How to forgive for your own peace ðŸ˜‡â¤ï¸âœ¨ðŸ™


Don’t forgive, hold on to it! Who is at a loss?

An event that happened, it happened! Whether it was your mistake or somebody else’s mistake, it is over. However, if you are holding on to it, then you are suffering.

Imagine you are in that position, where a mistake happens through you. If someone else doesn’t forgive you, doesn’t understand you, and holds you responsible for all your life, how would you feel? You would feel very bad, isn’t it?

You forgive a person not for their sake, but for your own mind, so that you can save your mind. See, in life, some pleasant things happen, some unpleasant things happen. Some things we wish for them to happen, some things we don’t want in life to happen. Whatever happened, it happened; finished! You put it back, and move forward – that is very important. Do it only to save your own mind.

In fact, if you see from a wider angle, you will find that every culprit is a victim of ignorance in a situation. When you see things from this perspective, you will automatically feel compassion. We have seen this with those incarcerated, when we teach in prisons. These people who are being condemned in prisons, they are good people, but due to ignorance, due to lack of awareness, they made a mistake.

To make your life richer, I would suggest you spend five days in these different places:

1) In school with children.

2) In school, as a teacher. When you are teaching children, you understand what it is to teach. The role of a teacher makes you very rich.

3) In a mental hospital. When you are with crazy people, you realize it is the same thing as being in the outside world also. People just say anything they want. Once you have this experience, then nobody can upset you.

4) In a prison. When you are with those incarcerated, you will understand the pain and suffering of a victim.

5) On a farm. When you are with the farmers, digging soil, sowing seeds, working with mud, just being there enriches you in some unknown manner.

And one day, you should spend just by yourself, with nature


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