How To Not Get Bored From Routine⁉️⁉️😫✨😇🙏

You want comfort too much. 

Get out of your comfort zone. 

You are only thinking of your comfort and pleasure; that is when you get into this sort of stage or state.

You are here to be useful to somebody else. You are here to do something useful to someone. How can you be bored? 

Even if you are bored, you have to do that, because what you do is useful to someone else. 

If you are self-centered, and you think, ‘If I like it only then I will do it’, then that is not seva. That won’t bring you satisfaction. Do you see what I’m saying?

‘I don’t like meeting people’, but you are meeting people for your sake or for their sake? If you are meeting people for their sake, then your life is fulfilling.

 See, I am very free, but yet I am not free. Every day of mine is bound. Do you see what I am saying?

So, do something that is good for others. 

Don’t worry about whether you like it or not, just do it and see. 

Sometimes you don’t like doing things in the beginning, but later on, you will reap the fruit of that action. 

Any service you do will always take you up; it will always bring you benefits, beyond your imagination. 

So don’t underestimate that. Do you see what I am saying?

Otherwise, if you are doing everything to satisfy your own self, you will be bored, because nothing in the world can satisfy you. 

And you are lucky in a way that you are getting so bored so quickly. You are so lucky; you are the right person as a seeker, you have the right ingredients to grow because you get bored with all these material things. 

That is good.


One very good thing with the kids these days is that they get bored with everything very soon, but instead of getting frustrated, they should move that whole energy in another direction of evolution, to go higher.


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