How to realize your insignificance!? πŸ˜‡πŸ™β€οΈβœ¨


Expand your vision about yourself, about life and about this universe. This universe has been there for at least 19 billion years, and it is part of a billion of galaxies. If you observe the cosmos, the solar system is like a dot.

There are billions of galaxies and one among them is our Milky Way. So the Mily Way is very small, and in that, the solar system is a dot, and in that there is our planet Earth, and in that there is you! You have to take a lens to see and by the time you see, you’re already gone! (here meaning, the magnanimity of the universe in comparison with our existence).

What is your life? In this multi-verse, your planet is insignificant and you are even more insignificant.

Another factor is time. In so many billions of years, billions of people have walked this planet. There are seven billion people on this planet today, and many are being born every day and many are dying. Then what is your life? It’s like a blink of the eye, and you’re already gone! When you see your life from this bigger context, you realize that it is nothing!

80 years you live on this planet called Earth. Out of that, 40 years you spend sleeping, 10 years you spend in the bathroom, 10 years you spend in eating, 15 years you spend in working. The waking period in your life is so small.

What is this β€˜Me, me me?’ It is nothing! Think and you will realize that life is insignificant.

Everyday billions of thoughts come into your brain and then they go. You hold on to some thoughts. You can’t hold on to all the thoughts. If you hold on to all the thoughts you will be in the mental hospital!

When you see life from a bigger context all the worries disappear and a new dimension opens up.

Now when you go into the microcosm, it is even more exciting. There are billions of cells in the brain and many are being born every day and many are dying. There are 50,000 types of bacteria in your stomach. There are 3 different colonies of mites that live on each line on your forehead. They have their colonies; they don’t cross their lines.

In India, people would put three lines of ash across their forehead, I used to wonder why, but now scientists say that those three lines have colonies of mites and they all are very different.

Similarly, on the tip of the nose there are so many types of bacteria! Scientists are still baffled! The information got from the tip of the nose is even more than what they can get from the DNA. Scientists still haven’t understood how much information the tip of the nose can provide. When you go deeper and deeper into the microcosm there is so much! It is baffling!

You take one atom, the space there is like that between the galaxies. An atom is 99.99% empty space! The same is the case of the cells in our body. The cells in our body are just empty space.

Whether you take the route of science or that of spirituality, you will reach the same point. Both say the same thing, that it is all space. It is very interesting.

Recently there was an article published by the American Medical Journey which said that if a person meditates regularly for 8 weeks, the structure of the brain changes and the grey matter increases. So many benefits come out of meditation.

Just learning about genes is fascinating! Do you know that in one human gene you can find all other genes.Every other animal is present in one human gene! You can create an elephant using one atom from your body. The human body is so complete that from it you can create every other gene. This is all so fascinating.

When such things are there, what is there to worry? I even forgot your question!


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