Is space ceaseless! 🙏✨❤️😇


Absolutely! Rishis are those meditators who were in deep meditation millions of years ago. They were the scientists of those days and they had the spirit of enquiry.

Saints and scientists are not two, they were one.

So in ancient days, since there were not many instruments to objectively know, the Rishis said, ‘if I am also made up of the same object then let me go inward and operate from the subtle level of consciousness and download all the knowledge that is there.’

How do you download the knowledge? You can download it because it is in the space.

If it is not in the space then how can you download anything into your computer?

So there are three types of space, one is the material space, another is the space of consciousness and the third is the space of super consciousness.

There are three types of space and these are, ‘Chid Aakasha’, ‘Chit Aakasha’ and ‘Bhoot Aakasha’.

So, knowing the inner space inside you is connected to the outer space and the space in between where all the knowledge is stored, they operated from that level. That is how the science of Ayurveda came into existence.

That is how during the Vedic times people said how all the planets revolve around the Sun.

It was not Galileo who first found out that the earth is revolving around the Sun, it is wrong to say that. It is the Rishis who have said this, thousands of years ago even before Galileo or before Einstein.

They said that this whole thing is made up of one wave function; one energy. So in those days they said Jupiter has twelve moons, and the calculations they made is perfect even today.

The calendar they calculated shows when exactly the eclipse is going to happen; what minute and what second. They made the whole almanac, the calendar for thousands of years.

How could that be possible with such precision. Exact minute and seconds, written thousands of years ago.

They found the twelfth moon of Jupiter only recently, few decades ago, but the Rishis had written about it thousands of years ago. And exactly how much time it takes for Saturn to make one circle around the Sun is also mentioned. Similarly in Ayurveda, what herb is useful to what part of your body and what disease it could be used to cure and where it is found. All this information, materiamedica was given by the Rishis.

The allopathic materiamedica took many years to be written and still it is not perfect. But the ancient scriptures on health and herbs are perfect to this date. It is amazing!

Similarly they calculated about the atoms, time and space and how this Universe is made up of five elements.

One professor here said there are only four elements. I said, ‘no, they know of a fifth element.’ He was shocked and I said, ‘Yes.’ He then said, ‘The fifth element was discovered only recently’

It is an illusion, this knowledge has been there for a long time; ‘space’ is the fifth element.

Today they say that the other four elements are nothing and the fifth element is the reality.

The ancient people knew this and that is why if you see a picture of Lord Vishnu, he is blue.

Blue means space.

Lord Vishnu has a disc, which is fire element; the conch is water element; flower is air element; and there is a maze which is earth element and so all four elements can be dispensed with. You can throw away the disc, you can throw away the conch, you can throw away the flower, the lotus and the maze, but space you cannot throw it.

This was depicted symbolically thousands of years ago.

So Vedic Rishis sat in deep meditation and downloaded the knowledge and they kept speaking whatever came into their consciousness and that were recorded.

Today scientists analyze objectively and understand. And today’s scientists are Rishis and those days, Rishis were scientists.

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