Are You Really Rich⁉️ ✨💰💸😇✨

What do you really want in life?! 

Is it Money? You are struggling for money, then don’t sit and day dream, do hard work. 

If one business does not work, choose another business and do it. 

Don’t sit and day dream and only think about miracles to happen.

Miracles do happen, but if you crave for miracles then they will take a back seat. 

Nature wants you to be dynamic. 

There are people who ask, please give me some numbers for my lottery ticket. 

I just want to win a lottery so that I don’t have to do anything. Just do sadhana all the time and some seva(service).’

 No way! First of all, decide what it is that you want from life. You know money is something that you will always find people short of. Always!

You can see for example, the richest country, the only super power on this planet is USA and it is under heavy debt; trillions of dollars of debt. 

You take big companies; many of them are in debt. The richer a person gets, the more expenses he has. 

At the same time, there are poor people who are contributing towards charity, poor people who take time to do service, which is amazing. 

They feel so much abundance.

You don’t have to be very rich to feel the abundance.

In fact many rich people don’t feel abundance at all, they feel lack. They are not generous.

 But poor people are very generous. Don’t imagine a situation where you will become super rich one day and then you will start doing some seva(service), no, nothing like that. 

You can feel abundance at any point of time.


And the moment you start feeling abundance, you will see things will get better! 


About joyshimmers

I am a spiritual healer, councillor, photographer, philosopher and blogger/writer. For any advice or asking questions related to problems about life feel free to email me at -
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