Glimpse of satya yuga ❤️🙏😇✨


That is what we are doing here.

What do you think we are doing? Are we not having fun; are we not happy? Look at everybody’s face, everyone has a big smile.

If someone does not then they are simply shut off for a little while.

This is Satya Yuga. There is such nice sattvic food, that brings more harmony and uplifts your consciousness. There is some knowledge, some singing and dancing.

So this is Satya Yuga where there is absolute harmony. Even in silence you can move around, nobody is compelling you to speak anything.

Do you feel nice being in silence and being with everybody? How many of you feel nice? See you cannot be like this in the outside society. If you are silent, they will poke you and ask you, ‘why are you silent?’

I heard of a particular gentleman, he was just standing and one of his friends passed by and said, ‘why are you standing here?

He said, ‘why, can I not stand?’

He sat on a chair on the street and then someone came and said,‘hey, why are you sitting here?’

He said, ‘okay, I am going to walk’, and when he was walking they asked, ‘where are you going? Why are you walking?’ He said, ‘let me run’, and he was running and another person asked him, ‘why are you running?’

Then he said, ‘oh my God’, and he started crying and then someone came and asked him why he was crying.

He said, ‘oh God, this world, they don’t let you sit, they don’t let you stand, they don’t let you walk, they don’t let you run, they don’t let you cry and for everything I do, people ask, why do you do this.’

But here nobody bothers why you do what you do. You have total freedom of being in silence.

If you are talking, people say, ‘why you talk so much’, and if you are silent, people say, ‘why are you silent’, here nobody asks but they simply love you. They are there for you.

Everything happens and everything goes on without having to utter a word. That is Satya Yuga. Your wishes get fulfilled even before they arise, there is water even before you feel thirsty, and that is Satya Yuga.

Treta Yuga is you feel thirsty and then water comes immediately. Dwapara Yuga is you feel thirsty and you have to make an effort to get water and Kali Yuga is you are thirsty and you make all the efforts and you don’t get a drop of water.

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I am a spiritual healer, councillor, photographer, philosopher and blogger/writer. For any advice or asking questions related to problems about life feel free to email me at -
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