Is everything moving! β€οΈπŸ˜‡πŸ™βœ¨


Yes because God Particle is in Dark Energy only. Nothing is out of Dark Energy. Dark matter and Dark energy is what exists, and all these light bubbles are like drops on a sheet of paper.

Suppose you have a plastic sheet and you put a few drops of water, it forms a round shape. Why is that? It is because of the sheet. In the same way, this whole universe is enveloped by Dark Matter and Dark Energy and that is what it says, β€˜Tama Asitamasa Gudhamagre.’

In the beginning the darkness was in a mysterious manner enveloped with another darkness, and all this what you see was all energy – Salilam.

Salilam in simple translation means water, that which is fluid. But another meaning for it is energy that moves. Water moves, that is why it is also called Salilam. Air moves, that is why air is called Sameer.

So, Salilam means that energy that is not stagnant, but which is dynamic; moving. And the entire universe was just energy which was dynamic.

Unfortunately people who know the Vedas know nothing about science, and people who know about science know nothing about Vedas. There is a big gap. It will be very difficult for Vedic people to graduate in science. What would be easier is for scientists to learn a little bit of the Vedas. If they go into the books a little bit, even as a pass time, they may be able to explore and get ideas which may be of some use.

It is also said that every particle of the space is filled with knowledge, information.

Chittakasha – the space is filled with information; Akashik Records. All that happened in the past; whatsoever anybody or everybody has spoken in the past is all present in the Akasha (space). And what is going to happen and what someone will speak in the future is also present in the Akasha. This is what they say, if you get access to the Akasha.

People who are psychic and those who get premonitions, clairvoyants, all this can be answered with this one field of Chittakasha.

And superior to Chittakasha is Chidakasha – the operator.

Chittakasha is simply a store house; like you type a text message here and press the send button and electronically it goes and delivers to the number you sent it to. Similarly, when you send and receive emails, they all remain in the space, and you are able to download it. That uploading and downloading that happens is in Chittakasha – the space of Chitta. But one step higher than that is Chidakasha.

Chidakasha is the field of intelligence.

Chidakasha is the designer and Chittakasha is the design. And when you do yoga and meditation and go deep into it, then you go into these three spaces. Bhutakasha, where first you find nothingness, and you think that this β€˜nothingness’ is everything, no! You go beyond that, it is Chittakasha, and then beyond that you see Chid-atma – The Self; the Chidakasha, and that is Shiva Tattva – Chidakasha.

See, when you sit for meditation, the first thing you experience is thoughts, and from thoughts you experience emptiness. And then from emptiness you further experience the energy – tremendous energy, isn’t it?! How many of you experience energy in deep meditation? (Many raise their hands)

Yes, that is Chidakasha.

So someone asked, β€˜How is The Self?’

It is empty like the sky and full like the ocean.

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