How Do We Find Balance⁉️⁉️🤔✨😇🙏

Through Meditation.

Today scientists say, if you meditate even for eight weeks at least once a day, the grey matter in the brain increases and the structure of the brain changes.

Today scientists have said the same thing, they have authenticated it in some way – that meditation does so much good to your nervous system and it does so much good to your brain. It creates a positive energy around you, it uplifts your spirit and alters your behavior pattern.

World Health Organization says that the biggest challenge that mankind is facing today is depression, and by the year 2020 depression is going to be much more prevalent.

If half the population are on anti-depressants, then that is going to be terrible.

Even anti-depressants work for some time and then they stop working.

So, we need to bring a lifestyle change in people by making them understand how they can handle their own mind, their energy and their vibrations.

We live in era of quantum physics and today quantum physics says this is all about vibration.

The whole world is nothing but vibrations, and this is what spirituality also says – it’s all vibration. So, we need to teach people how they can shake off all the stress that accumulates on a day-to-day basis.

30 years ago, when I would talk about yoga or meditation, people would say, “Wow, that’s not the normal thing to do. Someone who is crazy would go for all this”.

That was the paradigm, that was the assumption people had. Today it has changed.

Today, big companies like Daimler Chrysler, Benz, etc., show someone in a meditative pose to depict happiness in their advertising.


Relaxation and happiness has become synonymous to meditation. I feel there’s a big change in the mindset of the people.


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I am a spiritual healer, councillor, photographer, philosopher and blogger/writer. For any advice or asking questions related to problems about life feel free to email me at -
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