How to have more grace in life!? βœ¨β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜‡


Whenever there is victory, it is due to some grace. Whether it is victory in sports, in a lottery, in studies, in a competition, or in politics – all of it happens through grace alone. When a person forgets that and gets into ego, then it results in their downfall. So always remember that whenever and wherever there is victory, it is through grace.

What is Grace?

There is a commonly-used phrase – β€œGod’s Grace”. What does this mean?

Whenever you achieve something very significant that felt like it was beyond your capacity, which was worth having, but came to you not by your doing alone, that is Grace.

You feel, β€œI am not capable or qualified for this, yet I got this”.

When you recognize the Grace in your life, you feel very grateful, because you feel you have been bestowed with things that you were not worthy of. And this is the language of a wise person. A wise person never says, “Oh, I earned it. This is my right”. When you think it is your right, you are getting what you got because of your right – there is no gratitude. Gratefulness is there when you feel that you got this not by your effort but because it was bestowed on you by Grace, as a gift. That brings gratefulness.

What is the Cause of Grace?

Grace is causeless and unmerited. It is not obtained through some merit or cause. Grace is received without any conditions. It is not that only after doing something you will receive Grace. If so, then that is not Grace – that is business. You are blessed with Grace just like that – without any conditions whatsoever. Grace is always there, just become aware of it and know that you are being showered with Grace.

Grace is something that can go inside even a closed purse. You don’t need to pay money to receive Grace. And if someone tells you that Grace will come to you only by opening your purse and giving money, then know that something is wrong for sure. God always blesses you in abundance. You need not pay money to receive it.

How Do I Attract More Grace in My Life?

1 The more grateful we become, the more we experience Grace in life. A mind that is complaining all the time cannot experience Grace. But one who is thankful and contented experiences more Grace in life.


3 We say that we want blessings and Grace. Blessings are available in plenty, but if your vessel is small, then what to do?

4 If you bring a tea cup and say, β€œGive me two liters of milk in this”, how can two liters of milk fit in the little cup? The cup is small and you are asking for too much. You need to bring a vessel with the capacity of three liters and then I can give you two liter or three liter, whatever you want.

So, you must remember that whatever you get is your capacity, and if you want to get more, then you must expand your capacity. When your capacity increases, more will definitely come to you.

How Do I Expand My Capacity to Receive More Grace?

Just having the intention to increase one’s capacity itself does half the job.

Be natural, simple, and humble. Humility from within naturally increases one’s capacity.

Meditation, spiritual practices, service to society and knowledge.

Shatt Sampatti (the Six Wealths or Six-fold Virtues)

Sama (calmness of mind) 

Dama (self-control or restraint of the senses) 

Uparati (satiety) 

Titiksha (power of endurance) 

Shraddha (faith) 

Samadhana (equanimity or one-pointedness of the mind)

This is what you must focus on increasing more in your life. By enhancing these virtues, your capacity to receive blessings will increase.


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