What is heaven and what is enlightenment⁉️ ✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 5.16.51 pm.pngYou still have a lot of time left to know about heaven! There is no use in knowing about heaven now otherwise there will not be any excitement left when you actually get there!

But it is important to understand enlightenment now.

When you feel content you are enlightened. When everything feels like a dream you are enlightened. Just tell me, whatever has happened so far in your life, does it not seem more like a dream? You went to school, then college, got married, so many events took place in your life, all that is like a dream now. Isn’t it?

Now you are sitting here, does this not seem like a dream? After today, many days and many years are going to come and pass and eventually we are all going to die, then will it not seem like a dream?

If you look into the past or the future or if you decide to wake up to the present everything will still feel like a dream, you will realise you are separate from the events you see and experience. This is enlightenment/ liberation.


And when you feel free you feel happiness and where there is happiness that place in nothing short of heaven.

Doesn’t this place feel like heaven! We are not those who go to heaven but those who create heaven where we are! We bring heaven to us!


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Yoga is being established in your own nature 🙏✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 6.24.19 pm.pngPleasure always keeps you on your toes; it makes you run. First pleasure makes you run towards it and then it makes you run away from it. Yoga on the other hand makes you stay stable. It brings stability to your life.
A yogi is one who is strong and stable in his body, mind and emotions. This is very important. If your emotions keep going up and down it is because you are running towards something. And what is that something that you are running towards?

It is pleasure, and once you are there, it makes you run away from it.

You can see in your life, whatever you ran towards, at some point or other, it pushes you away from it because you cannot handle it anymore.

So all the people who at some point of time feel that ‘I want to run away’, you should know that it is because you are enjoying it. When you are enjoying something, you will definitely want to run away from it. So if you change that attitude of your mind from seeking pleasure to just being stable, then nothing becomes too much.


You should feel, ‘I am here to give comfort to others, not seek comfort’. This one attitude will arrest that tendency of ‘Oh, this is too much, I want to run away’. Only enjoyment of pleasure will make you feel, ‘It is too much’.

When you are stable, you always give what you can. The Sun never says, ‘I am shining too much and now I want to run away’. Gold never says, ‘I am glittering too much’, because it is stable in its nature. It has not gone out of its niche.


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Why did the farmer keep thinking about monkeys, when he was told not to do so⁉️

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.27.58 pmThere was a farmer who went to a saint and said, “Give me something so that my life becomes wonderful. Give me a mantra, a japa and then I will do something great.” The saint agreed and gave him a mantra to chant.

The farmer was very happy. He was about to leave when the saint said, “Just a minute, I forgot to tell you something. Whenever you want to chant the mantra or when you sit for meditation, take care not to think of a monkey. If you do, the mantra will become useless and impotent. It won’t be of any use to you.”

The farmer said, ‘Oh, this is so easy! I have never thought about monkeys in my life. There is no reason why I should think about them now. And I have just a wheat and paddy field. Monkeys don’t come there at all.’

So he went home and sat to meditate. The first thing that came to his mind was a monkey! He thought, ‘

Oh, perhaps it is daytime now. Maybe they are here somewhere and those vibrations are striking my mind. It is not me. Maybe the monkeys want me to remember them. But at night they’ll be asleep. Let me meditate then.’ So he got up at 10 o’clock that night, and started to meditate. The first thing that came to his mind was the monkey. He thought of monkeys not only during meditation, but at all other times too! While sitting, standing, eating, drinking, he even had nightmares of monkeys in his dreams!


Within three days he was so bothered by the monkeys, he ran back to the saint on the fourth day and asked him to take his mantra and monkey back! ‘I don’t want it! Relieve me of this monkey business! I have gone crazy! I can’t do anything!’

What you resist persists. It  is the nature of the mind!  There is one golden rule by which the mind can be lifted up, and that is wonder.

Wonder is where there is no concept, no mind.
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How To Deal With Politics At Work Place⁉️ 😇

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 4.59.15 pmYou should never shy from politics.  If you are on planet earth, living with people in cities, in villages, there are people and there is politics. Wherever there are people, there is politics.  From village to Vatican, you will see there is politics everywhere. 

So what! let it be!  The moment you say politics, that means you have a resistance to it.  Whatever the situation, the more you resist, the situation will persist.  But people are people and they may think even you are playing politics.  Your opinions change, your ideas change, your behaviors change, doesn’t it change?  Are you pleasant all the time with everybody? No. So, you are not pleasant with everybody, people may think you are playing the politics too.

So, first of all, stop labelling a situation as there is politics because that labelling that you put around a situation starts creating an aversion within you and you would want to run away.

So whenever we think people are playing politics, you consciously come up with a resistance from within and the resistance colors your perception, your vision and then you get entangled in more and more unpleasant situations. 

So I would suggest you just accept it.  There is a beautiful verse in Kannada by a saint. 

If you make a house on an ocean front, and you complain about waves, what can I tell you!  If you have made a house right in the middle of the city and you say, there is too much noise, what can I tell you! You are averse to wind and you have built the house at the top of a hill, what can I tell you! You are scared of animals and you have a home right in the middle of the forest, what can I tell you!  Similarly, being in the world, if you are complaining about criticism, What can i tell you!

What do you mean by politics? It is all about people’s likes and dislikes.  If they dislike you, they talk about that to other people.  Don’t you do this? You dislike somebody, don’t you talk about that to others? May not be as much as others, but somewhere you make your comment, your mouth does not keep shut.  You air your opinion about other people all the time, all around you. What are you doing? Is it not politics? Come on don’t shy away from politics.  Got it? 


That is how people are.  That is how things are.  You be an inspiration wherever you go, you be joyful and a source of enthusiasm, source of creativity, wherever you go.  You uplift the spirit in any place you are in, and you can do that.  And be unmindful of anyone’s comment.  You know the comments are like bubbles on the surface of water.  People make a comment today and tomorrow they make a completely opposite comment.  Isn’t it? Today they criticize you, tomorrow they praise you.  These are normal things in society, in life. If you are so shy about these and keep running away from situations, I tell you those situations will chase you wherever you go.  You will have to face it. I would tell you, face it with a big smile.  Got it?


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How To Get Rid Of Hatred ❌😡

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.37.52 pm.pngPut yourself in the shoes of the person you hate. A youth came to me once and said, “I hate my uncle, I cannot stand him”.
I said, “Okay, you can continue to hate him, but before that, just for half an hour, behave and act like your uncle”. So for half an hour he acted like his uncle and suddenly he came and said, “You know, I feel different now”. So, put yourself in the shoe of the person whom you hate.

Secondly, why do you hate the person? Is it for what they are doing? If they are doing horrible things, either they are ignorant or they are stressed. By hating them, can you change them? People make mistakes and you hate them? Why do you hate them, because they make some mistakes? By hating a person who makes mistakes, can you correct them? No, you cannot correct them when you hate them. Do you want them to be corrected? Yes. So what is the way? Not hating them but by educating them. This is necessary.

People like ISIS, they hate everybody and people hate them. By hating we cannot change them and they cannot change us. They also do not know this. Their idea is to change everybody. We hate them because they are doing such heinous crimes. But by hating will they change? No. Not hating them but educating them.

The young children need to be educated before they get into this kind of mind set. That’s why, harmony in diversity should be part of the education. We need to educate the mind because all crime begins here in the upper chamber.

To educate someone you need to have compassion.

See, in your life, you come across many people who think differently, and you want them to change, and by you wanting them to change they do not change. When you say what they are doing is hurting you, so please do not hurt me, they do not change so easily. But when you tell them what they are doing hurts them, and so they should change, that will be much more effective. So love can transform the world, compassion can change the world and this is our experience.


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What should you do if people around you keep reminding you of your past mistakes⁉️😱

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.05.13 pm.png Smile and move forward. If they are not able to forget the mistakes of the past, then that is their problem.

You should forget the mistakes of the past, just drop it and move ahead. You are not the same person as you were in the past when you committed those mistakes, you have changed.

When you came to the spiritual path, when you gained this wonderful knowledge, then your entire life has changed. So have complete and unshakeable faith in this fact.

In the ancient times, when people used to approach a Guru, then they would even change their birth names. Why was this done? It was to signify that you have taken a new birth altogether when you have come to the Guru. You have become a new person when you gained access to this knowledge.

The mistakes you committed in the past out of ignorance do not exist anymore in light of the knowledge you have now received.


Ignorant people around you may sometimes do such things, but you should have compassion for them instead of feeling hurt or angry.

Think that, “Oh, they are still stuck and do not know that I am a totally different person now. I have changed”. This faith you must develop in yourself. There is no need to fall into self-pity.


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How To Be Happy Always 😄✨

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 7.28.34 pmThe key to happiness in life is to not stay stuck in ‘I…Me…Mine’ (meaning one’s own personal desires or material gains). Dedicate your life to some larger goal, or to the service of others around you. Then you will find that only happiness flows through your life.
The second thing you need to remember at all times is this, ‘There is someone (the Divine) who loves me very dearly, and is taking care of me at all times. He cannot be without me and He is all capable of removing any lack that I have’.
Knowing this too brings such joy in one’s life.

See, when it comes to doing things in life, you cannot possibly go on doing something or the other all your life. Also, you cannot do something which is beyond your capabilities. So all your actions are limited by your capabilities and by time.

What you are doing now, is something you will not be able to do so well, after 20 years from now. So we are dependent on both time and our capabilities.

But when we remember this – that there is a Supreme power which belongs to us so totally, which is capable of fulfilling all our needs and wishes, and which is with us at all times – then this strong faith alone can keep us happy at all times.
It does not matter what you call this Supreme power, whether you call it the Guru Shakti, or the Paramatma (supreme soul or Consciousness), or God. When you have this faith in you, then you can be happy at all times; regardless of your capabilities. Then you will not feel weak and insecure in your old age also because you know that there is someone who is all-powerful who is taking care of you and protecting you at all times.
So just having this faith alone can make us so happy.


The strength we get from such a faith makes us glow with happiness, and our face lights up with a smile that never fades. This is why Spirituality is very essential in life.

It is spirituality that brings happiness, enthusiasm, intuition, self-realization and fulfillment.


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