Is life free will or destiny⁉️ ✨🤔

Life is a combination of both destiny and free will. 
For example, your height is your destiny and your weight is your free will.

An intelligent person will always see the past as destiny, and the future as free will. 

If you think that the past was about free will, then you will only sit and regret in the present. 

And if you think that the future is all destiny then you will have no enthusiasm to do anything in the present. 

So fools think that the past was free will and the future is destiny, and get depressed and become unhappy

Someone once asked me, “Did you become a Blogger by choice or by accident?”

I said, “By accident!” — so that is the destiny.

 Knowing that the past is destiny, the future is free will, you should live happily in the present moment. 

This is wisdom.

A strong body can carry a weak mind, but a weak mind cannot carry even a strong body. 

Clarity in the mind and purity in the heart are the signs of happiness. 


Having these will uplift your spirit, and it has not left anyone untouched.


About joyshimmers

I am a spiritual healer, councillor, photographer, philosopher and blogger/writer. For any advice or asking questions related to problems about life feel free to email me at -
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9 Responses to  Is life free will or destiny⁉️ ✨🤔

  1. Dear friend,

    As life is consists of give and take, we come together with ceratin people around us (parents, brothers and sister, relatives, friends and also with those we do not like at all) – to balance give and take.

    Excerpt from the page “Spirituality Unity of Man”:

    “Ever since we have left the house of our Father, ever since we have been sent to the earth, we have been coming and going. Action and reaction has been going on. Some has been paid off by Pralabdha karma. Pralabdha karmas are the karmas which are in fruit, which are fructified, and on which our present existence is based. First, we have got the manbody. That is the result of very high karma, good karma.”

    And to continue with the words of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh:

    “We are independent within certain limits to do some actions, and we are also bound to some extent

    When a railroad line is laid down, the train will run over it. Before you lay down any railroad line, it is up to you to lay it down this way or that way. But once it is laid down, the train will have to run over it. So, as I told you, some karmas are bearing fruit; some we are doing fresh; and others have not yet borne any fruit – that will come up in due course.

    So we are independent within certain limits to do some actions, and we are also bound to some extent. Action, reaction, action, reaction goes on – there’s no end to it.”

    Yes, so as you have written too: There is a combination of both destiny (karma) and free will.

    Thanks for sharing this important subject, dear friend 🙂
    All good wishes

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  2. For sure a great thought to ponder and I believe it’s a combination of both.

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  3. keithakenny says:

    Very wise. As far as destiny and free will, I see many people who blame destiny for their failings. Unfortunately, that takes away any chance they might have in learning life’s lessons. So indeed, their destiny will not be bright.

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