Music & Chakras βœ¨πŸŽ΅

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 3.40.23 pmThe first chakra is at the base of the spine, at beginning of the anus and is called Muladhara. Just above that is the next chakra called Svadhishthana. The third chakra is just above the navel called Manipura. Above that is the Anahata chakra which is in the center of the chest. Then is the throat chakra called Visuddhia. Above that is the chakra in-between the eyebrows calledAjna. The last chakra is on top of the head called Sahasrara.

The drums affect the Mooladhara (the base chakra or the first chakra). The big and small drums, their effect is from the Mooladhara to Swadishtana(second chakra). The big wind instruments like trumpets affect the second to third chakra (Swadhisthana to the Manipura). Metallic sounds affect the Manipura to Anahata(the fourth chakra). When you hear a metallic screech, something happens in your belly. How many people have noticed this? The string instrument has its affects from the naval to the heart. Veena and Sitar – stringed instruments affects the Anahata (the heart chakra). READ MORE WISDOM!

Flute music, wind instruments and sometimes the piano sounds affect the Anahata toVishudhi (the throat chakra). Bells, sounds of water, bird songs, very soft and subtle sounds have its effects from throat to the Agna Chakra (in between the eyebrows). Then finally the Sahasrara the (top of the head) is affected by meditation and all other instruments put together at once.

If you watch any Indian rituals, you will understand that they knew this. In the temples, they placed the drums on the periphery, then there are the big wind instruments, and on the very inside of the sanctum sanctorum are bells and conch. So, sound vibes are balanced from the drums to the wind instruments, then stringed instruments, then again wind instruments and then bells and finally, it all ends in silence. The purpose of sound is silence. Did you all know this? Sound originates from silence and its goal is silence. Silence simply means total harmony. When there is total harmony deep within you, then even sound seems like an object, it seems heavy. But the way is through sound, through music. Music is that which connects the individual to the universal. The limited mind expands through music and realizes it is already part of the big consciousness or the big mind.


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4 Responses to Music & Chakras βœ¨πŸŽ΅

  1. Harsh Nanavati says:

    Where do you get this heavy information from? I can connect because I ve read Krishnamurti and osho.

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  2. Harsh Nanavati says:

    No offence. I was just asking out of curiosity. Really love the way you write.

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  3. Soul Gifts says:

    The chakras are also affected by crystal energies and essential oils. The combination of all three (ie. add music) is a powerful mix πŸ™‚ Interesting article !

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