So many Prejudices all around the world, so how to overcome them all!? πŸ˜­βœ¨β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜‡


It can help you in so many ways and that is why it is so popular. If millions of people around the world are doing it, there must be something to it.

I tell you, it is very profound, intense and at the same time, simple as well.

It is not just an exercise. It is an exercise with spiritual upliftment of energy. It is for sure that when you walk out from the course, you will go with a bigger smile and contentment in your heart; adding a new dimension to life.

You know there are so many prejudices in our minds. We should let go of the prejudices. The mind has different kind of prejudices.

See, we accept food from every part of the world. We accept music from every part of the world. But when it comes to knowledge, wisdom and relating to people, we have some prejudices.

We should overcome these prejudices and feel that everybody belongs to me, the whole world is one family.


About joyshimmers

I am a spiritual healer, councillor, photographer, philosopher and blogger/writer. For any advice or asking questions related to problems about life feel free to email me at -
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