Can we spread our positivity on other planes and realms of existence as well!? βœ¨πŸ™πŸ˜‡β€οΈ


When you meditate and you are in knowledge, that knowledge can pass on to them as well.

There is a beautiful ceremony in India called Tarpan. Tarpan means fulfilling, satisfying. A son or daughter prays for their ancestors, who have passed across, to be content and fulfilled. They take sesame seeds with water and they say β€˜Tripyati, Tripyati, Tripyati’.

Tripyati means be content.

The ceremony means, ‘You might be having small desires in the mind, they’re like the sesame seeds.

Just drop them and move on, be content. We are here to fulfill your desires, don’t worry about these little things’. This is what they say.

So reading Yoga Vasishta (an ancient Indian text), and being in knowledge itself spreads the subtle light to other realms of existence. So they get fulfilled by you being happy and content, by you being in devotion, and in wisdom. That positive vibration reaches to other planes and touches them too. You don’t have to do any special thing for it.

Sometimes people feel that they are not getting the benefit of their meditation.

It is because a portion of the merits of their meditation is being reaped elsewhere. Someone else is enjoying that. So, that is okay.

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