What happens at the time of death? 😱😱

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 1.18.39 pmA child can come into this planet in different ways: by natural birth or by cesarean birth. Caesarean births were called as Naabhi janya (born through navel). This has been known since olden days; it is not new.

At the time of death, if you keep your attention between your eyebrows and assimilate your prana(life force energy) over there, and if the
soul leaves through that door, then the soul attains a higher state.

Often at the time of death, body wastes are excreted from the anus. If the prana (life force energy) leaves through the first chakra, they go to the lower realms. Those who leave with a lot of pain or desires, their life force leaves through the base of the spine. In our country, since olden days there is a process called Kapaal Kriya, in which they break the skull to let the prana out from the head. That is of no use. They do this process after a person has died. While life is still in the body, when you practice taking the prana higher, then Bramharandra opens (the place in the crown of the head where the soul is said to escape at the time
of death).

When Brahmarandhra opens while a person is still alive, that life is liberated.


A devotee and a yogi, his prana will not go from the base of the spine. It will go from the higher realms. READ MORE WISDOM!

The more you purify your energy channels in the body through the strength of yoga, the more you can attain higher realms. If the mind is stable, focused at one point, at the time when the prana is leaving the body, then the soul gets strength to attain the highest realm. And a devotee always has a firm mind. Where there is no devotion, there is greed. Wherever there is greed, there is no devotion. A devotee is ready to sacrifice. He does not have a mindset of I, I. A devotee’s mindset is to give. A mind which is always in the ‘I’ is unstable, and one who can say ‘I am there for you’ that mind is stable. See a mother’s mind which is focused on her children. It is stable because she always thinks about her children. A yogi or a devotee, in whose heart love has appeared or those who has progressed on the path of yoga, they become one with the vast Purusha by remembering the divine at the time of death. This is a process. They become one with the God.

How to become one with God even after leaving the body?

At the time of death, if the attention is between the eyebrows, their eyeballs go up. That indicates that the prana is going out from the
higher channels.

Did you know?

In chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna requests Lord Krishna to reveal His universal form – Vishwaroop. Though Lord Krishna had spoken to Arjuna about the various manifestations of the Divine energy in different chapters of the Gita, yet, Krishna in his compassion shows His universal form to Arjuna.

What is this universal form ? What did Lord Krishna tell Arjuna ? What did he realize by seeing this ? FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!

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8 Responses to What happens at the time of death? 😱😱

  1. Harsh Nanavati says:

    I just love the way you put it, but can you elaborate it further? I would love to read it then 😉

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  2. Harsh Nanavati says:

    Ehhe :p


  3. Soul Gifts says:

    Fascinating. When my mother died (she had been unconscious for several days) I am convinced I saw her Soul leave her body – through the top of her head.

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