How to live the knowledge and be convincing to others πŸ˜‡β€οΈβœ¨


No need to try to convince anyone. Even I don’t know how to convince people. Don’t convince anybody. If you are convinced, that is good enough. If you have the conviction, that is good enough. And if you have the heart that others should also benefit in their life, there should be a smile on their face, everyone should benefit from knowledge, that very intention will carry on.

But if you are trying to convince somebody, when you want to convince somebody, you think they don’t know it. Or they don’t believe in it. Everyone wants to be happy. Every single human being on the planet want to be kind and loving, and be loved. They want to explore their depth. Who doesn’t want happiness? Who doesn’t want a clear mind? Everyone wants clarity in their mind! So, this is a need of everybody.

Who doesn’t want a healthy body, tell me. Everybody wants it! Who doesn’t want to feel pleasant in all situations? Or have positive vibes in them? Everybody wants it.

So when you are trying to convince somebody, you think they don’t want it and so you have to convince them to want it. That’s where we do a mistake.

I feel you shouldn’t convince anybody, you should just live the knowledge, smile and serve. And say what you feel like saying. If you want to tell something to others around you, don’t be shy in speaking your heart out. Speak out, and that’s it.

Courtesy of: sri sri ravi shankar guruji.

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