A technique from Shiv Sutras to overcome worries! 😰😫😰

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 1.42.55 pm“Jnandahisthanam matrka” – Shiv Sutra

Translation – Go to the root of knowledge, silence.

Carefully observe and distinguish the different ideas, thoughts or worries that arise in your mind. Then observe one thought, then one sentence and then one word. Then separate that one word into letters and look at each letter carefully. When you do this, your worries will disappear.

Practice this for one week and you will understand that when we hold onto the silence that is in between words, then worries vanish. 

Where there is no sound or words, there are no worries because words are the root cause of worry. READ MORE WISDOM!


To transcend them is to reach silence.

Move from knowledge to the highest knowledge.

A mantra, a sacred sound, is defined as “manahtrayate iti mantrah” – a mantra is that which, when repeated constantly, clears your mind from worries and protects you. Knowledge is bondage, and it is impossible to gain knowledge without words. We need the help of language to understand what we are worrying or not worrying about. When we separate the words, we will be free from worry. One gets worried by holding onto sentences. Suppose your mind is worried that “My son is unemployed.” Now sit down and break up each of the words in the sentence, like this: M-y s-o-n i-s u-n-e-m-p-l-o-y-e-d. The intensity of the worry becomes less, and if you reduce its intensity, then the mind, which is entangled in a sentence, drops the worry and becomes contemplative. If you meditate and attempt to drive away the worry, it may not work. So take hold of the worry and go for its root by taking apart its words and meaning. FOLLOW FOR MORE WISDOM!


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9 Responses to A technique from Shiv Sutras to overcome worries! 😰😫😰

  1. Harsh Nanavati says:

    Do you know my name “Harsh” in Hinduism means “Joy”? Well, this technique is Buddha’s witnessing one. Not really, but kind of similar.

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  2. Harsh Nanavati says:

    Okay let’s say I was serious. Think about our offsprings haha:))))

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