Does Karma Exist?πŸ˜‡βœ¨

Yes, Karma definitely exists. There are two types of karma.

The first type of karma is that which gives results immediately. For example, 

if you were to place your hand in fire, will it burn now or will it burn tomorrow? 

It will burn as soon as you place your hand in it! 

But if you were to plant a mango tree today, will you get the fruit today itself? 

No, you will get it after many years.

So similarly some Karmas give you the fruit immediately, while some Karmas after maybe a year or maybe a few years.

 If your grandfather set up a factory by working hard long ago, and you are enjoying the fruits of his hard work now, it has taken one generation for the profit to start coming.


Similarly some karma you will face the consequences of immediately and some you will face after some time has passed.


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5 Responses to Does Karma Exist?πŸ˜‡βœ¨

  1. Dear friend,

    According to my Masters words:


    Every action brings about a reaction

    We are to understand this principle, this law. If we understand this principle or Law of Karma, then we can come out of it and go back home. Otherwise we’ll keep on coming and going and coming and going. So each cause has an effect. Every action brings about a reaction. Uproot the cause and the effect disappears. This has been done by the Masters who have transcended these laws. But all others are bound by the bonds of karma, which is the root cause of physical existence. Of course, these are very good actions, the reactions of which have given you the manbody. But still we have to be very careful what we do: either we are trying to go back down or back home.

    There are three kinds of karma

    One kind is called Sanchit. “Sanchit” means “which are stored as yet,” not fructified. So suchlike karmas, you see, from hundreds of births back, are just in store, not yet touched for reaction.

    Ever since we have left the house of our Father, ever since we have been sent to the earth, we have been coming and going. Action and reaction has been going on. Some has been paid off by Pralabdha karma. Pralabdha karmas are the karmas which are in fruit, which are fructified, and on which our present existence is based. First, we have got the manbody. That is the result of very high karma, good karma.

    So pralabdha is the karma on which our present life is based. It is what is called “fate” or “destiny.” Fate or destiny is a reaction of our past karma which is now in fruit.

The third class is Kriyaman, the actions that we do daily. Man is free within certain limits and bound within certain limits.

    More information you can find here:

    Excerpt from:

    “Is there another kind of karma? One is Kriyaman, another is Pralabdha, the third is what is in store – Sanchit. But there is another form of karma. This is called Neh-karma, karma performed without any attachment or desire for the fruit thereof. You see? This is superior to the other forms of karma, which are more or less a source of bondage. This type helps a little to liberate one from karmic reactions, from bondage. If you do some job without desiring any fruit, that won’t bind you. This is one thing. But so long as the ego is there, how can you not? You won’t feel that you are not the doer. You follow my point? So long as you are the doer, whether you are doing good actions or bad, even at your heart of hearts, you know, “I have done good actions,” you see. That will bear forth fruit. …”

    Once I have written a poem with such words:
    The shadow thinks it is moving, but it is the light that is moving the shadow – so we can see and understand who is the Doer, means we are surely not the doer but in the process of cause and effect play one certain role, the role of the One – in this way we become empty vessels and the “Power of Life and Death, of Light and Consciousness, of Love and Oneness” can take seat in this empty swimming vessle be the captain of it – to direct us Home – when the drop is merged back into the Ocean of life, Ocean of Grace, Ocean of Love and Light

    Thank you for your patience to read so much as a comment
    All good wishes

    P.S. – the links give you more information πŸ™‚ – feel free to read πŸ™‚

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