How To End Corruption⁉️⁉️💰 ❌✨😇🙏

We must know that not the whole world is corrupt. 

There are a few people who indulge in corruption.

We must also remember that corruption begins where the sense of belongingness ends. 

This is what we should note. 

Nobody can do corrupt practices with those whom they think belong to them. 

Wherever there is sense of belongingness, corruption becomes simply impossible.

Corruption begins where sense of belongingness ends. 

So you need to educate people in values where the sense of belongingness is extended. This is what I call spirituality.

Spirituality is that which enhances the sense of belongingness among people, so there is that natural tendency to be honest and to care for each other.


Corruption simply becomes impossible in these cases.


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I am a spiritual healer, councillor, photographer, philosopher and blogger/writer. For any advice or asking questions related to problems about life feel free to email me at -
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  1. Sadly when corruption thrives in the world leaders we must hold true to our purity. The purity

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