People keep reminding me of my mistakes i made in the past⁉️ What to do⁉️ 😭✨😇🙏

Smile and move forward. If they are not able to forget the mistakes of the past, then that is their problem.

You should forget the mistakes of the past, just drop it and move ahead.

You are not the same person as you were in the past when you committed those mistakes, you have changed. When you came to the spiritual path, when you gained this wonderful knowledge, then your entire life has changed.

So have complete and unshakeable faith in this fact.

In the ancient times, when people used to approach a Guru, then they would even change their birth names.

Why was this done? It was to signify that you have taken a new birth altogether when you have come to the Guru.

You have become a new person when you gained access to this knowledge.

The mistakes you committed in the past out of ignorance do not exist anymore in light of the knowledge you have now received.

Ignorant people around you may sometimes do such things, but you should have compassion for them instead of feeling hurt or angry. Think that,


“Oh, they are still stuck and do not know that I am a totally different person now. I have changed”.

This faith you must develop in yourself. There is no need to fall into self-pity.


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The ways of Karma ✨🙏😇

Whether the action is from a past life, or something done 10 years back, or done just yesterday, or even 10 minutes back – it really does not matter.

Ultimately, all Karma is Karma, that’s it. That is why it is said that the ways of Karma are mysterious and unfathomable.


One cannot understand it totally. That is why we say that you should not worry much about Karma. Just keep moving ahead.


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Is the desire for liberation not a kind of greed and desire after all⁉️ 😣✨🙏😇

Yes, it is true that intense desire or greed for Moksha is also a kind of desire ultimately, but that is the final and the last desire that one has to let go of.

One needs to cultivate or have this desire for Moksha to overcome and drop all other kinds of desires and feverishness.


When even this desire (for Moksha) drops off, one experiences totality from within!


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Analysing karmas 🤔✨🙏😇

I tell you, drop everything and just become a Sharanagati.

Being a Sharanagati means to have this firm faith and belief that all your Karmas have been cleansed. There is no balance that remains to be cleared anymore.

Why are you still stuck with analysing your Karmas? Just become hollow and empty. In fact, you actually have become hollow and empty – so take

this truth for granted and have faith.

Many times other people will advise you to do this or do that (to get rid of past Karmas) and you will get carried away into thinking “Oh! I still have to do this; I still have to do that to clear my Karma” and so on.


You will get exhausted if you go on thinking like this, and even those who give you such advice will get tired after a while. Come to the present moment and know that life is new and fresh every moment.


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Can We Ever Truly Know God⁉️ 😯✨😇🙏

It is correct. As we meditate, the knot or the energy centre in the navel region opens up. When the heart centre blossoms and opens up, we feel joy.

We experience different sensations and emotions only when the different energy centres of the body open up. But it is not correct to say that only then does the soul unite with God. You are never outside God. There is nothing beyond the Divine. Even if you wish to, you cannot ever be outside or separate from God. That from which you are born, That in which you exist and sustain yourself, and That in which you ultimately dissolve back into is God. This is what is told in the Srimad Bhagvatam also:

Janmaadhyasya yatonvaya-aditaratascha-artha eshvabhigna-svaraat.
Tene Brahma-hridayaa aadikavaye muhyanti yatsurayaha |
Tejovarimrudam yata vinimayo yatra trisargomrusha.
Dhamna Sva-ena sada nirastakuhakam Satyam Param Dhimahi ||
(Srimad Bhagvatam, 1.1.1)

The verse means: God is omnipresent. You know, we often say, “I AM”. God is not separate from the individual soul; God resides within us. The soul is not separate from the Divine. Knowing this eternal truth, simply relax and just be.

See, there are some things that you should seek and know about, and there are some things that you should simply take for granted as the truth, and relax.

You cannot possible understand everything, and you cannot simply assume or take everything for granted. Your mind and intellect is limited; it cannot comprehend the infinite Divinity. You cannot know the Divine; you simply have to take it for granted that the Divine is present in you, all around you and at all times.

If someone tells you. “My dear, this is poison”, then you do not say “No, first I will drink it and check for myself”. You would not survive to tell what happens afterwards.

So, in some cases you simply need to believe and take it for granted. If you are told that a certain galaxy is so many light years away from our galaxy, or if the Earth is revolving around the Sun – then you will have to agree and accept that fact for certain.

People have proved many facts scientifically. Now then if you argue and say, “No, I will check it for myself and only then agree”, then that is foolishness.


But if someone says, “Oh! This is very sweet”, then you need not necessarily agree to it. You can taste it if you like to check for yourself. So you should try to know some things, and you should simply take somethings to be true, without a doubt.


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Inspiration ✨🙏😇

Inspiration is always from within. When you have the commitment to do something in life, something in the world, give something to the world back, you can draw inspiration from everything and from everybody around you.

You cannot decide, I want to be inspired by so and so. Inspiration is almost a spontaneous thing that happens to you.

You see a child playing and something happens within you. You feel inspired. You see someone doing some good work and you want to do that.

I feel that when you are free from stress, everything can inspire you.


But if you are clogged with stress, even the best of wisdom does not really enter into you.


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Should We Fully trust our masters⁉️⁉️ 🤔✨😇🙏

Doubt your Guru as much as you can. The Guru is not there to give you trust, in fact he puts a lot of doubts in your mind so that you bake and boil in the doubt, and become strong.

If you don’t trust the Guru, then he is happy; he is free. It is better for him if you doubt. If someone trusts you, then you have a responsibility. If no one trusts you then you have no responsibility; happy-go-lucky.

So, why will the Guru try to keep your trust, he is happy to put more doubts so that you boil, work on it, and then walk. When they become mature, they will come back themselves.

The Guru’s idea is to make everyone strong, and all these doubts will make you strong, and if your trust remains after all these doubts, then that is the real thing.

If there are a thousand occasions to doubt and still your trust is there, then you are something! You are like a diamond. But if you keep doubting on the small things, then you are like a corn flake. How light is a corn flake? You blow a little and a corn flake will fly away. If you are like a dew drop, then with a little bit of sunlight, a dew drop dries away. Or you can be like a diamond, which stays the same. And when the sunlight comes the diamond shines more.

So why would the Guru help you hold on to your trust? Then it would be a weak trust, someday it will blow away. So doubt as much as you can, cook in your doubt, because truth is beyond doubt. Truth is something which can never be obscured forever. Everyone will discover the truth one day.

Suppose mist is there, will the mist make the mountain disappear? No! What will the mountain say, “Let the mist come and go, who cares?” When you wait for a little bit of the sun (of knowledge) to come, all the mist (doubts) disappears.

Even though doubts hang around, something makes us move, and that is our soul wanting the truth. Our inner will soul move in the direction of truth.

Once in Sweden, a journalist asked me this question, “Are you enlightened? Don’t beat around the bush.”

I looked at him and said, “No.”

He said, “You are kidding. Tell me the truth”.

I said, “What is that tells you that I am not telling you the truth? Your own inner voice. It is telling you that there is something different here. Trust in yourself and you will see that the trust grows.”

When a person doesn’t trust themselves then they start doubting others also. Doubting others is related to doubting oneself. Someone who has a lot of self-doubt will also keep doubting everybody.

Still, the journalist will not take the answer. He said, “I don’t believe what you are saying. Something in the heart know and can identify”

I said, “Yes, then you believe in that”.

So, if you say that ‘I don’t follow the Guru’, then that person is not your Guru at all.


If you don’t take the medicine given by a doctor, then that man is no more your doctor. If I take medicine from you then you are my doctor.

If I learn something from you then you are my teacher. If I say ‘I don’t learn anything from you’, then you are no longer my teacher. So if you say ‘I don’t follow the Guru’ that means he is not your Guru.


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