any activity. They can’t act without a body.So be fearless! The souls of the people who are dead will not come and disturb you. They cannot disturb you. They have no interest to disturb you.It’s like, in a match, in a game, a person becomes ‘out,’ and they go out of the playground. And they become just spectators. Like baseball. They leave the field, but they are very much there. They sit there and enjoy, watch. Sometimes they say, “Oh, I should have done better.” They don’t come in and do anything to you. The players who have gone outside the playground will not come and help you to make a goal or will not come and obstruct you in your goals, in your play. They’ll simply be there as a spectator. In the same way, all those people who have passed away from this world, they remain outside as spectators. They have no action. So be fearless. None of them can do any harm to you. READ MORE WISDOM!They can’t do any good nor any harm to you. They have no interest in it, because it’s all a game. They simply sit and watch. Sometimes they feel compassionate towards you or think how nice it would be if somebody had told you about it being a game. It’s not a war field here. You could take it a little lighter.

A baseball game happens and you will find millions of people commenting how much better they could have done, what they should have done, and have some sympathy towards them. But none of those comments really in any way matter to those who are playing. In the same way, all the people who have left the body, and we’ll also do the same thing. We are here with the body and talking and gossiping and worrying and crying and laughing and all this. One day we’ll just drop this body, but we will all lift up and be somewhere else. We’ll be outside the playground and watch. “Okay, let them play. We’ll see what they are doing.” 

But when they see that somebody has made a goal, they yell and cry and laugh and clap, just like young kids. A person who makes the goal is not yelling or crying or shouting, encouraging, but you’ll find all that shouting and joy and encouragement from outside the playground. This is what exactly happens, when you rejoice in love. All these ancestors are full of joy and enthusiasm. 

The ancestors rejoice when a person blossoms fully on this planet in Divine love.  Every drop of gratitude in you brings great joy to your ancestors.  It says the seven generations in the past and the seven generations in the future get liberated, if you get liberated, if you become free. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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6 ways to deal with uncertainty in life😰😰

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.03.11 pm

  1. Learn from Past ExperiencesTurn back and look at your own life. How many times have you felt like that? How much time have have you spent worrying? Even though you worried so much, things still happened in the right manner, isn’t it?  There was no need to worry! So look back at your own experience and you will realize that it is futile to worry. Looking back at your own moments and experiences gives you strength. This is where looking back helps.
  2. ConfidenceSecond is, you should have confidence in your own ability, and in your own fortune. You should know that only the best thing will happen to you.
  3. Valor or Courage – If the above two things don’t work, then there is a third option. Invoke the valour in you. Tell yourself “Come what may I will face it, I will handle it. I have the power to handle it”. Know that, You are never given a problem that you cannot handle. When you invoke this energy, this challenge in you, fear vanishes.  READ MORE WISDOM!
  4. Physical Exercises – Go for a walk in the morning, and then make the “Ha” and “Ho” sound. You will feel an increase in your energy levels, you will start bubbling with enthusiasm.
  5. Sadhana(Spiritual Practices) Pranayama(Breathing techniques), and Meditation can help you overcome difficult situations in life.
  6. Surrender & Prayer –  know that there is a higher power that loves you dearly, and it will never let you down. This faith will pull you through any tough situations. When you feel you are at a stage where you do not feel like doing anything and you feel totally hopeless,  that’s when you pray! Pray and surrender your whole being to the divine. An intense cry to the divine will make all the difference. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!
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Do you have all the three? – If so, you are very fortunate! 🙏😇

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.11.29 pmAfter 8.4 million bodies, you get the human body.

Just imagine, from bacteria, birds, animals, etc., 8.4 million lives later a human life comes. In this human life, few get to know the real spiritual path. And among those, very few walk on the path and they are the lucky ones.

Adi Shankara has also said, that the human birth is very difficult to get.

After having gotten human birth, the desire of wanting to walk on the spiritual path, is also very difficult to get. Few people get this. And even after getting this desire to walk on the spiritual path, only few get the opportunity to do it; they get the right path.

So many people, who want to walk on the spiritual path get caught up in all these wrong notions that one day the world is going to collapse, or doom’s day is going to come. And so these people pray out of fear. They get into paths where they are indented with fear and guilt.

Fear and guilt are two things which will never allow you to go deep into yourself. READ MORE WISDOM!


 And this is what some of the so called (religious) paths do.

Some of the religious paths create this fear of hell and heaven that puts people into such a turmoil of guilt and fear that the mind can never calm down. Meditation can never happen. This is very unfortunate. So even though these people are aspirants, they are not getting the path. 

These people don’t get access to the knowledge: ‘Come on, the mind is like a river, what are you holding on to? Don’t hold on to it. All the events are gone, drop it and move on. Live in the present moment‘.

This knowledge is not available to many people (who aspire to walk the spiritual path). They go on repenting about the past, feeling guilty, and the mind becomes a mess.
Of course they do pray. Their prayers do help, and they get some blessings. Blessings come to everyone, no doubt, but the knowledge, the right path and liberation remains a distant dream for them. Peace does not happen in their life. They sit with the hope that one day they will go to heaven. And so these souls get trapped with desires and fear.

They get a human life to be free from all this. So they will have to come back again to work out all these things. Again they will get into meditation.

So, a human birth, desire for a path, and the path being available to them (Maha Purusha Sannidho: getting a Spiritual Master), these three things are rare and difficult to get. If you have all three, you are lucky. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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Why do we seek attention and how to overcome it? 👀 ✨ 👀

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.18.50 pmAfter food and sleep, what kids are really looking for is attention. They will be playing at home, but the moment some guest comes, and the parents start talking to the guests the children will start their tactics to draw the attention of the parents. Because the attention of the parents was somewhere else and children were unable to tolerate that, they want to draw the attention towards themselves.

So this hunger for attention is there in every child.

And wherever you already got attention the mind doesn’t stay there, it looks at places where you are not getting attention. Sometimes when people give you too much attention also you are unable to take it, digest it, handle it. This is also an issue. Many marriages break because of this, not because of some dispute. But because they feel stifled. Husband loves the wife so much, or wife loves the husband so much that they start policing each other. Then at time you feel it’s so suffocating and it breaks up.

Similarly, with parents, if mother or father give too much attention to children. I have seen many kids coming here, saying: “I just want to get out of my parents home. I love them, they are too good, but I can’t stay with them” Why? They are unable to take the attention and digest it. It feels overwhelming.

And when in old age, people become even more miserable because they feel that they are not getting attention. They think, “Now that I have become old, nobody takes care of me, nobody asks for me, nobody talks to me.” READ MORE WISDOM!

This hunger for seeking attention remains until death. Liberation means getting rid of this hunger. If we are contented, then we become liberated or free. As long as we continue to seek the attention of others, this hunger will not get satisfied. Until the hunger is gone, there is no contentment. If there is no contentment, there is no freedom. If there is no freedom, then there is no happiness. How can one be happy when a person is stuck in bondage? How can one be blissful? There is no chance at all. That’s why, we should first of all identify if whatever we are doing, are we doing it to seek the attention of others or not? We have to ask ourselves this question.
We should see that there is an energy (shakti) which is looking at us every day with 1000s of eyes. That is why this shakti is called Virupaksha. One of the names of Lord Shiva is Virupaksh, which means the one who has eyes but no form, just like our mind. Mind is seeing, listening, but does the mind have any form? There is no form. Whatever the eyes see, it is only the mind that perceives it. If the mind is elsewhere, then even if the eyes are open you don’t perceive anything. When this realization – that there is somebody who is giving us attention and taking care of us all 24 hours, whether we like it or not and that they are our very own – dawns on us, then we see no meaning in seeking attention from others. There is no desire in seeking attention from others. This habit of seeking attention from others will appear very foolish and it disappears.

The maturity in life is when you don’t crave for attention from anybody.

When you don’t crave for attention from others, then you are so fulfilled, then you are so centered and then you start becoming a giver. Till then we are beggars and want attention from people. But when we are centered and settled, then we say , ” I am here to give. Come on, take what you want to take. ”

We should not think that others are not loving us, if they are not loving us, then it is their stupidity. In this world, if someone is not loving other then it’s his/her stupidity.

Just like the air outside you is connected to the air inside of you, the mind inside you is connected to the mind in the cosmos. The cosmos has a mind of its own. Just recognize – this little mind of mine is part of the one mind – gives enormous strength. It gives you such confidence. It gives you such satisfaction that nothing whatsoever can give. It gives you such immense dignity, strength. Words fails to describe what it is.

You don’t have to do anything, you only have to recognize. 


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Desire makes you weak & powerless 😰😰

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.34.29 pmJust turn back and look at last year, how many days did you spend worrying about some thing insignificant? How many days did you spend thinking about something which is obsolete now? Our energy is getting dissipated in the form of fears and desires. And it is the desire which makes you weak.

There is a story King Akbar. He was doing a mass prayer on the open grounds. And there was a fakir(saint) who passed by. The king asked God, “Give me more wealth,  Give me more prosperity,” etc. And as he was about to finish, the fakir(saint) who was moving around, passed that way, he just stood and watched him for a couple of minutes and he moved away. And Akbar got up and said, “Oh, wait, wait, what is it that you want? Because I will give you whatever you want. You ask me.” You know, this used to be the tradition in those days. Kings allowed people to ask them whatever desire they had.


So this fakir said “I don’t take anything from a beggar. You yourself were begging, five minutes ago to God to give you more wealth and prosperity! You are still a beggar being an emperor. I don’t need to take anything from you. I’ll take it from whomever you are asking.” 

It put Akbar into shame. He realized something very beautiful and said to himself,  “I have been a beggar all my life.”

A desire weakens you. It shakes you. Your root is shaken.


Whatever thing you desire, in front of those people, you become meek, weak, powerless. Love is not that. Love is dedication, is offering, not asking for. Love cannot be experienced in the process of asking, “Give me more. What can you give me?  What joy can you give me?” In this run of asking, snatching, there can’t be Divine love. There can’t be fulfillment. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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What is the significance of Gayatri Mantra? Can women chant it ? Why do we chant 108 times? 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 7.39.15 amWhat is the significance of Gayatri Mantra? Can women chant it ? Why do we chant 108 times?Ga-ya-tri – there are three types of misery. We have three bodies, the gross body, the subtle and the causal body. And in all the three levels there is misery. The human life has to cross-over all the three, and that is what Gayatri means. One who sings it, sails over the ocean of misery to go to bliss.

The Gayatri mantra is one of the greatest prayers mankind has.

What does it say? Let me soak in the Divine, and let the Divine destroy all my sins.
The Divine light that burns all sin, let me adore and soak in that Divine light. And let the Divinity inspire my intellect.

See, all our actions happen through our intellect, right? Thoughts come and then you act.
So you pray to the Divine to bring good thoughts into your mind. You pray to the Divine, ‘Take over my intellect. Inspire my intellect’; dhiyo yonah prachodayat. 

Dhi means intellect. May my intellect be guided by, kindled by, and inspired by you (Divinity). READ MORE WISDOM!

When right thoughts come, your action will always be right. When intuitive thoughts come, your actions will be fruitful. So praying for the best thought. Let my mind, my whole life energy be soaked in Divinity. That is the significance of Gayatri Mantra. 

Why 108 times?

Because there are nine planets and twelve constellations. When nine planets revolve around the twelve constellations, it brings 108 kinds of changes. If there is anything wrong in these changes, it can be rectified with the positive energy of the mantras.

Can women chant The Gayatri Mantra?

Yes. Nowhere it is said that women cannot chant.

It is unfortunate that somewhere in the middle ages, these rights of women were taken away. We have reinstated this in the Ashram. Many women are learning.

See it was a male dominated society. The men thought that if ladies do Gayatri Mantra, it will bring them a lot of power; healing power and sankalpa Shakti. Whatever they wish for those things will start happening. So the men said, ‘No our wives are already powerful, we don’t want to make them more powerful. So we won’t let them chant the mantra’. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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The transformative story of Angulimala(Buddha’s Disciple) 😮✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 3.16.00 pmPeace generates from deep within. It generates from the Being to the mind and from the mind to the environment.  It was said that wherever Buddha was teaching for upto 20 miles all around that place, there never used to be violence and things used to be very calm and very peaceful.  There is a story of Buddha’s time.

There was a man who was a dacoit and he was called Angulimala.

People who know Buddha know Angulimala also.  He was compared to Hitler in those days. He had killed 999 people and cut their fingers and made a garland out of those fingers. He was a terror. People were scared of him. He would just butcher people and cut their fingers since he wanted to have a garland!  999 people!  And he was looking for a  1000th finger! 

And it so happened, that Buddha was passing by. Angulimala lived on top of a hill. He saw a beautiful man and a good-looking person. He said, ‘Ok, here is my 1000th. I can have his finger as a pendant.’ So he came down the hill, laughing loud and making noise – ‘I am Angulimala coming.’ And Buddha was unshaken. He just stood there smiling. Angulimala tried to chase him, ‘Are you not afraid? You know I am Angulimala.’ People were terrified, just by hearing his name. They had nightmares. People would run away. And here he sees a man just standing there, embodiment of peace, just smiling. With so much compassion and grace looking at him! Angulimala came infront of Buddha and looked at him and he was stunned! A few minutes and then he melted..  he didn’t know what was happening to him. Angulimala fell at the feet of Buddha. Buddha said, ‘Yeah, go ahead! You want my finger?’ But Angulimala could not! The amount of light and love just shook Angulimala. He fell at the feet of Buddha. And then he became a Bhikshu(disciple). Buddha taught him meditation. He also changed his name. Everything in him changed. And people could not believe that. Angulimala was doing very strict austerities staying with Buddha. And Buddha taught him how to see the tension and irritation, frustration and ignorance in him that propelled him to do such work and when they all fell apart, he was such a wonderful person. READ MORE WISDOM!

After few years, 10 years or so he was being near Buddha. Buddha told him ‘You have now attained a very good state, now go and teach.’ Now this man goes out to those villages where he had collected the fingers, to teach people there. When he goes, even after 10 years, people would not forgive him. They had all the vengeance against him, they were throwing stones at him.  He had bruises all over his body. When someone saw him and asked, ‘What has happened?’ But he was still so peaceful and he had a smile on his face. People said, ‘Here is someone who has come to help somebody, and then he was hit with stones and has been hurt. But he was never hurt from inside, he was still smiling.’ And when someone asked him, ‘How come you are smiling?’ He said, ‘See, these people are showing how much anguish and tension they have gone through in their life. But for this supreme Knowledge, I would have remained like this and I would have made them more angry. I have created this anguish in them. And now that is being exhibited.’ 

He persisted and when people saw that there is no reaction from Angulimala and that he is still smiling, still calm, still so peaceful. That’s when they started coming back to him. When you don’t react, people get more interested. Because everyone feels normal when the reaction comes – they feel peaceful and happy. But when the other person does not react, it pinches them somewhere. It pushes them to come back. So they all came back to him, they learned meditation from him. And they became happy in their lives. That’s when Anguliamala saw that the peace is coming from one person. When one person is peaceful he creates so much peace all around him. 

When the mind is disturbed – give it a little time and it will settle down.

It is effortless. Having peace in mind, is not a strenuous job. It is an effortless process. Meditation is like that, it is an effortless process. When there is peace inside, the peace permeates outside also. It comes around you. It spreads in the environment. People start feeling the peace and grace around. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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A technique from Shiv Sutras to overcome worries! 😰😫😰

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 1.42.55 pm“Jnandahisthanam matrka” – Shiv Sutra

Translation – Go to the root of knowledge, silence.

Carefully observe and distinguish the different ideas, thoughts or worries that arise in your mind. Then observe one thought, then one sentence and then one word. Then separate that one word into letters and look at each letter carefully. When you do this, your worries will disappear.

Practice this for one week and you will understand that when we hold onto the silence that is in between words, then worries vanish. 

Where there is no sound or words, there are no worries because words are the root cause of worry. READ MORE WISDOM!


To transcend them is to reach silence.

Move from knowledge to the highest knowledge.

A mantra, a sacred sound, is defined as “manahtrayate iti mantrah” – a mantra is that which, when repeated constantly, clears your mind from worries and protects you. Knowledge is bondage, and it is impossible to gain knowledge without words. We need the help of language to understand what we are worrying or not worrying about. When we separate the words, we will be free from worry. One gets worried by holding onto sentences. Suppose your mind is worried that “My son is unemployed.” Now sit down and break up each of the words in the sentence, like this: M-y s-o-n i-s u-n-e-m-p-l-o-y-e-d. The intensity of the worry becomes less, and if you reduce its intensity, then the mind, which is entangled in a sentence, drops the worry and becomes contemplative. If you meditate and attempt to drive away the worry, it may not work. So take hold of the worry and go for its root by taking apart its words and meaning. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!


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Can we stop or prevent the effects planets and stars have on our life? 😲🌗✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.55.51 pmEvery particle in this Creation is related to us and our life. 
It is said that the whole Creation, right from the smallest atom to the subtlest Mahat Tattva (a fundamental principle of existence said to be far subtler than the Ego) are all connected and strung together by a single thread.
Scientists today say, that when a butterfly in South America flutters its wings, it affects the clouds hovering over China (implying a deep level of inter-connectedness). So, in this way, the whole world is one.

Our ancestors and Rishis (wise sages) also used to say that when you perform a Yagna (sacred fire ritual) here, the vibrations and effects will reach everywhere. When you pray, your prayers have the power to move the whole world.


This is true. But do not misunderstand this and take a fatalist view of everything around you, thinking that everything is already pre-destined and you have no choice but to endure your fate. Do not think that you have no freedom. Life is a combination of destiny and free will. There are some things we can change through our actions, and there are some things that we just cannot change and we have to accept them the way they are.
For example, after the age of 17-20 years, your height cannot increase any further. If you are five feet tall at that age, then that is what your height is going to be. But your weight can increase or decrease. So if you have gained 100 kilos in weight, you cannot say, “Oh, this is my destiny. What can I do?” Of course you can reduce your weight. But you cannot change your height. The same with life also.

There are many things we can change, and many things that we cannot change. The planets and stars definitely do have their effects on our life, but we can stop or even prevent that. This is why the unique number of 108 has been prescribed when it comes to chanting.
There are nine planets and twelve zodiac constellations. When these nine planets move through the twelve zodiac signs, they can create 108 different kinds of effects in our lives. In order to save ourselves from any ill effects of those vibrations, we chant Om Namaha Shivaya.

When we chant Om Namaha Shivaya, a protective shield is formed around us which saves us from these effects. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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The Power Of Devotion 🙏🏻✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.04.12 pmWhen Sri Rama was building the bridge to Sri Lanka, a lot of monkeys were helping him build it. So the monkeys were picking up stones, writing  Sri Rama on the back of the stones and putting it in the water. When they put the stones in the water, they would float.
Again, this has a spiritual significance. When the name of the Lord is with you, you will float through the ocean of misery; you won’t sink in the world of misery.

All the monkeys were writing Sri Rama, and all their stones were floating. When Sri Rama saw this, he was so surprised. He thought, ‘What? These stones are floating!’ He wanted to try it himself. So he took a stone, wrote Sri Rama and put it in the water. The stone sank! Sri Rama was surprised.

One monkey was sitting somewhere and watching. Sri Rama went where he thought nobody was watching (whenever we think nobody is watching, there is somebody who is watching). So, one monkey who was watching, he started laughing. Sri Rama was a little embarrassed. The laughing monkey said to Sri Rama, ‘Those who you throw away from your hands, how they will float? They will only sink!’


This is to say that the devotees are so much more powerful than the Lord himself; devotees can do so much more than the Lord himself. This is the lesson from the story.

While this was happening, a little squirrel was also moving around. It was taking little pebbles, and putting them in the water. Some laughed at the little squirrel, saying, ‘How can a squirrel be a contributor?’

The squirrel said, ‘I am contributing for my own joy. I am also a part of this huge thing that Sri Rama is doing, and I am so proud of it.’

Even today in India, we call it the ‘Squirrel’s Contribution’; it is a sign of humility. Even when we do a little bit, it doesn’t make a big significance; but being part of something big, saying, ‘I have also done something’, gives that inner satisfaction.

So, the squirrel also started contributing by throwing little stones in the water.

The lesson from this story is that devotees are more powerful than Rama himself.  

When your heart is filled with love, and compassion, you are so powerful.
 Never underestimate yourself. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!
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Contradictions in the Bhagavad Gita ✨

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.04.30 pmTruth is contradictory; if it is not contradictory, then it is not truth! The Bhagavad Gita is full of contradictions. You can understand it only if you see it in totality.

At one point, Krishna tells Arjuna that action is the most important thing. But after that, He tells him that action is all right but knowledge is better! Then Krishna says, ‘‘You must become a yogi and drop everything around you.’’

Krishna tells Arjuna in Chapter Six that since he is confused, there is no use talking. He asks him to meditate. Finally, He says, ‘‘He is the greatest amongst yogis who keeps Me in his heart whether he meditates or not. He is the real yogi, because I am with him in whatever he is doing.’’

At one juncture, Krishna says, ‘‘Arjuna, there is nobody dear to me, nobody whom I love.’’ And then gives a whole list of qualifications for those He really loves!

In another instance, Krishna tells Arjuna to act without looking for the fruit of action. Later, He asks Arjuna to act properly, according to natural law. Then He tells him that he ought to fight if he wants to win the war. So, at this point He is bringing Arjuna’s attention to the fruit of action, but then He also tells him not to worry about the fruit of action. READ MORE WISDOM!

Krishna was like a dear friend to Arjuna. In the Bhagavatam, except for Vidura and Udhava, nobody even thought he was enlightened; they all thought that he was just very smart. The Pandavas and the gopis knew who Krishna was and how complete He was from all angles. But many of them, including Arjuna, did not see him that way. Krishna, however, shows him that He is infinite.

Krishna tells Arjuna, ‘‘I will give you a special eye of knowledge, which I haven’t given anybody in ages. I am giving it to you now because it is time.’’ With that, He gives him a vision. For that one moment the universe appears as a manifestation of Krishna to Arjuna.

Arjuna sees all of creation, everything – the mountains and the rivers, the past, the present and the future – dissolving in Krishna. For an instant, the whole of life, the universe, all memories play out like a movie and it frightens Arjuna. Then Arjuna pleads, ‘‘Oh! Please show me your simple,  natural and friendly face. I like your simple smile and I want to see my friend. I don’t want to see anything beyond. It is too much for me.’’

This is called Vishva Roopa Darshana – the vision of the universal. Thereafter, Krishna tells Arjuna about the yagyas, principles and laws of the universe. Then He talks about sanyasa and how to be centred. Arjuna tells Krishna that what he says is not easy to follow. Krishna says, ‘‘I agree… It is difficult but not impossible. With practice, dispassion and by getting to the centre again, you will succeed.’’  Krishna tried everything. Finally, it was the display of the universal vision that worked on Arjuna. When Arjuna says, ‘‘I give up,’’ Krishna says, ‘‘Think and do whatever is best for you after pondering over what I have said.” And then Arjuna says his mind is clear now. Krishna had to speak through 18 chapters to get him to that point. He could have done it at the very first chapter. But the way this knowledge flows is really beautiful. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!!

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The anger of the enlightened is a blessing✨🙏🏻

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 2.52.59 pmOnce upon a time, there was a master who was traveling in a central Indian province. He had his disciple following him a few yards behind.

They came across some boys who were being rude and abusive. These boys began to throw stones and tease the disciple, calling him names. This went on for some time as the boys followed the master and the disciple. They came to a river. The master and the disciple got into a boat in order to cross over.

The boys got into another boat and continued to bully. As they reached the middle of the river the boat began to capsize. The master slapped the disciple across the face. The disciple was taken aback by this gesture of his Master.  He had not said a word to the boys in response to their taunts. He thought he had been a good disciple and yet the master had slapped him!

The master said, “It is your fault. You are responsible for their boat sinking. You did not respond to their abuse, which would have taken their karma away. Nature has now punished them in a worse way because you did not have enough compassion to quell their insults.”

With that slap the master took away the karma of this event so that it would not be carried into the boys’ future. It also served to take away any little bit of joy the disciple may have felt at seeing the boys’ boat sink. Thus, it also took away the karma of the event for the disciple. So the anger of the enlightened is a blessing.

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