Steps to improve your communication skills ✨😇🙏❤️


With the right communication skills, we can turn any negative situation into a positive one. In this article, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shares 10 steps one can take to develop effective communication at work and in personal relationships.

Effective Communication Tips:


The first step to improving communication is listening. Listening is an important factor for better communication.


Understand where the other person is coming from – what is the sentiment behind their communication.


Make them aware that you’re in sync with that sentiment and understand their standpoint and then communicate what you want to communicate.


Don’t give your opinions when they’re not asked for. Be a little mysterious! People should want to ask you a question to get to know you. Till then, don’t open your mouth. Unnecessarily, don’t keep saying I like this and I don’t like this. My god, who asked you? If most of your conversations go like that, people will not want to communicate with you.


If someone wants to come and share something with you, be a good listener. While they are speaking, don’t counter them, saying, “I too had that experience,” and start your stories. They should not feel – oh my god, I wanted to share and now s/he is talking about her-/himself.

A speaker comes to you and subtly makes you a listener; instead, you turn things around and them a listener – this is bad communication. A speaker has a deep desire to say something to you, so let them complete and then you respond.


Make the person with whom you want to communicate feel comfortable with you. You don’t need to make any extra effort – if you are a good listener and you are fully present in the moment, it’s done!


Being a little hollow and empty helps a lot! Many of you may have experienced this. When you’re a little hollow and empty, you communicate better, you have more patience, and you understand the other person better.


Now suppose someone goes on and on and on, and you have no time; you want to cut them off and make them listen to what you want to say – you have to do it very skillfully. With a sense of belongingness, you can say, “Hey, come on, I know about this; let’s talk about…” To change the topic, you need skill.


When communicating, it is important to connect on an emotional level, at the level of your heart – then communicating is easy. But if you’re connecting only through the head, then even when you say nice things, it may appear hurtful or derogatory. So, you need to be a little playful, a little skillful, and have a pinch of belongingness and a sense of caring whenever you communicate. The other person should feel the caring in your voice or your body language.


Avoid showing artificial care for others. Don’t try to be nice to people. Know that you have this quality (of caring and belongingness) inside you by default. Knowing that, you simply have to bring it into expression.


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What is donation!? ✨😇❤️🙏


What is donation?

To give people what they need is donation, not what you feel like giving. If you donate clothes to somebody who already has many clothes, it is of no use. Instead, give clothes to people who need clothes. Similarly, giving food to somebody who owns a restaurant is foolishness. Instead, give food to the hungry and clothes to people who need them. This is donation.

So, it is important to donate to people who need it, not to those who don’t need it. If you donate a cow to a poor man who can’t feed himself, how will he feed the cow? If you donate a dictionary to a man who is illiterate, what will he do with it? Only give to those who deserve it!

Why must we donate?

People are ready to buy expensive clothes for themselves, people are ready to spend a huge amount on their holidays, but they are not ready to give one cent to others for a service project. At least 3 percent of what we earn, we should keep aside for charity work. This converts the 97% percent of your earnings into good money.

If you want to use 100% on yourself, then that is no good! If the money needs to be pure, it can only be 97% or less of your earnings (laughs). You are free to use 97% on yourself, but 3 – 5%, you should keep aside for donation. This is because whatever you earn is never enough for yourself! You ask anyone, they all feel, “Oh, there’s a shortage.” Everyone finds a shortage. So it is not wise to say, “First I will do everything for me and then I will donate to others.” We have to do both. It is collective growth that we must aim for.

The best form of donation

Generosity, or sharing what we have with those around us, is a divine quality. There are different types of donations:

Food is the foundation of life. Hence, donating food is no doubt good. If you are not able to do it daily, then do it once in a while. You may donate food on your birthday, or in remembrance of your ancestors. That is why all these rules were instilled into our culture.  Especially in India, anna daanam (donation of food) has been there for ages.


Though it is said “Anna daanam param daanam, vidya daanam atah param.

annena kshanika trupthi, yaavat jeevancha vidyeya.” This means that donating food is the best donation; donating knowledge is the best among the best kinds of donations. Food can satisfy one’s hunger for a short time, but with knowledge, one can be satisfied lifelong.


“Sarveshaamevadaanamm brahmadaanam vishishyati.” Furthermore, sharing knowledge of Brahman (supreme consciousness or Divine) is even more superior to that.

If you are not doing any donation, then do the basic first. Begin with the donation of food


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Management mantras for success ✨🙏❤️😇


It is easy to create a company and it is easy to prosper as well, but the real challenge lies in sustaining a company, which is also the underlying factor that decided whether you are successful or not. Here are four management mantras or pointers by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to help you move towards effective management of your business and steer your ship towards success.

#1 Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

No business can work without intuition! Right from dealing with people to making investment decisions, you have to listen to your gut feeling. If your decisions are based on intuition, you will prosper.

One of the key factors to being a successful entrepreneur is intuition. If you don’t have intuition, you cannot be a good businessperson because you cannot go on gambling. The success that comes to you through gambling is accidental and can also bring you failure. But if you have intuitive abilities, you will not fail. So, intuition is the first management mantra.

The next question is – how do you develop intuition? Is it inborn or can it be developed? I would say both. Intuition can be a gift that you are born with, and it can also be developed through the regular practice of meditation.

#2 Focus on Innovation

The second management mantra is innovation. Innovation is essential to maintain and grow your business. The world is changing very fast and if you are not innovative, you will find yourself in the back seat. And so, it is important to be creative and develop your innovative tendencies.

For every innovation, you need both intellect and intuition. It is not enough if you have just done well academically and have intellectual abilities. For innovation, you need an intuitive insight as well. That intuitive insight comes when you empty your mind a few times every day; in other words, when you meditate.

#3 Create a Sense of Belongingness among Co-workers

The third management mantra is to create a sense of belongingness among people working in the company. A good measure of this is teamwork and commitment. Ask yourself this question – Are people working for your company while thinking of the company as just an ATM where you take money and walk away, or do they have a relationship with the company?

This is something you need to observe.

You may have a hundred employees, but how many of them have a sense of belongingness to the company? How many of them have the same sense of ownership that you have? People working in any setup without a sense of ownership cannot make much progress.

Some important questions you need to ask yourself/look at:

Have you given them a sense of not just financial comfort but also a pleasant environment to work with?

Have you created a friendly environment for them?

Have you given a chance for their talents to blossom?

Do they have a voice? Can they raise their concerns about the company anytime they need to?

You need to ask yourself these questions. No one else can answer it for you, and if the answer is no, then you have to do something about it.

#4 Believe in Yourself

What is success? To me, success is an unshakeable confidence and an undying smile.

If you are a business tycoon and you are irritable, stressed, and unhappy, I tell you, your success factor is zero. You know, some of the top businessmen have debts that run into billions, yet they have confidence, they are friendly with other people, and they keep a smile. That is a true sign of success.

Even if you lose everything, if you have the confidence that you can recreate everything again, then that is a true sign of success. Success is an attitude, it is not a phenomenon


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How to escape the game of blame!? ✨❤️😇🙏


When you get angry or you blame somebody, you feel a heavy load on your head. You feel uncomfortable inside, and you spread unpleasant feelings all around you too. Blaming does not give you anything positive in return. Instead, owning responsibility for all your experiences in life makes you powerful and will put an end to grumbling, planning counter attacks, explanations, and all those host of negative tendencies. Owning full responsibility, you become free.

Here are 5 tips to walk yourself out of the tendency to blame and move towards higher levels of awareness and a more positive way of life.

#1 Blaming is not going to give you anything positive in return

What is the use of blame? See, you blame someone and if that person is really a culprit, for the first time it will provoke him or her, but if you keep blaming, he becomes numb to it; he doesn’t care. Suppose someone is a real thief, and you keep telling him, ‘You are a thief’, you are wasting your time blaming him, because every time you say it, it doesn’t matter to him. It doesn’t touch him at all.

So, a true culprit doesn’t get affected by your blaming him or her. Instead of blaming them, take this opportunity as an exercise for you to maintain your equanimity and your inner balance.

If everything is okay, if everybody is praising you and you say that I am a very balanced person, it doesn’t mean much.

#2 Before blaming someone, analyze your purpose of blaming

You want to correct the person, is that why you are blaming them? Or are you blaming because you want to vent out your emotions? What is your attitude? Why do you want to do it?

If you are just venting out your emotions then that is reflect on your own immaturity and lack of control over your own mind, that all. So, analyze your purpose of blaming someone before putting the blame on them.

#3 Blame reflects lack of communication


If your intention is to correct a person, you cannot correct them by blaming them. You can only correct them with love, compassion and communication. Blame means no communication.

If someone is a real culprit and you want to correct them, you can only do it through communication. And if he or she is not a real culprit, then your whole exercise is futile.


#4 Switch from blame to constructive criticism

Blaming is out of anger, jealousy, hatred and does not work. It does not yield any result. Instead give constructive criticism with compassion. A criticism should go with compassion and care, then it works.

#5 Above all, be patient

If you have patience then you can turn any situation, event or place into heaven. If you lack patience you will make heaven into hell. It’s impatience that destroys situations and the environment. Learn to accept other people’s point of view, and above all, be patient, as no endeavor will be successful without patience.


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The symbolism and true meaning about the birth of lord krishna ✨❤️😇🙏


India would not be India if you take away Lord Krishna and the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. These epics are like the two eyes of our country. They are not related to just one religion or school of thought. They are deeply connected with our entire culture and heritage.

Ramayana and Mahabharata are read and discussed in every village of our country. The speciality of these epics are that they are not limited to a particular time. These epics are alive and are happening even now. There is a Mahabharata happening every day, in everyone’s lives. There is a discourse from the Gita that is coming true every day!

Janmashtami is the day when we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna signifies Ananda (bliss, pure happiness). So Janmashtami is celebrating the birth of bliss. It is the day when joy became manifest.

Actually, it is not right to use the word ‘birth’ here. Lord Krishna was never born. That divine joy was always present, but it is on this day that it became manifest and evident (in the form of Lord Krishna). You should look at Lord Krishna’s birth from a more spiritual point of view.

The hidden symbolism behind the story of the birth of Lord Krishna

Devaki (Lord Krishna’s mother) represents the physical body, while Vasudeva (Lord Krishna’s father) represents the Prana (the vital life-force). When prana rises in the body, joy (Krishna) is born. That’s why Krishna is called Nandalala – one who is the embodiment of bliss. Within this small body you are able to experience the infinite space (through spiritual practices).


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Guruji on Krishna – Talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Kamsa represents the ego. Kamsa is Devaki’s brother which indicates that the ego is born along with the body. The biggest adversary of ego is joy. Ego cannot survive and has to bow down where there is joy and love. A person can hold a very high position in society, but he melts in front of his own little child. When the child falls ill, however strong the person is, he feels a little helpless. Ego simply melts when confronted with love, simplicity and joy. This is why there is a war between ego (Kamsa) and love. Krishna is the epitome of joy, the quintessence of simplicity and the very source of love.

As the story goes, when Krishna was born, the prison guards fell asleep. The guards here represent the five senses which protect the ego because they are turned outward when awake. 

When there is no happiness and joy (Lord Krishna), the body feels like a prison. When Lord Krishna (joy) was born in this prison (body), all the senses (symbolized by the prison guards) fell asleep. The five senses – the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin – are the guards of the ego that keep you so engaged on the outside so that you don’t see the infinite sky within. When one turns inwards towards the source of joy, bliss is born within, that is, Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna and the Mother Divine were both born on the same day of Ashtami (also a day of special significance during the Navratri celebrations). The Mother Divine took a physical form, but when the evil King Kamsa tried to grab hold of her, She freed Herself from Kamsa’s hands and disappeared into the skies. The essence here is that the ego cannot capture Shakti – the Divine energy (represented here by the Mother Divine). It may appear that the ego can trap Shakti, but it is not so.

Ego can neither capture bliss (represented by Lord Krishna), nor can it capture Shakti. This is the message of Janmashtami.

Connecting to Lord Krishna

So where should you look for Lord Krishna? Everywhere!

Lord Krishna says, ‘One who sees Me everywhere, in everyone, and sees everyone in Me is truly intelligent’.  Everything has emerged from one divinitythis is the special message of Janmashtami.

You can realize Lord Krishna only through deep rest. You cannot realize Lord Krishna through struggle and effort. And when can you get that deep rest? Deep rest happens when your mind is not restless and entangled with feverish desires; when it is not caught up in cravings and aversions. It is in those moments of deep rest that one witnesses the birth of Lord Krishna (here meaning the feeling of bliss


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How to not get affected by office politics✨❤️🙏😇


“Water is never scared of mud. If something is muddy, assume you are water – and you can wash it all off. Just remember this!

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Wherever there are people, politics is bound to be there. Don’t shy away from it and don’t worry about it – you be rock solid. What appears to be politics will find its own way out. Have faith that only the best will happen to you and you will be able to do only the best! Keep these aphorisms with you like a treasure.


When you resist politics, then you get deeper into politics. Your perception becomes political and you will get paranoid about it. All those who are paranoid about politics get deeper into it. You should not mind it and then it will never bother you.

What is politics?

Different people have different mindsets, and they air their opinions. For a while, these opinions remain and then it all changes. Some people praise you and the same people will make nasty remarks about you – all this is very common. You should take this for granted or you will become uptight. And when you are uptight, you are not aware of how you behave.

It is better to keep oneself on a higher pedestal – smiling, laughing, accommodating, and accepting that there is politics. Let politics be there, so what? You have to create this confidence that you will move through it.

How to rise above politics?

Our trouble is that we expect everyone to be Mr. or Ms. Perfect! We expect everyone’s behavior and dealings to be perfect. We expect everyone to be saints, but they are not. This expectation is the trouble. And when anybody does anything different, we say, “Oh, there is politics!” People’s actions are nothing but politics – it doesn’t have to be dirty all the time, though sometimes it is. So let it be! It takes quite a bit to rise above all this and keep your mind on the infinite, and that is enlightenment! You rise above it all.

Water is never scared of mud. So, if something is muddy, assume you are water – and you can wash it all off! Just remember this, politics is mud and I am water, I will run over it.

There is a beautiful poem in Kannada, “If someone builds a home in the forest and is afraid of animals, what can I tell them? If someone has built a home on the sea shore and is scared of the waves, what can I tell them? And if someone has built a home in the middle of a market place and is complaining about the noise, what can I tell them?”

Similarly, when you live on this planet, people will give you compliments and people will give you derogatory remarks – they will create politics. How can you be afraid of politics when you are on this planet? Never complain about people playing politics – that is what they have been doing and will continue to do.

Lord Krishna never complained to anyone about the politics played by the families. He didn’t say, “Don’t play politics, I will not come to you.” No! He was right there! Even during the time of Jesus and Buddha, there was politics


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Positive attitude breeds a healthy mind ✨❤️🙏😇


A strong mind can carry around a weak body, but a weak mind cannot carry even a strong body. These are the four attitudes that will help you keep a peaceful state of mind.

There are four kinds of attitudes that are good to have in life.



Being friendly, and more so with people who are happy. If you are not friendly with happy people, you will be jealous. This is because you think that your enemy is happy, and you cannot tolerate your enemy being happy. So, shake hands with happy people. Such an attitude does a lot of good to your mind.



Be compassionate towards people who are miserable. If you are friendly with unhappy people, you will become unhappy. And if you become unhappy, you can never help them to come out of their misery. So, there should be a different flavour to your relationship with them.

Many people have gotten into trouble by being friendly with unhappy people – both become miserable. It is like a doctor going to a patient who is sick, and the doctor also becomes sick. If the doctor thinks: How can I alone be healthy? Let me also share the patient’s misery, then who will help the patient? So, what should be the attitude with people who are miserable? Compassion, not pity.



For people who are doing good work or who are successful in the world, you should feel happy as though you are doing it. For example, if someone is a good singer—singing and bringing joy to everybody—seeing him, you should think, “I feel so happy that this person is singing so well, and making everyone happy.”

If someone is a good entertainer and he entertains everybody, you should feel happy about it. If someone is a great architect and builds beautiful buildings, you should feel happy about it. Whenever someone does a good job, share that happiness with them – we need to have this attitude.



When people who are doing horrible things in society—destroying themselves—we usually get angry at them. When you are angry, your mind suffers a huge loss. You lose so much energy – you lose your mood and your enthusiasm. When energy and enthusiasm goes away from you, you become angry and are no better than the other person. So, what should you do in such a situation? Have a sort of indifference in your mind.

For example, there are thieves in the world. They are there – what can you do about them? First accept this and then be indifferent. However, this does not mean you do not take any action. Your mind is indifferent (unaffected), but you act on it.


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Karma and reincarnation ✨😇🙏❤️


The Meaning of Karma

The most commonly used word that is misunderstood is “Karma“. The literal meaning of Karma is action. Action could be latent, could be in the form of a tendency, and it could be something that happens in the future. These are the three forms of Karma.

So Karma means:

1 The impression of the past that will draw similar actions in the future (this is future Karma)

2 The present action you are doing that is creating an impression in your mind. That is again called Karma

How to Eliminate Karma?

Every habit is a sort of Karma. Suppose you have been drinking coffee every morning, and one day you don’t drink it, you end up with a headache. This is coffee Karma. Now how to eliminate coffee Karma?

By drinking coffee

By not drinking coffee but just observing the sensations in your body

By doing some breathing exercises, or meditation

Being aware of a tendency in you will help you overcome the tendency. Here comes the play of knowledge (awareness). Knowledge does not mean informative knowledge; it means awareness – the sense of knowingness. When you increase your sense of knowingness, your Karma gets reduced. For example, you feel like throttling somebody, but because you are aware, you don’t do it. If you are not aware, then when the tendency comes up to throttle somebody, you just go and throttle them. You act on it.

Every impression is Karma, but there is nothing to worry about because Karma is not like an engraving on a rock – it is fluid. And Karma is always bound by time, because every action has only a limited reaction – it is not infinite.

How Karma Relates to Reincarnation

All animals have only Prarabdha Karma, which is the Karma over which they do not have any control. Mother Nature runs them, so they don’t accumulate any future Karma. If you are totally like an animal, you don’t get any Karma. But as a human being, this is impossible because the mind stores impressions and accumulates future Karma. And Karma is that which propels reincarnation.

However, there is one thing that can erase Karma and that is knowledge and self-awareness. If you are aware of yourself and if you are in total love, then you are free from Karma. Then you are not bound by any impressions – you are free. What gives you freedom is your awareness.

Reincarnation – Coming Again Into the Body

Our mind is energy, and by the law of thermodynamics, you know that energy cannot be destroyed. If mind is energy, then what happens to this energy when someone dies?

Death is almost like sleep. What happens when you sleep? While sleeping, your consciousness and your attention shrinks and you shut out from your outer experiences and move inward into a void. And when you wake up in the morning, the same consciousness that had shrunk starts expanding and opens up, and you wake up.

If you carefully observe the mechanism, the last thought that you get just before falling asleep becomes the first thought when you wake up. This gives you a clue of your re-incarnation. That is why it is said that the last thought is most important. Whatever you do throughout your life, at least in the last moment of your life, you should be free and happy. If you are happy in the last moment, before you leave the body, then you get a better body the next time around.


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How to have faith! ✨❤️😇🙏


“When you have faith, you do not feel insecure because you know that there is someone who is protecting you at all times.

If u parked your car in the parking lot and you have faith that it will be there when you come back.

You may have come from Alabama, Atlanta, or from some other place, but you have faith that when you go back, your house will be intact. You have faith that your job is secure or your business is secure. That is faith. Faith is something that is inherent.

The 3 Types of Faith

There are three types of faith:

1 Faith in oneself

2 Faith in the goodness of people around you and in the law of society

3 Faith in something that is unseen, which is not tangible, and which is beyond reason and logic

Everyone has experienced a glimpse of something that is beyond logic, beyond reasoning, and beyond what the intellect can tangibly comprehend. No matter how much one denies it, they have at some point experienced something that is beyond these limits. Having confidence in this is faith in the unseen.

These three kinds of faith or trust have to be there, and are generally there in everybody. If you are a normal person, it has to be there. If you have some psychological paranoia or illness, then you don’t have faith in yourself.

Lack of Faith in Oneself Leads to Lack of Faith in Others

A couple came to me once. They lived just 10 minutes away from the venue, but they said that it took them 5 hours to come and meet me. I said, “How come?” The lady then said that the moment her husband got out of the house and walked a few steps, he felt that the door was not locked. So, he went back and checked the door. He pulled the door front and back several times to ensure it was locked. Again, he walked some steps and the same doubt came over him and he went back to check if the door was locked. This gentleman was paranoid; he didn’t trust himself. This is a sort of psychological illness.

In society, you will find many people who do not have faith in themselves, and they walk around without being diagnosed. Lack of self-faith leads to lack of faith in others – you will always feel that everybody is after you, or everybody is angry at you, or everyone is out to get you. Can you survive like that? Impossible.

You have parked your car outside, you cannot keep thinking – will my car be there when I go back or not? Unless you are in Lebanon or Afghanistan, where such incidences may happen and these fears are justified! (laughter)

There is an Omniscient Force That Is in Charge of the Whole Universe

We are here only for 60 – 70 years, and we think we are in control of the whole world. I tell you, this is such an illusion. This Earth has been in existence since millenniums. This Earth has sustained itself for nineteen billion years, and we think we are managing this whole world.

There can’t be a bigger illusion than this. There is a force that is taking care of this planet and that will continue to take care of this planet Earth, and this is going to last for a long time. And there is not just one planet but there are many such planets, and many lives.

We think that we provide food and we are providing everything. But if we go underwater and do some scuba diving and see – there is a whole world there and they are being provided for. Every creature is being provided something to eat.

I am reminded of a philosophical quote by a 12th century saint – Ajgar kare na chakri, panchi kare na kam, das maulak keh gaye, sabke data ram.

He says, a python doesn’t serve any master, nor does a bird go looking for work, but food is being provided for everything by the Lord. So why do you worry!

A python is very lazy and moves very slowly; it just keeps lying around all the time. However, birds are very busy creatures, flying around all the time. Yet both are equally provided for; the divine is providing for everybody.

This has been said to instill confidence in people – whether you move slowly or fast, you will be taken care for. Whether you are very busy or moving at a snail’s speed, there is compassion in the cosmic consciousness, and the Divinity provides for everybody.

Now, when you realize this and wake up from within, faith is a byproduct of that. Faith is anyways there, but it manifests with awareness


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How to have more grace in life!? ✨❤️🙏😇


Whenever there is victory, it is due to some grace. Whether it is victory in sports, in a lottery, in studies, in a competition, or in politics – all of it happens through grace alone. When a person forgets that and gets into ego, then it results in their downfall. So always remember that whenever and wherever there is victory, it is through grace.

What is Grace?

There is a commonly-used phrase – “God’s Grace”. What does this mean?

Whenever you achieve something very significant that felt like it was beyond your capacity, which was worth having, but came to you not by your doing alone, that is Grace.

You feel, “I am not capable or qualified for this, yet I got this”.

When you recognize the Grace in your life, you feel very grateful, because you feel you have been bestowed with things that you were not worthy of. And this is the language of a wise person. A wise person never says, “Oh, I earned it. This is my right”. When you think it is your right, you are getting what you got because of your right – there is no gratitude. Gratefulness is there when you feel that you got this not by your effort but because it was bestowed on you by Grace, as a gift. That brings gratefulness.

What is the Cause of Grace?

Grace is causeless and unmerited. It is not obtained through some merit or cause. Grace is received without any conditions. It is not that only after doing something you will receive Grace. If so, then that is not Grace – that is business. You are blessed with Grace just like that – without any conditions whatsoever. Grace is always there, just become aware of it and know that you are being showered with Grace.

Grace is something that can go inside even a closed purse. You don’t need to pay money to receive Grace. And if someone tells you that Grace will come to you only by opening your purse and giving money, then know that something is wrong for sure. God always blesses you in abundance. You need not pay money to receive it.

How Do I Attract More Grace in My Life?

1 The more grateful we become, the more we experience Grace in life. A mind that is complaining all the time cannot experience Grace. But one who is thankful and contented experiences more Grace in life.


3 We say that we want blessings and Grace. Blessings are available in plenty, but if your vessel is small, then what to do?

4 If you bring a tea cup and say, “Give me two liters of milk in this”, how can two liters of milk fit in the little cup? The cup is small and you are asking for too much. You need to bring a vessel with the capacity of three liters and then I can give you two liter or three liter, whatever you want.

So, you must remember that whatever you get is your capacity, and if you want to get more, then you must expand your capacity. When your capacity increases, more will definitely come to you.

How Do I Expand My Capacity to Receive More Grace?

Just having the intention to increase one’s capacity itself does half the job.

Be natural, simple, and humble. Humility from within naturally increases one’s capacity.

Meditation, spiritual practices, service to society and knowledge.

Shatt Sampatti (the Six Wealths or Six-fold Virtues)

Sama (calmness of mind) 

Dama (self-control or restraint of the senses) 

Uparati (satiety) 

Titiksha (power of endurance) 

Shraddha (faith) 

Samadhana (equanimity or one-pointedness of the mind)

This is what you must focus on increasing more in your life. By enhancing these virtues, your capacity to receive blessings will increase.


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