People pushing your buttons way too much!??😡🤬😖✨❤️😇🙏


Sometimes, some people at some places push your buttons more than other people. That is your tapasya, your sadhana. Be there, don’t run away, that is where your test is happening. It is a test as well as a practice. You have to endure that.

It is the third pillar of knowledge – shat sampati (six types of wealth), that brings you that much needed strength.

Courtesy of: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Gurudev

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Overhauling your intellect 😇✨❤️🙏


Look, here we are thinking, analysing! You should analyse, but don’t use that machinery too much, it needs some overhauling time. Don’t you give your car for servicing, after driving it for too long? Meditation is taking your mind to the garage, for servicing.

If you keep overworking this machine of analytical thinking, it will break down. So, you need to balance. Meditation is maintenance or servicing of your intellectual machinery.Don’t discard it. We never say, ‘Don’t analyse, lock your intellect!’ Absolutely not! You must use your intellect the maximum, but time and again, you must service it.


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Vip culture: Not a bad thing at all! 😇✨❤️🙏


Absolutely not. There is no VIP culture, but does that mean everybody gets to do the same thing? No! They should play their roles properly.

VIP culture is a preferential treatment that went on in Delhi. I even tell them in our satsangs that we shouldn’t put the board, ‘VIPs‘. Of course they put it because they have to give passes to people, so that the VIPs who come, come from a different entrance. They come and sit there.

I tell you, though this party has started, they are very new. Let us see for a couple of months if they will be able to be that way. Sometimes practically it may not be possible.

Imagine the President of Germany come here. Do you think he’ll be able to just sit anywhere? No! There will be security guards, there will be sniffing dogs.

I even advised Arvind (Leader of the new political party against corruption). I told him that this ideal is very good, but don’t be a soft target for people who may want to create disturbance.

The world still has criminal elements. We should be practical. Though from my eyes, everyone is good, but there are still some criminal tendencies. We are not still in what is called Ram Rajya.

Ram rajya means where there is no crime. It is written in the scriptures that during Lord Rama’s time there was no crime. There was justice for everybody. Everyone was equal and everyone was loved. This was a great dream of Mahatma Gandhi. He took the name of Rama and united India. He said, ‘Do you want the kingdom of Rama? Then let us unite’, With the ideal of Ram Rajya, he united India.

Today, we are not yet a Ram Rajya. Where there is crime you need to be safe, protected. Either you have spiritual power and say, ‘I don’t need protection’, or you have to take protection. It is a good step.

But if you ask me, ‘Why do you meet some people and not everyone’, I meet everybody. Some people come with projects and I spend time with them. They have done some seva, done some work. If you want me to only come and sit with you, then I’ll say, ‘I have no time for you. No time for gossip’. But if you have some project, yes, I’ll give you some time. That is there, but not VIP culture.

Courtesy of: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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How to be unbounded? ✨😙😇❤️


I think you have too much free time. Get busy and keep working for the betterment of the world and you will see that all your personal issues and emotional issues will get resolved by themselves.

Don’t waste time in thinking, what about me? What others think about me? How I feel, how I don’t feel? Who bothers about what you feel and what you don’t feel?

You feel bad one day, good another day. Who cares about it? And when nobody cares for your feeling, why do you care for your feeling so much?

At least learn from others. You are a great follower of others. Whatever they do, you follow. They don’t care for your feelings, why do you care for your own feelings? Throw your feelings out, listen to your intellect and see what you need to do. That is it. Know that whatever you have to get, you will get. Whatever is due to you, will come to you. And whatever you need to do, you must do it.

When you die, two questions will come in front of you. How much love you have given and how much knowledge have you gained? These two things are your life’s lessons. What did you learn from life and what did you give out in your life?

Instead, we act as if it is the other way around. We want to give knowledge to people. Everyone is good in advising others. What they should be doing and how things should be. They don’t even spare the Guru. Every day, lots of advice comes to the Guru also on how things should be done. They will teach the Guru how to give blessing also.

‘Give me proper blessing Gurudev. Put your hand on my head to bless me’.

Yesterday, a lady came to wash my feet, she took a bucket and started pouring water all over. So happy and enthusiastically, having waited for ten years and having got this chance to wash the feet of the Guru with a bucket of water. Then she took a coconut, moved it around me and banged it on the floor. The others around me got frightened and worried that the coconut may hit my feet. But you can’t say anything, or scold them when they are so happy, and filled with so much emotion, love and devotion.

People throw flowers from all sides. I really have to protect my eyes by covering it. As satsangs are at night, I can’t even wear sunglasses. Daytime, I wear sunglasses mainly to stop flowers from getting into my eyes.

One swamiji, in a village in India, would go on a chariot on a particular day. This was a tradition from 2000 years ago. The chariot used to be decorated very well but would have a mosquito net around it. I wondered why they put the net around, as you can see the swami only through the net. They said that the devotees throw coconuts and bananas (laughter). They want to give gifts personally in his hand.

Here also, people don’t see how many people are in front of them. They put their hands on top of several heads and compress people to make sure that their letter reaches me. What to do? These are problems, but we can’t complain because love is blind.

But don’t think that I am encouraging this behavior. I want you to be disciplined.

Especially people who get to spend time with me should not come when there is a big rush. Some people push to come forward and sit in the front all the time. They don’t realize that other new people have come, and they should give them a chance also. Me, mine, I should go and sit. I should occupy my seat. Jumping over people’s heads, etc., to come and sit in the front. This is no good.

Those who bother and push and elbow others are not my favorite people. There are couple of people who don’t listen to me; even after my telling them one hundred times not to come, not to follow me. They are not my favorite at all. We must have some discipline. No doubt we have so much love, but we need discipline also.

I rarely give instructions, but even when I do, some are such hard nuts that they don’t listen. They just do what they want to do. I give total freedom to everyone and I never impose anything on them. That is why when someone asks, I say, the choice is yours and blessing is mine. But you should be sensitive and not create problems for others.

99.9% people are alright. There are only one or two such elements who break the rules, fight with the guards, etc. In that sense we are lucky. We have very nice and sensitive satsang devotees.

If everyone is disciplined, we don’t need any guards at all. When I go out, I don’t ask for guards but the Government gives me 100 policemen, gunmen, etc.

People who travel with me should remember that when there are such big crowds, sometimes thieves also come and they steal people’s purses, phones. They even pick-pocketed my cellphone once in a devotee’s house.

It was a small group of about 30 people. This guy came uninvited into the house and while I was talking to people, he took my phone. I have heard of people losing their phones, but this time in Punjab, I lost my phone too, that too in a devotee’s house. And the devotee cannot stop people from coming to visit Gurudev. Everyone feels a sense of belongingness and everyone walks into everyone’s houses.

Many Yes+ students lose their phones, that’s why I tell them to be more watchful of their belongings. Here too, if you see anyone stealing, catch hold of them. The thieves find it a suitable place as everyone is in bliss and they are not worried about their material belongings, so they relieve them of their material possessions, like their phones, passports, etc. So all of you be a little alert.

COURTESY OF: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gurudev

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Conceptulised teaching and it’s benifits! 😇❤️✨🙏


It is the mind that creates a conflict. There is no demand on you to do all the seva. Do whatever you can.

Seva is a must in everybody’s life because it brings fulfillment and happiness. And you do as much as you can, without tiring yourself down too much.

I think you have too much free time to think about concepts and all that. What is a concept? Teaching has a system, and the system makes it very effective.

All knowledge could just be taught anywhere and anyhow (referring to an ineffective manner); like the Nati Vaidyas (local medics) in villages. When people get sick in villages, they go to these Nati Vaidyas who prescribe some adhoc herbs, and tell them to grind it and drink it, and everything will be alright!

There is a saying in Sanskrit, ‘Yasya kasya tarormoolam, Yena kenaapi choonitam, Yasmai kasmai pradaatavyam yadyaa tadva bhavishhyati.’

It means, ‘Just pluck any trees, any root, or anything, grind it, make it into a paste, and give it to anybody, and then anything can happen!’

This is an unmethodical way of practicing medicine, and there are several people who are doing this in India. It is a very common thing.

In India everybody is a doctor, and everybody gives some or the other grandmother’s remedies for anything. There is some value to the grandmother’s remedies as well, I am not saying no, but a doctor who is systematically trained brings greater value since he knows the subject thoroughly.

A herboligist knows the herbs thoroughly; it is not just anybody doing anything, and anything can happen. In the same way, teaching is also a methodology.

Though everyone may know the points, and have the knowledge, anybody teaching it, in any way will not yield the desired results. That is why a system is in place.

Even in the ancient days, students would go and study thoroughly at Gurukuls, before they became acharyas (teachers).

Courtesy of: sri sri ravi shankar

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How to live the knowledge and be convincing to others 😇❤️✨


No need to try to convince anyone. Even I don’t know how to convince people. Don’t convince anybody. If you are convinced, that is good enough. If you have the conviction, that is good enough. And if you have the heart that others should also benefit in their life, there should be a smile on their face, everyone should benefit from knowledge, that very intention will carry on.

But if you are trying to convince somebody, when you want to convince somebody, you think they don’t know it. Or they don’t believe in it. Everyone wants to be happy. Every single human being on the planet want to be kind and loving, and be loved. They want to explore their depth. Who doesn’t want happiness? Who doesn’t want a clear mind? Everyone wants clarity in their mind! So, this is a need of everybody.

Who doesn’t want a healthy body, tell me. Everybody wants it! Who doesn’t want to feel pleasant in all situations? Or have positive vibes in them? Everybody wants it.

So when you are trying to convince somebody, you think they don’t want it and so you have to convince them to want it. That’s where we do a mistake.

I feel you shouldn’t convince anybody, you should just live the knowledge, smile and serve. And say what you feel like saying. If you want to tell something to others around you, don’t be shy in speaking your heart out. Speak out, and that’s it.

Courtesy of: sri sri ravi shankar guruji.

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Are u happy today!? 😇✨😙❤️


I think we can all do the Happiness Survey. We should go door-to-door and ask people, ‘Are you happy? If not, what is the reason?’

We have a Happiness Survey; two or three of you get together, go meet people in your area, knock on their door and say, ‘We want to do a small survey. We want to know whether you are happy. If not, what are the reasons for your unhappiness?’

If they are happy, then ask them, ‘How often are you happy?’ (Seventy percent of the time, eighty percent of the time, twenty percent of the time?) There are about seven-eight questions along these lines.

When we put forward this Happiness Survey in the last couple of months, people have had amazing experiences. The interviewer had an amazing experience, and those being interviewed also felt very good. When you do the survey, people feel that they are being cared for, and they feel so good about it.

Some people said, ‘For the first time, somebody came and asked me, are you happy? What is the reason for my unhappiness?’

One lady in her sixties said, ‘In so many years, not a single person asked me, why am I unhappy? Now I feel that there are more caring people in the world.’

You are all meditators; you all do yoga, breathing, meditation and you carry a positive glow, an energy with you. So when you go and talk to people, they already feel some energy being transferred to them. They already feel happy. We are spreading happiness in some way. And we also come to know how many people are not happy, and how we can bring happiness to them.

At the end, we have to share (details of our experience of) the Art of Living Happiness Program. If they want to do it, they can enroll and do the course also.

At a mundane level, this is a way to reach out and connect to people; it is a very good way for them to know you.

There may be some people who bang the door on your face, never mind. Walk away, smiling; that is your ego busting process.

See, even if someone does not like you, it does not bother you, it does not matter to you. Move away with a happy and smiling face to the next place.

If you visit ten people, few people may be that way (who bang the door on you), but the ones you interact with, they feel so grateful to you. They will be so grateful that you even asked them, that you took care of them. What do you say? How many of you like this idea?

Before we leave the course, we will make lots of forms in all the languages. You do the Happiness Survey, and send them to me. We will do the data analysis to make a graph and see how many people are happy in each region and what the reasons for unhappiness are in each age group. It is a good idea!


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